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Resurrection of Golgotha (Sunset City)©


May this season of (Love &) LIGHT bring you great joy and moments of illumination.

Tomorrow it is Good Friday. This is the Friday before Easter or Pascha. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary.

Second picture:
I rotated the painting horizontal and you'll see a view of a "Sunset City"
which represents the resurrection of Jesus.
(This is one of my earlier paintings)

SOME HISTORY/Information:
EASTER celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which his occurred on the third day after his death by crucifixion some time in the period AD 27 to 33.

Golgotha is the biblical name for the place where Jesus was crucified. Also called Calvary, it was probably a small hill just outside the walls of ancient Jerusalem.
The name "Golgotha" is derived from the Aramaic word gulgulta.
Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22, and John 19:17 give its meaning as "place of the skull" referring to a hill or plateau containing a pile of skulls (probably, therefore a public place of execution) or to a geographic feature resembling a skull.

When Saint Jerome translated these verses into Latin, he used the Latin word for skull, calvaria, and this is the origin of the English word Calvary.


Acrylic on canvas panel 18'x24' (45.7x61.0 cm)
Walnut/Gold Frame


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
All rights reserved.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2007 _______________________________________


Anonymous Guest

Caballero Salguero 08 Jan 2011

Outstanding composition and fantastic colours, wonderful , José

Maureen Bloesch 21 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you Maureen... it's one of my older works! Love and Light, Olga

Heloisa Castro 06 Jun 2009

amazing work

wim denijs 04 Jan 2009

speechless , ( wou dat ik het ook in mijn vingers had , heb vroeger wel eens wat gemaakt , maar da's zo long geleden )

María García 13 Sep 2008

Just wonderful!!!

Derek McCrea 06 Jun 2008

amazing abstract, you have a talent for a variety of works.

Kamaljeet Chugh 10 Mar 2008

Your artwork is captivating. I can go on and on seeing your paintings and admire them over and over again.

Steve Kreuscher 31 Oct 2007

I like this piece a lot also, Olga !

nikos kanellos 27 Oct 2007

Excellent work dear Olga!

kenny mckenzie 04 Oct 2007

A work of faith with stromg contrasts and hope and light.

Michael Easter 03 Oct 2007

Oh Olga this is magnificent. You never stop amazing me.

radfax radfax 29 Aug 2007

In the upright picture; The roses seem very heavy, almost like stone, with a fire consuming the whole piece. Strong connetations of a faith in something being tested. On it side; This sort of works with the fiery skies in the background with wooden structures cutting through the depths of the harbour. If the top rose and stalk were moved below the first rose this would give room for the sillouette of what would appear to be a ship more obvious. I am not sure why the picture is on it's side, but like i say it does sort of work. Radfax

rb chakravartty 23 Jul 2007


Sally Pulford 23 Jun 2007

This jumped right off the screen at me. GREAT COMPOSITION, FORMS, highlights and colour palette. I think it would be wonderful to see in a huge reproduction. Powerful.

Jessica Miller 05 Jun 2007

So beautiful... very striking, holds my attention. Gorgeous!

Stacy Steinman 08 May 2007

beautiful, dramatic, piece. great work!

M. Usman Ul Haq 13 Apr 2007

Outstanding Composition!!!

Loren Carson 11 Apr 2007

A great piece of work.

Blue Doll 11 Apr 2007

very beautyfull piece

Doris B. Lambling 11 Apr 2007

love the strong attitude in it - wonderful artwork again, dear Olga!

Loredana 10 Apr 2007


Cree Hovsepian 09 Apr 2007

Wow - this such a dramatic and emotional abstract! Very timely for Easter. Really strikes at one's soul.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 09 Apr 2007

Hello Olga! How are you? This is a tremendous piece of work. A very charismatic painting with great presence. Love the symbolism and the raw colour identifies with Christ's suffering. Brilliant artwork!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Apr 2007

Brilliant werk sissie. Wist niet dat je zo religieus was!! Waar je alle fantasie vandaan haalt is me een raadsel.Hartstikke goed enjoy your weekend.Love M

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 08 Apr 2007

Beautiful work of art,Stunning artistry,my Friend!!!Happy Easter to you and your Family!!!

Brigitte Hintner 07 Apr 2007

Very beautifully done my friend have created the essence of easter it gives us a good remembrance of Jesus' suffering and his precious gift to all us ! Grat work ! Bravo !!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Apr 2007

Al weer een pracht stuk Olle! Onze bewondering. Liefs en hug, mamma

Izabella Pavlushko 07 Apr 2007

Dear Olga, I have just no words. Superb !!!

Libbe Bouma 07 Apr 2007

Must be a winner......great one!!

Reba McDonald 06 Apr 2007

Interesting work Olga.

Patty Day 06 Apr 2007

Beautiful work of art, Love it!!!!

Meg Murray 06 Apr 2007

Olga this is priceless...

Barry Huyett 06 Apr 2007

Beautiful art work. Happy Easter!

Denise Funfsinn 06 Apr 2007

Very striking work, Olga~

Christine brand 06 Apr 2007

the poet within the realm captivated mute!!! your soul the sea, your heart the sky, your hands the instruments of the divine...a miracle of love given in you through your sight.

Mary Janosik 06 Apr 2007

Incredible piece, Olga!! Meaning, beauty, great composition both vertically and horizontally.... A wonderful work of true art!!!! Happy Easter and God Bless you and your family!!!!! :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Apr 2007

Whow Olga, realy great, wonderful.The way you used the colors .Great position of the crosses and the tulips. You know I only write it if I mean it. Have a great eastern. Han

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Apr 2007

Whow Olga, realy great, wonderful.The way you used the colors .Great position of the crosses and the tulips. You know I only write it if I mean it. Have a great eastern. Han

thea walstra 06 Apr 2007

Meaningful, very creative and excellent work Olga.

Hassan Pasha 06 Apr 2007

oh man i am lost for words over this one ... simply utterly fantastically fabulous .. HAPPY Easter mama van Dijk .. not just you but the entire van Dijk family

Anne Vis 06 Apr 2007

Marvellous creation, Olga!

Nira Dabush 06 Apr 2007

Beautiful CREATIVE...The use of colour is deep and significant.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2007

wonderful painting!

Andrew Hunter 05 Apr 2007


Bev Chudey 05 Apr 2007

This is great Olga!

Tahnja Wolter 05 Apr 2007

oh my wonderful friend, this is AWESOME! So very stunning. I do remember this one. Can I get a copy Olga? I would love to have a copy of this above our altar in our house? Peace to you my friend and Happy Easter. May Our Lord be forever remembered and loved

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2007

What an incredibly creative idea to have a picture that has a different (seasonal) TWIST to it. You are amazing! Sanderijn.

William Boyer 05 Apr 2007

nice going

Frank Maguire 05 Apr 2007

I must say Olga, that, having being dragged up in a very Catholic family in Ireland, closely associated with the Church, I hate all religious stuff. But this is a fine painting and I like your approach even as I disparage the subject. you are a wonderful artist.

Elke Clarke 05 Apr 2007

terrific concept wonderful colours

flo bowling 05 Apr 2007


Emily Reed 05 Apr 2007


Seth Weaver 05 Apr 2007


Jerie kunitsky 05 Apr 2007

This is truly incredible..Just Wonderful!!!....Guess what,....I was named for St. Jerome....Jerie

jamie winter 05 Apr 2007

WOWOW Olga i realy like this piece. this is a fantastic painting, so well balanced and with such great shpaes, balanced horrizonatly by the verticle thrust. wow. jamie

James Anderson 05 Apr 2007

very creative work of art!

Francis Rivera 05 Apr 2007

This is very wonderful work! ^_^

linda duffy 05 Apr 2007

just fantastic piece of art olga fab xxxxxxxxxx

Analua 05 Apr 2007

What a fabulous colors and magnific passion my dear Olga!!! Congratulations and have a marvelous Easter with all you love. Xoxoxx

Joke Schotting 05 Apr 2007

Wonderful work my friend my pic off the day!!!!!

Tabitha Borges 05 Apr 2007

nice strong and stunning...

Eva Rogers 05 Apr 2007

very nice

Ruth Kauffman 05 Apr 2007

Olga...this has to be up at the very top of all of your art for me!!! It is so glorious either way you turn it and your explanation is so profound and exciting!! I have been there and seen "the place of the skull" and that's exactly what it looks like!!! I have been inside the EMPTY tomb...

Carliss Mora 05 Apr 2007

Truly inspirational Olga! Gorgeous, and glorious painting!

K Skinner 05 Apr 2007

Great eye Olga, you have sparked my interest and captured my attention either way you turn it!

K L Marsala 05 Apr 2007

olga this is really a stunning piece. the richness of the colors brings out the message strong and clear. wonderfully done hon!

Phil Cashdollar 05 Apr 2007

great work...PhilC

bianca 05 Apr 2007

very impressive art the rich colours...beautiful...

Lyuba Zahova 05 Apr 2007

Greeting, Olga!

cynthia berridge 05 Apr 2007

wow Olga so very beautiful art work

Joanna Jungjohann 05 Apr 2007

Ogla.................God Bless so awesomely beautiful, and my pic of the day!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2007

I recognize it from your chimney... Like the second one the best! Love, FLEUR

bert cortes 05 Apr 2007

Great work, Olga

Karen Cash 05 Apr 2007

fantastic work Olga!