Your privacy is very important to us. Here are several ways how we keep your information private:

E-Mail Address

The artist's e-mail address is hidden at all times on our site from the public. Those wanting to contact the artist, do so from an online form. This form will e-mail the artist without ever showing or giving out the email address to the user. This also makes it impossible to spamming and data scraping websites to extract your e-mail address from our website.

Contact Information

By default, all contact information for the artist is hidden. The artist can elect to display their mailing address, phone number and website addresses through their user preferences and contact information settings. The artist is responsible to keep their contact information updated at all times, so we may contact them for the sale of their artwork or other artwork inquiries. We also do not give or sell your information to any other companies.

Credit Card Information

All payment forms on our site use the highest standard of encryption available for the Internet. Credit card information is encrypted (128 bit) over a secure server for maximum security. Credit card information will never be given out over the phone or via e-mail to anyone. We will also never ask you for your credit card information via e-mail.

Use of Cookies

Like most websites, uses Internet 'cookies' to store your preferences and login information on your local computer/device. This allows our artists to stay logged in as they move throughout the website. It also allows us to customize our website display according to the preferences of the user. You can remove the cookies from your browser settings.

Mailing Lists has several e-mailing lists to keep our members & visitors informed of the website activity. All mailing lists are optional and you may unsubscibe to any of them by choosing so from the members area or following the instructions found on the e-mail received. By joining our website as an artist, you will be automatically signed up for our monthly newsletter, which can be unsubscibed from at anytime. Your e-mail address is never sold or given to ther companies.

Member Accounts reserves the right to delete any account, image, rating, comment or any other site information without notice. Those members that ignore our rules will be banned and/or deleted from our website.

Original Artwork

All images uploaded to your online portfolio must be images YOU personally have created. You must have all rights to post and display the artwork online. A copyright notice with your name under the image will appear in multiple places on our website. Posting artwork created by other artists to your own portfolio account is not allowed.

Digital Artwork Understanding

By posting your artwork on the Internet, you acknowledge that by doing so, allows anyone to copy, download, print, screen-capture and/or digitally edit your image. This also allows websites such as Pinterest and Google to take the artwork from this site and add it to their own websites outside of our control. If this concerns you, then you should not post your artwork on any website or take steps to reduce image theft (like adding large watermarks on your images).

Prohibited Artwork

Artwork that is not permitted on our website includes, but is not limited to: Any artwork containing full or frontal nudity, female nipples, genitals, naked butts or butt cracks, sex/erotic/pornographic images, extreme gore or any other artwork that may be considered adult/mature/offensive in nature. Artwork containing offensive profanity in the art or title may also be removed. Images containing advertisements, commercial website links or other types of spam will also be removed. We reserve the right to delete any artwork posted to that we feel does not meet our policies.

Upload Limits

Free accounts are allowed to upload 50 images to their portfolio per year. Premium accounts can upload unlimited images to their portfolio. To reduce artist "flooding", we only display the first three images an artist uploads (per day) on our "Daily Uploads" page. If you are a Premium Member and you downgrade to a Free account, you are allowed to keep up to 50 images per year and the exta images will be removed.

Original Artwork

All images uploaded to your online portfolio must be images YOU personally have created. You must have all rights to post and display the artwork online. A copyright notice with your name under the image will appear in multiple places on our website. Posting artwork created by other artists to your own portfolio account is not allowed.


The artists on can choose if they want to list their artwork for sale or not. Currently about 40% of the artwork on the website can be purchased. You can filter to see only the art that is for sale on the advanced search form or clicking on the STORE icon within an artist's portfolio site. If the artwork is for sale, it will be mentioned to the right of the artwork. We offer three different purchase options, depending on the artist's account and personal preferences.

1) Print-On-Demand Artwork

The biggest collection of artwork for sale on our site is through our print-on-demand service. This program is only available for Premium Members. Premium artists upload their artwork files to their portfolio and will instantly be able to sell quality prints, posters and personalized products (mousepads, mugs, etc.) from the artwork they have uploaded. The products are printed shortly after they are purchased and paid for from the buyer. will collect the funds, print the items purchased, ship the products to the buyer and then pay the artist their commission from the sale. Members can read more about this program from their Members Control Panel.

2) PayPal Purchases

If the artist has added their PayPal e-mail address to their Contact Information settings, buyers can purchase their artwork using PayPal. Artwork will show a blue BUY button to the right of the image and take the buyer to PayPal for checkout. When artwork is purchased this way, 100% of the funds are paid directly to the artist via PayPal. does not take any fees for PayPal purchases. The artist will be notified of the artwork purchase via PayPal and they are responsible for shipping the artwork to the buyer.

3) Contacting The Artist

Some artists do not have a PayPal account, or prefer that the buyer contact them directory for the purchase of the artwork. In this senario, there is mention that the artwork is for sale and to contact the artist to work out the details. If you are the artist, you will be responsible for collecting the funds and shipping out the artwork to the buyer.


Selling artwork on is encouraged, but also optional and up to the individual artist. The artist member has full control to decide which images are for sale in their portfolio, what they want to sell (original works, prints, products, digital files, etc.) and the purchase price of each item. When considering selling artwork you must decide who will be doing the fulfillment/shipping of the sale. ArtWanted has two different ways you can sell artwork:

a) Artist Fulfillment

With this option, the artist is responsible for managing the sale description, proper artwork storage, packaging and shipping of the artwork to the buyer for any artwork purchase. The funds for this type of purcahse go directly to you or your PayPal account. does not take any fees/commissions when the artwork is fulfilled by the artist.

b) Fulfillment

If the purchase is made from a Premium Member for a Print-On-Demand item, will provide the printing and shipment of the item. After the item has been shipped out, the sales commission amount will be deposited in the member's Bank Account. Commission to the artist depends on the product purchased.

Listing Artwork For Sale

After the artist uploads the artwork to their portfolio, they are given the option to list the artwork for sale. Artists can list any of their images for sale by clicking on the FOR SALE tab when editing an image in their portfolio. The artist fills out the short sales form by putting in the description and price of the item that is to be sold. The sales information can be added/edited/deleted at anytime by editing the image from your Manage Portfolio page inside your Control Panel.