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Please join this collage fine art artist group. IT WILL NOT BE A SCRAP BOOK paper page, but REAL ART! (with the emphasis on Abstract Expressionism Paintings with Collages) PLEASE: upload ONLY YOUR BEST artwork and please do not go crazy; give everybody a chance to be seen on this site! Limit your downloads to max 10 per person. Mixed media means that you can use paint, photos, words, painted images and drawing. All sorts of drawing media can be used: colored pencil, pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, ink, and all paints. By using carefully chosen images, text, color, and painted images, you can create an interesting painting that expresses a political, social, moral, or cultural issue that is of importance to you personally. By selecting a theme about which you feel passionate, you can create powerful images. Love and Light~ OLGA VAN DIJK

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