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26 Jul, 2021

From my tiny acorn ...


26 Jul, 2021

From all the tiny acorns ...


26 Jul, 2021

Great weekend meeting fellow artists and local art lovers at the 32nd Annual Cool Art Show.

'Foggy Dew' and 'Fencing,' two from the Wash Buckle series, found a new home!


22 Jul, 2021

The "tiny acorn" shot - well before set up begins Friday afternoon. More to follow...


20 Jul, 2021

Only a few more days until set up on Friday! Excited and slightly nervous before the maiden 'voyage!' Gridwall tower layout is planned, and 36+/- matted and sleeved originals have been priced and sealed. Everything actually fits in the car, with a little room to spare. Even though it is an indoor event, the weather looks good!

Will try to post an Instagram story, or two, but will at least post throughout @ScriptMAbstractArt.

Recap, here, on Monday as a new thread.

Cheers, MAL


13 Jul, 2021

Cool Art Show 32: July 24 -25 St Petersburg Coliseum Fourth Avenue North


15 Jun, 2021

Only missing Antarctica!

Amazes me that web has allowed people from Canada, UK, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain to visit my web site!

Merci, Cheers, Slàinte, Dankie, Arigatou gozaimasu, Gracias, Good on Ya!


02 Jun, 2021

Getting the starting line-up ready for PAVA's 32nd Annual Cool Art Show, July 24th - 25th, at The Coliseum, St Petersburg, FL.

Framed: 'Blue 'n' Gold,' 'Blue Flash,' 'Blue Nova,' Stormy,' 'Toucan,' and 'Two Birds.' All can be seen here on ArtWanted. Matted and sleeved will be twenty selected works, mainly from 2020 to 2021, with a handful of classics.


31 May, 2021

As May comes to a close, let's pause to remember those who came before us, particularly those who have served and protected.

June brings about the end of four (!) shows, and planning for the big show in July....

June 1: Exhibit at the Clearwater Library - Main Branch comes to a close, and 'Get My Irish Up' returns home. June 4: May cohort of the PAVA Members Show ends, and 'Blue 'n' Gold' rests up for Cool Art 32. June 7: The Lakeland Art Guild's 49th Annual Melvin Gallery Art Exhibition closes online. June 21: 'Three Fish' ends its run at the Oldsmar Public Library.

July 24-25: Seven framed works and a healthy collection of matted originals will appear at the 32nd Annual Cool Art Show at the Coliseum in St Petersburg.

Additional details to follow! Or, follow at

Cheers, MAL


18 May, 2021

'Blue 'n' Gold" at the PAVA Members Show, with yours truly.