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Big Blue (Jay)

2nd Place Winner in ArtWanted Bird Art Contest - June 2006!

June 2006 - Coloured Pencil - 10" x 8" - 90lb Stonehenge art paper.

I found this gorgeous blue jay on James Ownby's site. James is an amazing nature photographer. I used his photograph as reference with his permission.

This lovely fellow took approximately 8 days to draw.

You may find more of my work on my personal site at

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous Guest

Sandra S. Corona 11 May 2013

Have these in our yard and they CHASE every other bird OUT ;)! Beautiful job.

Greg Joens 23 Jan 2008

Blue Jays are some of my favorite birds. What a delight to see them in nature.... a joy to see them here in your art collection!

Nancy Aldrich 17 Dec 2007

Very beautiful drawing!!!

Minnie Shuler 22 Sep 2007

This is stunning. Just beutiful. And, thanks for looking at my art.

carole keen 31 Aug 2007

I'm not surprised this is a prize winner, stunning!

Leigh Karchner 11 Feb 2007

He's a beauty Ann! Very nice work. I thought he was a photograph at first. your details and colors are so perfectly balanced and matched to realism...... just beautiful.

Cindy Lambert 18 Jun 2006

Penny, this is WONDERFUL! So lifelike! It looks as though if I were to reach for the image, the bird would actually fly away!

Esther Steele 15 Jun 2006

Beautiful drawing, the details and colors are magnifecent.

Tahnee Woolley 14 Jun 2006

i thought this was a photo at first it's that good, what a beautiful bird and so well drawn, great job :)

Magda Elsehrawi 13 Jun 2006

amazing colored pencil work here! im astounded a the incredible and vivid colors. its just beautiful... well done indeed!!!!

Laura Smith 13 Jun 2006

Astounding pastel work. Congrats on the top ten award. Well deserved!!!!

whitney goin 12 Jun 2006

very cool - great job!!

Anonymous Guest 12 Jun 2006

Wow amazing detail! Very beautiful!

Cindy Yeager 10 Jun 2006

wonderfully done. It's beautiful

jane diamond 10 Jun 2006

Wonderul and delightful portrait of this pretty blue jay. Excellent pencil work Ana, and congrats on getting image of the day! :)

Marlem Diaz 10 Jun 2006

Great coloured pencil!

fatima rosario 10 Jun 2006

beautiful and lively piece..looks so real.

mark jorgenson 10 Jun 2006

just beautiful!

Maria Aminta Henrich Nonone 10 Jun 2006

a very nice paint, fast with scientific hand

Regina Calton 10 Jun 2006

At first I thought this was an antique tinted photograph - wonderful job and nice composition!

martha b 10 Jun 2006

really nice Ana!

carlos martins 10 Jun 2006

execelent work

Jacqueline Bishop 10 Jun 2006

wonderfull drawing.ZAZ

laurie vakil 10 Jun 2006


Beth v 08 Jun 2006


Anonymous Guest 07 Jun 2006

This is lovely pencil work. Superb.

terry waites 07 Jun 2006

Ana you should be so proud of this picture it is absolutely beautiful very best wishes Terry, this is so good

Jennifer Hewitt 07 Jun 2006

fantastic, i love it!

marc doutherd 07 Jun 2006

This my dear is Art at its finest. You can just feel a light wind and the swaying of the branch! Its wonderful!

Lee Phung 07 Jun 2006

Ana, I love your Portrait work..The values and tones are great...I agree with Paul Hadfield, you made some serious progression with your latest color pencil Illustrations...The birds turned out fantastic...

samuel wright 07 Jun 2006

This is amazing, and you did this with colored pencil? Fantastic!

Cathie Brock 07 Jun 2006

Absolutely magical, this is wonderful Ana...Cath xxx

Paul Hadfield 07 Jun 2006

oh and the message below is mine sorry :)

Anonymous Guest 07 Jun 2006

it's been awhile since i've seen your work. my god you have progressed like night and day! definitely keep me on your art watch list!

Loree Harrell 07 Jun 2006

Magnificent pencil painting, Ana! Very very well done!

Elton Houck 06 Jun 2006


Roger Anderson 06 Jun 2006

Oh wow Ana...perfect....just perfect....beautiful drawing! I'm glad I got to see this....very well done.

Angela Francis 06 Jun 2006

Lovely work Ana! You are marvelously skilled with this media.

Marcel Franquelin 06 Jun 2006

Beautiful execution!!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006


Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

He is beautiful Ana. You can almost reach out and feel his soft feathers.Love the blue.

Christina Langman 06 Jun 2006

Ana - thank you for e-mailing me to let me know about this wonderful image! It is simply amazing... your technique is wonderful, and I am adding you to my Art Watch so I will be notified of further uploads! Great work... wonderful CP technique! And I recognized James photo right away - I have pondered asking him if I could do a few of his too! Well done!

Christine brand 06 Jun 2006

Your work is Fabulous!!!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

Your talent is beyond compare. I absolutely love this piece. You are my top most favorite artist. Your work takes my breath away. I hope you do many more for us to enjoy. Please sell prints of these.

Timothy John-Luke Smith 06 Jun 2006

I enjoy the diagonal composition and the incredible vibrancy of color. You did this masterfully without oversaturating the colors. The attention to detail in the branch is a nice touch that supports the bluejay.

Katerina Koukiotis 06 Jun 2006

Ana this is so gorgeous your colored pencilwork is just so perfect i love this , i love the colors texture i love birds so this is definitely one of my favorites!!!!

Kathryn Arruda 06 Jun 2006

Wow, Ana--this blue jay is gorgeous! The proportions , coloring & fine detail are perfection and the branch/background are just the right touch, This is great colored pencil work! 10++++ I have you on my art watch so I won't miss any work-

Jerie kunitsky 06 Jun 2006

You're so very talented. This is incredible. The anonymous below was me, also..I .forgot to sign in.

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

Nice going...This is an absolutely wonderful job. Thanks for letting me see your marvelous art.

Sherrie Kostura 06 Jun 2006

Ana..oh my goodness! This is fabulous work! Probably the best colored pencil work I've seen so far. You're on my art watch list for sure. Thank you for sharing!

Analua 06 Jun 2006

Absolutely perfect marvelous work Ana!!!! I am enchanted!!!

Cheri Stewart 06 Jun 2006

This looks just like a photograph. You should be quite proud of this Jay

Anne Vis 06 Jun 2006

Beautiful work, Ana!

Hollie Judd 06 Jun 2006

This is stunning.... Great work Ana!!!! Hollie :-)

geri pratt 06 Jun 2006

Wow! This is absolutely amazing Ana! The detail! The subtle colors of the branch, the perfect shading. It looks photographic! You should be quite pleased with yourself!

jennifer blenkinsopp 06 Jun 2006

Excellent Anna, I love the colours , its like a photo, very well done pencil work.

Brigitte Hintner 06 Jun 2006

What a wonderfully realistic pencil drawing , love the pose of the nice bird and the blue is amazing , you did a great job here Ana ! Thanks for your kind words ! Have a nice time !

Emily Reed 06 Jun 2006

Wow! so wonderful !

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Timothy Hughes 06 Jun 2006

It's a beautiful piece of work Ana

Olga van Dijk 06 Jun 2006

Great bird capture! I admire your skills!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 06 Jun 2006

so very very beautiful!!! you did a masterwork, my dear Ana!!!!

Steve Keith 06 Jun 2006

awesome work ana....some of the best!!!!!!!!! congrats!!

adrian pickett 06 Jun 2006

you captured this image very good, the colors blend perfectly ...outstanding job

Cristina Marsi 06 Jun 2006

Wooowoooo, simply fantastic, at moment i thought it was a photo :) If you take part to the "bird" contest im sure you will win :)))

José Fortunato 06 Jun 2006

Ana, this is fantastic ! What a beautiful colored pencil work ! Bravo

Steen Djervad 06 Jun 2006

but Ana, the Blue Jay are wonderful and looks amasingly alive, we dont have them in europe, luckily I have seen it in Toronto near about

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

A drawing gives life to its subject forever so this Jay lives to give us pleasure in its beauty from your heart and hand. Thanks Ana

Debbie Gray 06 Jun 2006

This is awesome Ana! What a wonderful job you did! Great colored pencil work! :0)

Jean M. Laffitau 06 Jun 2006

Wonderful, beautiful work Ana! Wow!

thea walstra 06 Jun 2006

Awesome work Ana

Trish Ellis 06 Jun 2006

Oh wow! Beautiful colour, shading and detail! Marvelous job! Definitely a piece to be proud of!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

Very Beautiful. I especially enjoy the blues in the shadows and the luminous quality within them. This is a very successful piece. Keep up the wonderful work!!!

Penny Myers 06 Jun 2006

Ana, this birdie is excellent. I love the way you blended the different shades of blue. What a handsome looking bird. The feathers in the wings are exquisite. Every thing about this portrait is right on.

David Larson 06 Jun 2006

Beautiful work!!!

Valerie Davis 06 Jun 2006

looks like you can reach out and pet the little bugger well done in excellences

mat lloyd 06 Jun 2006

fantastic work..just superb!!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

Just beautiful! I love his expression...looks like he could be looking for trouble! Your details and colors are phenominal!! Excellent!

Artist Reply: Hello. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I want to thank all the "Anonymous" guests for their comments. :)

Loredana 06 Jun 2006

This is special a gorgeous Drawing Ana perfect in every way !!!! Awesome work :)

Armando Salas 06 Jun 2006

Looks like a photo, garota. Stunning. He/she is ALIVE. What can I say? GOSTÉI!!! :-)))

Beth Thompson 06 Jun 2006

I can see why you like this one,'s gorgeous. Beautiful coloring and contrast. I love the blue against the gray background. Nice textures there too. Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

This is really nice and well executed work!

Reba McDonald 06 Jun 2006

Something to get excited about Ana. It's very well done.

Torsten R. Leppeck 06 Jun 2006

Great. I am impressed and... jealous. torsten

Joke Schotting 06 Jun 2006

WOW this is brilliant and beautiful work,Ana!!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

~beautiful work, lovely details, I like how the bird is positioned to capture the colors~

Tia Antoniades 06 Jun 2006

OUTSTANDING!!! IT is Stunning!!!!!

Pat Abbott 06 Jun 2006

Wonderful colors and details, Ana.

corry stuart 06 Jun 2006

gorgeous Ana what a beauty the feathers are so soft

Lisa Hill 06 Jun 2006

[email protected]!!! Ana this is fantastic artwork, the colours are amazing and 8 days!!!! Wow, what patience you have! Lisa x

Herman Serrano 06 Jun 2006

Stunning piece of work, Ana! Wonderfully captured with your astonishing pencil skills...and fancy finding a branch with your name growing out of it like that...what are the odds! :)

Ginger Lovellette 06 Jun 2006

Absolutely amazing! By the 8th day, I'd be looney-tunes! Fabulous pencil work! Excellent!!!

Lucia Stewart 06 Jun 2006

Wow, Ana -fabulous photograph!! Just kidding...honestly this is so realistic that I have to say you are a master of the pencils! You go girl!!!

Charlotte Ottilo 06 Jun 2006

Oh I just love this!!!! Wonderful work!

Lynnda Rakos 06 Jun 2006

Sorry I forgot to log in. Great work. Your effort and time paid off!!!!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jun 2006

Wow, this is fantastic. Your pencil work is amazing. So much detail, & yes you are on my artwatch. I love your work:)