Siberian Tiger

Graphite on A3 Bristol paper. Based on an original painting by British Artist Eric Wilson. Drawing Copyright Steve Johnson 2006


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Joanie Holliday 14 Jan 2013


ruth sears 12 Jan 2013

fine work~

Anonymous Guest 14 Apr 2011

AFAICT you've corveed all the bases with this answer!

mark farrell 05 Mar 2009

brilliant drawing steve!

Jerrie Glasper 27 Feb 2009

Well deserved featured art, Steve.

Kelly Six 03 Jun 2008

I love your work. Your fur is so life like. Do you license your work , or do any art shows? Let me know.

Artist Reply: kelly, thanks! I havent done any drawing for a while, but in answer to your questions, no I havent licensed my work (people keep telling me I should), and I havent doen any art shows. I have thought about it in the past, but never seem to have the time.....

Anonymous Guest 29 Dec 2007

wow!! exquisite work!

Anonymous Guest 28 Dec 2007

nice work dude i love the details and the technique youve used ...keep it up

Anonymous Guest 28 Dec 2007

Really, really beautiful details! Love your style.

David Bolinger 28 Dec 2007

Holy fecal matter. That is some incredible detail....what happened to the background though?

Artist Reply: david- interesting for the background, there never was one. it is purely a head study / portrait....

George Wallis 28 Dec 2007

fantastic leadwork, your details are incredible

Anonymous Guest 28 Dec 2007

This is stunning

Bryan Wilson 28 Dec 2007


Terri Yu 28 Dec 2007

Stunningly powerful - great beauty!

Rita Niblock 26 Dec 2007

WOW!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!!

Paradoxical Ray 17 Aug 2007

majestic.. and painstaking.. amazing!

Linn Österberg Larsson 17 Aug 2007

your portfolio is amazing. wow!

Amy Turner 15 Aug 2007

Steve, your mastery of detail is brilliant! I'm a detail fanatic and love your stuff! Keep at it, my friend! :)

Daniel Venter 03 Jun 2007

Excellent work Steven. Your attention to detail is very good. Keep up the good work. Have you sold any?

Mark Peterson 14 May 2007

Fantastic artwork Steve!

Leah Penner 14 May 2007

You are a wonderful artists and your talent outstanding, keep up the great work.

Artist Reply: leah- thanks very much for your kind comments

Carliss Mora 04 Apr 2007

Exceptional! Overall magnificent, Steve!

Laurie Rawdon 04 Apr 2007

stunning detail just beautiful work. you are truly gifted

Monika Moore 10 Mar 2007

If this took you less than a year to complete, I'm gonna cry -- lol! You are soooo good it hurts! ~~M

Artist Reply: monika- it took a couple of weeks, the odd hour here, the odd couple of hours there........sorry ;-)

Leah Jaarveth 27 Feb 2007

Steve this is an absolutely STUNNING piece of art that truly highlights your fantastic talent....BRAVO***

Beth Sheehan 23 Feb 2007

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just gorgeous i really LOVE it =]

helen tyralik 21 Feb 2007

beautiful drawing, well done

Artist Reply: thank you

Joanna Jungjohann 21 Feb 2007

outstanding artwork, Steve!

Cindy Lambert 20 Feb 2007

Stellar pencil work, Steve!

Artist Reply: cindy-thank you, glad you like the tiger

Jerry 20 Feb 2007

Amazing, brilliant and outstanding drawing!

joan warburton 20 Feb 2007

Fantastic detail! Wonderful pencil work!

Ruth Kauffman 20 Feb 2007

WOW Steve!!! What amazing and stunning pencil work!! Wonderful detail!! Eyes are perfect!!

Penny Myers 20 Feb 2007

Sensational pencil work.

Artist Reply: thank you penny

debbie collier 20 Feb 2007

Beautiful work!!!

Lisa Prentiss 20 Feb 2007

Good lord, I didnt think it could get any better than your horse....this is so beautifully drawn.

Artist Reply: lisa-thank you, glad you think it's better than the horse ;-)

ERIKA SONEGO 20 Feb 2007


Olga van Dijk 20 Feb 2007


Christine brand 20 Feb 2007


Renata Cavanaugh 20 Feb 2007

Brilliant work Steve

carole keen 20 Feb 2007

excellent pencil work

Lucia Stewart 20 Feb 2007

Wonderful and expressive work!

Randy Nore 20 Feb 2007

Beautiful,fierce drawing!!!The fur is perfect,great work!!!

Emily Reed 20 Feb 2007

Awesome artistic expression! My pic of the day!

kiddolucas lee 20 Feb 2007