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Hi Everyone. This group will be a little different, in the fact, it is not to showcase individual pieces of art, rather to post "tutorials" on how to create, show techniques, etc that you use. I have done several tutorials here on on various methods that I use. I know that I have seen some outstanding tutorials here by other artists on the boards throughout the time I have been here. We need to bring these, old or new tutorials to the masses who are enjoying this new "Group" area. In my opinion, I think the best thing to do would be to post your "new" tutorials in the "Tutorials and Tips" or in the "Art Discussion" Boards, then post a link to it. If they are on your website, or elsewhere, please post these links as well(if they are another artists, please ask them for permission to post). There are so many good "how-to" tutorials out there for the artist to see that are getting overlooked. This is a big shame. It seems that the new "Artist Groups" section is getting a lot of attention as of late, more so then the regular boards. Let's take advantage of this and help the "up-and-coming artists!!" Post them up!! Kudos to ArtWanted for bringing the "Artist Groups" to their site!!--Denny ;{

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