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Resurrection of Golgotha (Sunset City)©


May this season of (Love &) LIGHT bring you great joy and moments of illumination.

Tomorrow it is Good Friday. This is the Friday before Easter or Pascha. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary.

Second picture:
I rotated the painting horizontal and you'll see a view of a "Sunset City"
which represents the resurrection of Jesus.
(This is one of my earlier paintings)

SOME HISTORY/Information:
EASTER celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which his occurred on the third day after his death by crucifixion some time in the period AD 27 to 33.

Golgotha is the biblical name for the place where Jesus was crucified. Also called Calvary, it was probably a small hill just outside the walls of ancient Jerusalem.
The name "Golgotha" is derived from the Aramaic word gulgulta.
Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22, and John 19:17 give its meaning as "place of the skull" referring to a hill or plateau containing a pile of skulls (probably, therefore a public place of execution) or to a geographic feature resembling a skull.

When Saint Jerome translated these verses into Latin, he used the Latin word for skull, calvaria, and this is the origin of the English word Calvary.


Acrylic on canvas panel 18'x24' (45.7x61.0 cm)
Walnut/Gold Frame


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
All rights reserved.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2007 _______________________________________

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Anonymous Guest

Caballero Salguero 08 Jan 2011

Outstanding composition and fantastic colours, wonderful , José

Maureen Bloesch 21 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you Maureen... it's one of my older works! Love and Light, Olga

Heloisa Castro 06 Jun 2009

amazing work

wim denijs 04 Jan 2009

speechless , ( wou dat ik het ook in mijn vingers had , heb vroeger wel eens wat gemaakt , maar da's zo long geleden )

María García 13 Sep 2008

Just wonderful!!!