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Brooklyn Bridge NY©

Helmond, the Netherlands

Ordinary objects
make extraordinary subjects!


on a Canvas sheet
8"-10" (20.3x25.4 cm)
Ready to be matted in a white museum matting.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©20 07


Anonymous Guest

natalia mackovy 05 Apr 2011

exclent ..u seemed that u like musical even in using mixed media in u art

Artist Reply: Yes Natalia, you're so right. It's hanging in HOLLAND (The Netherlands) I love it too. It's a good oil/collage! Thanks for your comment! ~Love and Light, Olga

Thom Roslan 16 Jun 2010

How did I "MISS" this one Olga......Fantastic color balance.....& again beautiful texture location and use of words & music material.........LOVE IT !

Artist Reply: thank you Thom... it's on of these works which just worked well!

Adolf Pen 29 Jan 2010

You are very good in the depiction of abstract!

Annie Lemay 02 Sep 2009


Marika Antal 14 Apr 2009

very interesting,end unusual work!!

shawn stephens 09 Oct 2008

love it Shawn Duff Stephens

erick cervantes 04 Oct 2008

very cool art. Love the image. so much to see so much to love

Miles Baker 30 Sep 2008

So refreshing to see a great Abstraction-and this creation is GREAT!

María García 13 Sep 2008


Jos Verhoeven 26 Aug 2008

Dit is de stijl die ik prachtig vind. Proficiat

Barb Young 15 Aug 2008

Olga, this piece is fantastic. The colors and texture really bring it alive.


Perfect!! simply beautiful, I'm just now seeing your work and all!!! of it is so amazing and touching. Elenne

Bluemoonshadow 25 Jul 2008

Olga, this one came up on random image and caught my eyes... you are just one amazing artist~!! Cheers, Blue

Fiona Robinson 11 Jul 2008

an exceptional painting love the added collage detail!

Verlin Griswold 11 Jul 2008

Super Imagery Olga, I can't stop looking at this fantastic piece, as a matter of fact the whole New York gallery is a treat for the eyes to behold. I love it!

Joke Klootwijk 11 Jul 2008

Beste Olga, Wat een mooie kunstwerken maak je!, Vooral Brooklyn bridge is prachtig. Groeten v an Joke Klootwijk uit Nederland

David sIMON 25 Jun 2008

Ik vindt en fantastisch werk. Dank U. D.Simon

Beth Austin 14 Jun 2008

WOW! I love the collage aspect to this.. and the colors are wonderful!

Irmina Santaika 13 Jun 2008 Words...... Wonderful Colors!

ron sargent 20 May 2008

What a great job!

robert tarr 04 May 2008

I like the textures and color in this painting.

Per Corell 26 Apr 2008

Great , love the detail and structure very ballanced.

LL Eveland 25 Mar 2008

This is my favorite, really nice!

Nurhilal Harsa 10 Mar 2008

This is very good work....

V B 06 Feb 2008

Beautiful and vibrant. Very expressive. Love the intensity and feel. The red line/smudge , mid upper right was a great touch.

Rebecca Wadle 29 Jan 2008

This is very cool. Nice work.

Eugenia Abramson 13 Jan 2008

Beautiful color, Inspiring artwork!

Cathy Jones 12 Jan 2008

I love the feeling of this abstract, with the vibrant colors and the different textures! Gorgeous!

Trine Meyer Vogsland 30 Dec 2007

I love the textures in this one

James Mann 28 Dec 2007


Michael Easter 20 Dec 2007

Now this - wow this I just love ! Everything ABOUT IT!!!!

Analua 19 Dec 2007

This is dreaming and magnific!!!!

maggie koons 18 Dec 2007


Ginger Lovellette 18 Dec 2007

Excellent, Olga!

Doris B. Lambling 17 Dec 2007

you never stop to surprise me - wonderful strong again!

William Boyer 15 Dec 2007


David Holcombe 15 Dec 2007

There are lots of interesting visual elements in this work. The lateral strokes evoke the sky scrapers and the upward slanting lines remind me of the sweep of the Brooklyn Bridge. And of course there is the music of the city.

Robin Brown 15 Dec 2007

Olga, this has a charm all of its very own. I love the colurs & textures, you have created another stunning work of art. Worthy of any museum anywhere in the world. XX

Artist Reply: Robin.... thank you so much for that wonderful compliment..... Love and Light~Moi

Slobodan Kalupcic 14 Dec 2007

THIS IS EXCELLENT WORK ................ B.

Brenda Thour 14 Dec 2007

Cool painting!

Lisa Hill 13 Dec 2007

very original, i love it x

Siti NURIATI 13 Dec 2007

Olga, this is a really unique piece. Very well done!

Ruth Kauffman 13 Dec 2007

Your work is so awesome, Olga!! I have missed "being here" to enjoy it!! Beautifully done...

Izabella Pavlushko 12 Dec 2007

very very interesting abstract, dear Olga !!!!!!!Well done ! ~Izabella

Nikolay Semyonov 12 Dec 2007

so 3D. stunning graphics, Olga!

Jean M. Laffitau 12 Dec 2007

Marvellous texture and composition! I would love to go with my fingers over it!

joe valcourt 12 Dec 2007

and you have--wonderful artwork you have created

Jerie kunitsky 11 Dec 2007

God, this is soooooo good.

Ruth Palmer 11 Dec 2007

OMG Olga!!!! This is absolutely delicious abstract work! I totally love it!

annette steens 11 Dec 2007

Prachtig werk Olga! I love your abstracts!

Eddy collins 10 Dec 2007

very nice

Janet Gioffre Harrington 10 Dec 2007

beautiful movement and textures. GREAT abstract work, and what versatility you posess, Olga!!

Faith Puleston 10 Dec 2007

Imaginative, intriguing work, Olga!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 09 Dec 2007

Wow!!!Brilliant Artistry,Olga!!!OUTSTANDING Art!!!BEAUTIFUL And Brilliant Abstract,my Friend!!!Great Fine Art!!!:)

paul megens 09 Dec 2007

mooi Olga !

Visionary Imagist 09 Dec 2007

Olga; Perfectly conceived and executed piece of your fine artwork. Well done again. Magnificent in color and forms.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 09 Dec 2007

I love the light pouring out of this painting Olga! Beautiful!

Anne Vis 09 Dec 2007

Great abstract, Olga! Wonderful colors!

Hassan Pasha 09 Dec 2007

superb work mama van Dijk .. hope everything is well at your end .. sorry for a delayed response to this wonderful work of art .. I LOVE IT .. give my love to every one at home

Tabitha Borges 09 Dec 2007

love the strokes and the music notes...stunning

Jo Ripley 08 Dec 2007

this is awesome, very thought provoking

Tahnja Wolter 08 Dec 2007

oh I agree and what a beautiful painting!

Jessica Courtley-Rose 08 Dec 2007

very interesting and creative!

Pat Abbott 08 Dec 2007

Wow! This is just gorgeous!

Gregory Edwards 08 Dec 2007

This is filled with contextural feeling!!!

Chris Roukema 08 Dec 2007

Very Awesome Abstract, Olga!

Jan de Jong 08 Dec 2007

Great work Olga! Excellent use of colours and texture!

Susan Chasteen 08 Dec 2007

lovely intergration Olga

Jerry 07 Dec 2007

Powerful expression and style!

Rob Keller 07 Dec 2007

Wonderful my dear Friend Olga!! I love it!! All my love to you and your family, Rob

francis kwok peng kin 07 Dec 2007

beautiful textures and colours, absolutely perfect.

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 07 Dec 2007

Excellent composition, colours, texture....Simply fantastic.

Seth Weaver 07 Dec 2007

Marvelous visual treat Olga. Great textures and colors.

jamie winter 07 Dec 2007

olga this is most fantastic wowowowow

Barry Huyett 07 Dec 2007

WOW! this is music in NYC!

Hui Zhu 07 Dec 2007

marvelous painting !!!^o^PP

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Dec 2007

Gewoon schitterend. De texturen zijn heel speciaal. Mooi werk Olga!

Timothy Johnson 06 Dec 2007

Love your use of color and texture, your art touches me and inspires me to do better.

Cindy Luke 06 Dec 2007

Very nice abstract painting

ANTAN TUTRA 06 Dec 2007

very dood

Lior Goldenberg 06 Dec 2007

Love it! One of your very best pieces!

Heather Leigh Douglas 06 Dec 2007

Such creativity and talent! One of the best interpretations of the Brooklyn Bridge that I've seen!

KC CHANG 06 Dec 2007


Bev Chudey 06 Dec 2007

Wonderful abstract Olga!!

Phil Cashdollar 06 Dec 2007

this is really great olga... the music tones from the bridge impell me... great art... phil

Francis Rivera 06 Dec 2007

Great art piece Olga! ^_^

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 06 Dec 2007

great work Olga!!!

Brigitte Hintner 06 Dec 2007

Hi dear Olga love your abstracts !!! Keep up the good work !!!:-)

Frank Maguire 06 Dec 2007

You have masterpieces coming out through your pores Olga, wonderful abstract.

Johan Briers 06 Dec 2007

Wooouw. This is very very beautyful. Dit is een zeer mooie collage samen met olieverf. Hier kan ik nog wat van leren, je geeft me inspiratie. Bedankt.

Robin Foss 06 Dec 2007

Very well done.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Dec 2007


Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Dec 2007

nice abstract

Olga Dmytrenko 06 Dec 2007

Wow! Love it, Olga. Did you go to Brooklyn recently:)?

Gabrielle Stahlie 06 Dec 2007

Very interesting... beautiful done Olga!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 06 Dec 2007


Federica Bentivoglio 06 Dec 2007

Beautiful abstract work.. I like the creation of the music notes and the oil creation....

Mimoza Oronova 06 Dec 2007

Beautiful work Olga !

Nira Dabush 06 Dec 2007

Superb textures you achieved here,dear Olga..fantastic collage...the notes add extra details and meaning here...

Joke Schotting 06 Dec 2007


Gerard van den Berge 06 Dec 2007

Heel creatief Olga, noten en stukjes krant ; boeiend en fantasierijk !!

Peter Rivron 06 Dec 2007

Fantastic artwork Olga.

Karen Cash 06 Dec 2007

wonderful work Olga! great colors and pic of the day!