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05 August, 2019
  • Nancy Belle
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A neutral background...

is needed on any page displaying art...not white background as white takes attention away from the art. A darker background is better than a glaring white one. Just my thought. Also, it would help if we had a choice of color for our background...on...

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19 August, 2019
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Sales Information

Sales Information I have been a member of another artist host site for many years and they post, daily, pictures of everything that has sold the day before. This gives you an idea as to what is selling and in what form, print, tee shirt, etc.. I think it would be g...

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09 July, 2019
  • RQ Trietsch
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Seniors on Social Security

How about a discounted rate for seniors for a premium membership ? I barely receive a little more than than a welfare recipient

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