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I'm proud to announce that
is juried into the Annual Water Medium Exhibition of the CCAA (Chester County Art Association) West Chester, Pennsylvania

running from
Nov.17th - Dec. 21st, 2007


They know the things they dream of,
the places that they have been,
they accept the person they have become,
they’re a very special friends.
They’ve always been there for each other
no matter where they roam,
and whenever they're together,
it's just like being home.


Abstract watercolor on cold press heavy weight paper 140 LB (330 g/m2)
Measurement without matting 11"X15"
(27.9X 38.1 CM)
With white matting 16"x20".
Ready to be framed.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2007


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Maurizio Miele 24 Aug 2013

Great work !

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 02 Apr 2010

Very much impresses also execution remarkable

Cindy Hunt 01 Dec 2008


Gavin North 20 Oct 2008


Michael Duhaime 04 Oct 2008

Lovely piece! Congratulations on being selected to the juried show! It certainly is deserving!

cindy sink 04 Oct 2008


Myke Pollard 25 Jul 2008

An instant favorite, Olga. Sisters Deserve recognition.

Emilia Misiura 28 Jun 2008

wonderful painting and congratulations for being selected to the juried show. Emmy

Donald Schrier 26 Jun 2008

fantastic use of color and the image showing your painting in the background inhances your work.

Gordon Christie 26 Jun 2008

Well - that's just brilliant!

tinsu kasai 26 Jun 2008


Andrea Wasson 26 Jun 2008

This is my favorite... bright colors, great composition, a nice flow.... love it

Nilantha Lokunarangode 20 May 2008

Fantastic painting olga

Robin Mead 17 Apr 2008

Wonderful colors and compostion..beautiful piece!!! Your watercolors are delicious!!

Marja-Leena Landry 26 Feb 2008

Congratulations-was it sold on this site?And-do you write your own poems?All your work is great!!!

anjula piyasena 08 Feb 2008

Beautiful expressionism!

kate maher 04 Jan 2008

Beautiful Vibriant work :)

william maldonado 25 Nov 2007

Great Image color the work..

Fiona Robinson 23 Nov 2007

glorious colours - love it

Marcus Pinter 23 Nov 2007

Awsome work, beutiful colourse

Christine Chai 22 Nov 2007

Great work Olga! I love the colors!

Caballero Salguero 19 Nov 2007

great watercolor.(good hand) very elegant picture. thank you for your comments. greeatings. jose

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Nov 2007

Congratulations! It is really beautiful and vibrant...full of life

Rita Niblock 08 Nov 2007

This is my favorite! I love it!!!! Where are the prints?

Kseniya Beliaeva 07 Nov 2007

In an interior this work is looked better than close:) Very colourfully!

Samina Islam 06 Nov 2007

Olga wonderful work lovely colours!!

Johnna Crider 05 Nov 2007

I love this it is so beautiful!!

Doris B. Lambling 05 Nov 2007

so mooi - very wonderful and lovely, Olga

daniel morgenstern 02 Nov 2007

Beautiful piece! I love it.

Minnie Shuler 01 Nov 2007

That's just how I feel about my sister. Very nice composition, strong color, bright and happy.

Steven Torrisi 01 Nov 2007

Watercolors can be so unforgiving but having the flair of neon it does you've got it mastered down pat.

Peter McPartlin 01 Nov 2007

Superb work Olga.I would be very proud to have done something as good as this (no chance of that happening)

epsylon lyrae 31 Oct 2007

I love the splash of strong colors!! Great work indeed:D

Hassan Pasha 31 Oct 2007

BEAUTIFUL .. how come i missed out this one .. i am so sorry mom for such a delayed comment ... as always i am just in awe ... i am addicted to this style of painting from you ... FABULOUS WORK

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 31 Oct 2007

Stunning images Olga. They shimmer like jewels. Beautiful!

Marijke Cloes 31 Oct 2007

Beautiful colours, mooi werk !!!

Melinda Dalke 30 Oct 2007

Absolutely fabulous! Love the Vivid Colors!!!

Ron DeMore 30 Oct 2007

Wonderful Colors Olga

Phil Cashdollar 30 Oct 2007

wonderful painting olga... an nice words to go along with it...

José Fortunato 30 Oct 2007

Wonderful watercolor !

Kwabena Poku 30 Oct 2007

Fantastic work

Gabrielle Stahlie 29 Oct 2007

In een woord prachtig Olga!

Faith Puleston 28 Oct 2007

Nice work, Olga. Great concept and well executed.

Joanna Jungjohann 28 Oct 2007

very lovely, Olga. Beautifully said.

Robin Brown 28 Oct 2007

Olga; yeh cannae whack it. Which means it can't be beaten in east lothian Scottish. XX best wishes Robin XX

annette steens 28 Oct 2007

Prachtig Olga! We all are sisters! (and brothers).Brilliant art!

Brigitte Hintner 28 Oct 2007

Great as always my dear friend ....I adore your talent and always look faorward to seeing new creations from you ! Have a wonderful and creatve time !:-)

Visionary Imagist 28 Oct 2007

Olga: Wow! Your abstracts are brilliantly conceived and crafted marvelously. Great addition! "Joey"

Leah Jaarveth 28 Oct 2007

Wow Olga this is a stunning piece of art my friend!!! Just beautiful!!!

Barry Huyett 28 Oct 2007

beautiful! Well done!

Lucia Stewart 28 Oct 2007

Excellent artwork Olga!!!

William Boyer 28 Oct 2007

cool job

Shelley O'Bar 27 Oct 2007

beautiful colors!

debbie braswell 27 Oct 2007


Francis Rivera 27 Oct 2007

Wonderful painting Olga! ^_^



Patty Day 27 Oct 2007

Berautiful just beautiful!!!!

Jean M. Laffitau 27 Oct 2007

Aussergewöhnliche Arbeit Olga!!! I love your use of so many different styles, you are a master in all of them!

Jan van Baarle 27 Oct 2007

excellent, this is awesome! My pic of the day!

Federica Bentivoglio 27 Oct 2007

wonderful colours! absolutely vibrant image!

cynthia berridge 27 Oct 2007

beautiful work Olga

Anne Vis 27 Oct 2007

Beautiful work, great colors, Olga!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 27 Oct 2007

great work! love it!

Hui Zhu 27 Oct 2007

so wonderful ^o^

Tabitha Borges 27 Oct 2007

love the colors and the lines so wonderful

helen tyralik 27 Oct 2007


Christine brand 27 Oct 2007

neat, I really think you captured the music of their souls unification, awesome portrayal and use of lines and colors. Lots of love to you Olga!

walt larsen 26 Oct 2007

awesome abstract, it pleases the eyes

Bev Chudey 26 Oct 2007

Great Olga!!

Frank Maguire 26 Oct 2007

I admire the casual way you turn out amazing paintings Olga, you are truly a marvel.

John Segon-Fisher 26 Oct 2007

Excellent composition Olga.

Tahnja Wolter 26 Oct 2007

absolutely beautiful work

Sara Deutsch 26 Oct 2007

Expressive...fresh colors and design...

Seth Weaver 26 Oct 2007

Stunning luminous colors with a Balinese feel to the imagery! Great job dear Olga!

Martha Pennington 26 Oct 2007

This is very colorful^^ I like it^__^

terry waites 26 Oct 2007

Beautiful vibrant work Olga

John Sweeney 26 Oct 2007

Very Original and wonderful COLORS!

Neyde Noronha 26 Oct 2007

Sisters, ia a beautiful work...I love it forms and colours. Congratulations!

jasmine Bambury 26 Oct 2007


Jeanie Chadwick 26 Oct 2007

lovely work Olga, perfect in the display.

Robin Foss 26 Oct 2007

Very well done.

Olga Dmytrenko 26 Oct 2007

Olga, it's really awsome. Fantastic work!

Maria Murphy 26 Oct 2007


jamie winter 26 Oct 2007

excellent Olga very good!

Mayme Crouse 26 Oct 2007

just love it Olga,,,,,,,,,,the sentiment and the colors

Emily Reed 26 Oct 2007

beautifully colored faces!

dominique landau 26 Oct 2007

very nice olga...:))))

Melanie Lamprill 26 Oct 2007

beautiful words to a beautiful painting....

merle cruser 26 Oct 2007

This is awesome. Remarkable!! Wonderful!!!

Ennid Berger 26 Oct 2007

Olga - I love the bright colors and the happy uplifting feeling! Ennid

Anneke Hut 26 Oct 2007

Your zoomed in picture shows so greatly how wonderful your art looks hanging on the wall! I love these watercolours of yours, Olga!

Alexandra Dvinitninova 26 Oct 2007

Jut a lovely colourful work of art

Peter Rivron 26 Oct 2007

Very beautiful and colurful work Olga.

Greg Dubois 26 Oct 2007

I like the bright warm colors and how they merge just like sisterly love. I love my sister with the same blending, but I realize that two women as sisters is a somehow different kind of love, why is that? This is a happy feel good work, and it kinda’ tugged me out of the bad mood of today. Thanks Olga!

Jerie kunitsky 26 Oct 2007

Lovely and emotional work...Makes me wish I had a sister...Will you be my sister?

Artist Reply: GLADLY ACCEPTED JER!! You're my sister!!

Lior Goldenberg 26 Oct 2007

Beautiful painting, excellent colors!

Joke Schotting 26 Oct 2007

Great Tittle and awesome work my friend my pic of the day!!!!

rebecca phillips 26 Oct 2007

Olga...this is sooo filled with their the poetry accompaning this image. These ladies, with tears in their eyes, of sooo many emotions, positive and beautiful true emotions, deeply of their souls for one another. the colors vibrate the intrinsic soul and spirit of this short I consider this a magnificient work on the Sisterhood of Women. thank you, one woman to another woman, thank you for this creation which shall speak to the community of Humankind of the love possible between Woman who realize the bonds of Sisterhood!!!

Nikolay Semyonov 26 Oct 2007

really impressive, Olga. thanks for viewing mine!

Sharon Henson 26 Oct 2007

This is so outstanding Olga...your work is very moving.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 26 Oct 2007

Wow!!!GORGEOUS Brilliant Outstanding Art,Olga!!!Great title and words!!!Yes,Precious Friends are a Gift from God,They are Dear Sisters to the Heart!!!:)

bianca 26 Oct 2007

beautiful introduction Olga...and ofcourse fantastic art with a great title...

Janet Gioffre Harrington 26 Oct 2007

I love it. I love the painting and the prose attached. Beautiful, Olga!

Nira Dabush 26 Oct 2007

Truly FANTASTIC, such gorgeous vibrant the text added here with your work..fits so perfectly..EXPRESSIVE!!...You know i have no real sister..but i have one rare friend that is more then a sister to me...

Cree Hovsepian 26 Oct 2007

This is great. I hope that one of your daughters claims it. I love their expressions and the vivid colors, starting cool and going to hot.