12 April, 2018

Thank You from Me

Hi, I just wanted to say I have been made to feel welcome here and I am quite enjoying myself. I am retired and decided I would like to try drawing, so here I am. I enjoy the mediums pencil, charcoal, pen and occasionally colored pencil. I would really like to do the brush thing with paints, but I just find, up to this point anyway, a pencil much easier to navigate. I'm in awe of the talent I have seen on this site, not sure I belong here among such great skills. I have been well received though and I would like to say sincerely, thank you, to those who have viewed and commented on my work, your warmth and encouragement means so much. Oh and one other thing, after reading this I'm sure I want have to tell you grammar was not my strong point during school. Have a wonderful day! Ron



Mark Peterson 7 days ago

Everyone belongs here Ron... go a head and try the paint. You will enjoy it.

ArtWanted.com Staff 6 days ago

We are glad you found us Ron, welcome!