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Stepping Stones by Mary Ann Coonrod

Premium Membership Features

Besides all the features included with the basic membership, Premium Members also receive the following upgrades...

Unlimited Images

Free members have a limit to how many images they can load, but Premium Members can upload unlimited images to their portfolio.

Print On Demand Program

Sell high-quality prints & products of your portfolio images. Simply upload your artwork and we print and ship the products for you.

Pricing Discounts

Get up to a 50% pricing discount on quality ArtWanted.com prints and products of your own artwork.


Categorize your artwork into unlimited sub-galleries for better organization and display on your portfolio.

Full-Screen Images

Show the quality details of your artwork with an HD version of your image at full-screen.

Quick-Zoom Feature

Allow those viewing your artwork to hover over the image to see a zoomed in view of your image.

Private Artwork Galleries

Upload your artwork to private galleries for friends, family and clients which are password protected.

High-Res File Backups

We create a secure backup of every image you upload for your peace of mind. Download your backup at anytime.

Enhanced Statistics

Enjoy additional statistics reports to view the daily and weekly hits on your portfolio images.

Mobile Web App

View or share your own mobile web app that shows off your portfolio.

Personal Blog/Journal

Share your thoughts, updates and upcoming events on your personal blog.

Custom Design Layouts

Choose from a variety of layout and design options to customize the look and feel of your online portfolio.

Preferred Image Placement

Premium members have their artwork given priority in search results and other areas of the site.

Alternate Image View

Share an alternate image, zoomed in view or a sketch for every image in your portfolio.

and Much More!

Additional premium features include: Additional SEO keywords, random image exposure and much more!

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