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In Sync©

"In Sync"
The dictionary will tell you:

I'll tell you:
The relationship between things that are happening or working at the same time.


How I composed this oil/collage:
I wanted to show my students how to arrange a simple abstract collage.

I used sheet music, scrapbook paper and newspaper on top of my oil painting.
I used a transference technique
(violin right under and 2nd picture)
creating a transparent layered effect that brings mystery and depth to this work.
The white sketch lines (left) I purposely left on my black canvas to give it an extra dimension.
I am pretty pleased with the results.


Abstract oil/collage
Dimensions: 18"x24" (46X61 cm) on Studio stretched canvas.
You can hang the painting just like this, even without a frame - the sides of the canvas are painted and there is a wire hanger attached to the back of the painting.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.


Anonymous Guest

Bernhard Mueller 24 Jun 2009

Just phantastic, with a multitude of artistical elements.

blond angel 11 Jun 2008

love it!!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Jun 2008

Olga. This is wonder ful. Great colors.

Gavin North 14 May 2008

WOW Olga excellent abstraction work my friend, well done

Marina Kalinovsky 19 Feb 2008

Beautiful work!

Bruce Black 17 Jan 2008

Interesting shapes and composition!!!

Roz Eve 30 Nov 2007

Your collage paintings are my favourites. they have such texture and feeling.

Doris B. Lambling 18 Oct 2007

gorgeous composed - wunderbares augenfutter!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Oct 2007


Michael Easter 03 Oct 2007

this painting really is harmony and agreement. Awesome job.

carlos martins 03 Oct 2007

creative work

Andrew Hunter 02 Oct 2007

superb Olga

Tabitha Borges 02 Oct 2007

love the color s and the blends so wonderful and flowing...

Analua 02 Oct 2007

A magnific harmony and creativity in this composition work my dear Olga!!!

Carrie Ann Watson 01 Oct 2007

This is a stunning piece Olga! I love the musical side to it! :)

cynthia berridge 01 Oct 2007

stunning design and art work

Izabella Pavlushko 01 Oct 2007

well done, Olga, beautiful design !! ~Izabella

Joanna Jungjohann 30 Sep 2007

this is the best collage ever, Olga, very beautifully designed or painted, bravo!

Carliss Mora 30 Sep 2007

And you, never get tired of collages! Especially with music, and musical instruments! ~Love and Enlightenment~

Joke Schotting 30 Sep 2007


Henk Klinkhamer 30 Sep 2007

Inderdaad hartstikke Hollands. Leuk je hier te ontmoeten. Tof werk wat je maakt en bedankt voor je comment.

Nira Dabush 29 Sep 2007

Beautifully composed abstract ,Olga..reminds me of myself in my early years,in many ways.

debbie braswell 29 Sep 2007


Sara Deutsch 29 Sep 2007

Lively and the use of sheet music...

Jessica Courtley-Rose 29 Sep 2007

Congrats on top ten...great work!

Brigitte Hintner 29 Sep 2007

Just love it dear Olga......your work is so inspiring and beautiful ! Bravo !!!:-)

Janet Gioffre Harrington 29 Sep 2007

If I was deaf, I could HEAR this, Olga!! Wonderful elements, great composite, total communication of thought. GREAT ART (music!)

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 29 Sep 2007

Simply fantastic.

Jean M. Laffitau 29 Sep 2007

This painting is like a wonderful melody full of life and made my day Olga!!

Seth Weaver 29 Sep 2007

Colossal collage Olga reminds me of Picasso.

Bev Chudey 29 Sep 2007

Great abstract Olga, you definitly are in Sync!!

Barry Huyett 29 Sep 2007

great title, great violin, and beautiful ART!!

Stanley Layman 29 Sep 2007


William Boyer 29 Sep 2007

nice job

Jan van Baarle 29 Sep 2007

Very beautiful!

helen tyralik 29 Sep 2007


Kathie Nichols 29 Sep 2007

This is awesome Olga, very impressive abstract!

Visionary Imagist 28 Sep 2007

Olga: Nicely done again. Great looking abstract. Worthy of the highest praise. I have a piano teacher in my gallery and I will show her this remarkable work as well. Great job! "Joey"

ANTAN TUTRA 28 Sep 2007


KC CHANG 28 Sep 2007


Lawrence Hickman 28 Sep 2007

great job great composition...intresting

Mary Janosik 28 Sep 2007

Wonderful composition, Olga!!! It's pleasing to the eye and full of life's music!! :)

Hassan Pasha 28 Sep 2007

MIND BOGGLING ... SO VERY ummm ATTRACTIVE .. your work has this touch of hypnotism, it just grips you ... sometimes its the colors, sometimes its the shapes, sometimes its the pure simplicity ... you mama van Dijk are truly gifted in every sense ... i am honored to know you as an artist and as a great friend .. Love ya tons .. I ADORE YOUR WORK .. keep em coming

Cree Hovsepian 28 Sep 2007

Love the colors and composition. So dramatic like you are. Great painting.

Tahnja Wolter 28 Sep 2007

wow ,that looks amazing Olga

John Swift 28 Sep 2007

Fascinating abstract! Love it!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 28 Sep 2007

Wow!!!GORGEOUS!!!Brillliant composition and combinations of Mixed Media!!!STUNNING Great Fine Art,Olga!!!:)

Francis Rivera 28 Sep 2007

Great painting! ^_^

Vivianne Couture 28 Sep 2007

Good mixed art

Robin Foss 28 Sep 2007

Very well done.

jamie winter 28 Sep 2007

very stunning Olga

Malou Pombo 28 Sep 2007

Beautiful artwork , Olga ! very well composed!

mel taylor 28 Sep 2007

Excellent design, Olga! Beautiful... mel

Olga Dmytrenko 28 Sep 2007

Yep! The result is excellent. Wonderful collage, Olga

Jagoda Lane 28 Sep 2007

Very, very cool Olga !!!

Steven Torrisi 28 Sep 2007

Like your style of mixing music with art it gives the piece mood.

Anne Vis 28 Sep 2007

Very beautiful, Olga!

Phil Cashdollar 28 Sep 2007

fantastic work of art olga...

Chris Roukema 28 Sep 2007

Excellent Work, Olga! I'm Happy to hear someone is "in sync"!

Emily Reed 28 Sep 2007


Nikolay Semyonov 28 Sep 2007

your style is being changed. amazing work!

annette steens 28 Sep 2007

prachtig werk Olga! the love for music in harmony!

bianca 28 Sep 2007

I love the latest style of your work Olga....Beautiful..every time i see a nice work...i am inch closer to my brush...AWSOME ...fine art ..MASTER PIECE