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Welcome to my Artwanted portfolio page. I hope you enjoy viewing my work and hope you find it inspiring.
I have always had a passion for drawing. I started out drawing stick figures, then my favorite cartoon characters, then finally when I was old enough to go to the local library; I discovered Albrecht Durer. After seeing his drawing, "The Hare", I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a realistic artist. My name is Rick Corbett and I am a graphite portrait artist. I am inspired not only by other artists but from life itself. I am inspired by people, textures, smells, sounds, all of my senses seem to come alive when I draw.
My drawings take me on an artistic journey of self discovery. I feel my soul awaken when I draw. GOD has given me a gift and it’s a gift I hope to use to bring people closer together. It’s a gift that I hope to use to capture the beauty that’s in this World. I don't want my drawings to simply be pictures drawn on pieces of paper – I want my drawings to be a celebration of life.

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