11 April, 2018

personal website problems

I checked my upgraded status and website before sending advertising to people and noticed there are only a dozen images shown with no way to see any galleries or anything. Please help.



ArtWanted.com Staff 8 days ago

We are not sure what link you were sending in your promotional efforts, but if you send your friends the following link, it will display all of your images and galleries to them:


If you have any other issues, please let us know, so we can help.

Vincent von Frese 6 days ago

Thank you!

Vincent von Frese 6 days ago

go Daddy has that link through www.vincentvonfrese.com. It gets to the right place however no more than a dozen images are available. There is a switch that says see all portfolio images but it does not work!

Vincent von Frese 5 days ago

My website refuses to allow any more than a dozen images.

www.vincentvonfrese.com going through Go Daddy and settling through art wanted as Vincent Von Fine Art,

No one can see but the few images which are always stuck in one order of arrangement only also.

Vincent von Frese 4 days ago

Exactly 20 images is all that can be seen and the opening image is magnified so large it is blurred. This “artist website” does not work. settings are so limited that changes are practically impossible as well,

Vincent von Frese 4 days ago

I tried arranging the featured images but the screen is over magnified! And no portfolio can be viewed let alone anything else!

ArtWanted.com Staff 3 days ago

Vincent -

By default, only the first 20 portfolio images are displayed on the specific layout you have chosen. This is to avoid loading time for the user, in case the artist has hundreds of images we don't want them to all load on the page at once. To see more than the first 20 images, you (or the visitor) just needs to click on the VIEW ALL PORTFOLIO IMAGES button to see all of them. (see screen shot)

We will look into the other issues you have mentioned on this post and get back with you on those.

Vincent von Frese 3 days ago

Today it has improved with a show of all the images but this feature did not work before. The other problems are over magnification of the feature image and the lack of any purchase options. There is no way in the control panel settings to write in variations like individual galleries and groups or sort out the art other than your numbering system unless I fail to see find it on the artistswebsite. I can find the galleries(178) on the artwanted portfolio but not the website is my point. Also I numbered the art works I wanted to bee seen first but this has not showed up after saving it.

What I would like to see is my works arranged in galleries on the website so viewers can skip the areas they are niot looking for and go right to specific areas like abstract sculpture or stone sculpture,etc.

Vincent von Frese 13 hours ago

OK big improvement thank you. How does anyone purchase a print or oder art? There is no place on my website here!

Vincent von Frese 6 hours ago

I do not feel comfortable with artwanted.com anymore due to your so called upgrades. Therefore I am considering dropping you. Your so called upgrades are non communicable entities with anyone. Get it together please.

ArtWanted.com Staff 1 hour ago

Vincent - We are sorry that you are not happy with the personal website product. We have many members using this product and get very high complements on it. We just need to work through the issues that you are seeing.

The biggest issue that we see is what you want to accomplish does not match the template you have chosen. Your current template is designed for a simple small portfolio for artists that don't want to sell anything. You have a very large portfolio and want sub-galleries and to sell your work, so choosing one of the other templates would be very advantageous for you, because they support those features.

Try changing it and you will get what you are looking for.