oil on canvas 2005 "Upside - Down Rainbow" (Explosion on a Sunny Day) 40x50 cm


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indarto budi 12 Jul 2008

Great idea!

Magda Elsehrawi 10 Jul 2008

Zura, your work is so intelligent... this is a gorgeous surreal piece of work and i love it!

jimmy guan 30 Jun 2008

fasinating combination of images Zura!

Gloria Ricker 28 Jun 2008

most interesting, your world of art. Love how you have used the light and shadow in the building

Carolyn Taylor 27 Jun 2008

Surreal and beautiful! I love the world you paint!

THOMAS RING 15 Jun 2008

I would like to be the leaf...

Lili 14 Jun 2008

Beautiful artwork, very creative and wonderful!:)

Loredana 10 Jun 2008

What a wonderful creative piece of work Zura Loving it

stephie desousa 09 Jun 2008

wow i have been looking at your work. its stunning! thank you!!

Gary Glass 06 Jun 2008

wonderful work here Zura

Brenda Loveless 04 Jun 2008

this is interesting and a beautiful painting!!

Maria Murphy 30 May 2008


Rosemary Free 30 May 2008

awe inspiring, breathtaking

Tim Goodwin 30 May 2008

What an entrancing concept. Wondrous image, Zura!!

Jo-Ann Hayden 26 May 2008

Stunning work ,simply stunning!

Adarsh Kumar Pavani 26 May 2008

Thats brilliant artwork showing even minor light and shadow details

Maureen Blakeley 22 May 2008

I love this! Your compositional elements are perfectly balanced. I am especially drawn to the leaf on the right - just hanging there - caught in the aftermath! Well done!

Sara Deutsch 21 May 2008

Exciting image...evocative!

ron sargent 20 May 2008

Beauitfully done!

Christopher Mayhew 20 May 2008

Great colors!

Lyndsey Colgan 17 May 2008

Very beautiful painting, so interesting

gerry logan 15 May 2008

What an interesting picture I love how you did this with the water and the old building that rainbow is just perfect

Gayle Taylor 14 May 2008

Incredible imagery! Thought provoking....

cynthia berridge 14 May 2008

wonderful creative fantasy art

Jessica Courtley-Rose 11 May 2008


Mark Saxton 11 May 2008


Barry Huyett 11 May 2008

cool....this is my faV!

Sigridur Bachmann 10 May 2008

Very unique work Zura.!! Great colors and composition.!!!!

John Graham Inkson 08 May 2008

Interesting piece, good colour.

Steve Farr 07 May 2008

Very COOL and unique, Zura!! ~S

Artist Reply: Thank you Steve so much for your comment! Welcome anytime, Zura.

Marika Antal 07 May 2008

i love this one,exceletnt art work!!!

Linda Ebarb 04 May 2008

GORGEOUS+++ work,, Love the composition, especially addition of the the rainbow,, Hugsss Linda :-)

Artist Reply: Thank you Linda so much for your very very warm comment! Best regards from Zura.

diane jennings 04 May 2008

Love this work!

Ann Howard 03 May 2008

Great concept. Intriguing!

rebecca phillips 03 May 2008

Zura i love your work...butthis one is so special, reminds me of the strutures of South western USA...and the mystical quality of the Native Americans there...also the adobe houses they build thank you i can wonder and ponder this image often in my mind and heart! (btw i am part Native-American)

Minnie Shuler 02 May 2008

How creative. Just beautiful. Very unique.

Karie Goffic 02 May 2008

very origanal, love it!

Ginger Lovellette 01 May 2008

Ohhhh, just love your style. Checked out your portfolio. What talent you have!

Crystal Sons 01 May 2008

Very Interesting work! cool!

Valentina Gatewood 30 Apr 2008

Upside - Down Rainbow- how cool!!! Beautiful painting.

arnold quentin 30 Apr 2008

Very different and interesting

Jodi Keys 30 Apr 2008

This is so beautiful!

Stephen Gomm 28 Apr 2008

Makes me feel a little uneasy, but I can't stop looking! Great work.

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 28 Apr 2008

Beautifully painted Zura

John Fish 27 Apr 2008

beautiful painting and wonderful powerful mystical concept

Artist Reply: Thank you John! You are a great artist and I appreciate your comment a lot! Zura.

Madeleine Weber 27 Apr 2008

very beautiful painting...but also a little bit scary.

lillianhibiscus 27 Apr 2008

fantastic artwork.

Terri Yu 27 Apr 2008

Fantastic image - excellent work!

Olga Osi 26 Apr 2008

Fantastic image.... so much to look at!

usha shantharam 24 Apr 2008

amazing effect. The llight on the brick wall, the wave, and leaf, the sun, rainbow are all stunning.

Artist Reply: Thank you Usha so much for your warm comment! Welcome anytime! Zura.

Federica Bentivoglio 24 Apr 2008

wonderful image... I like rainbow...

Sharon Farber 23 Apr 2008

Very nice! I like it!

Mildred Ann Utroska 23 Apr 2008

Awesome piece of art. Stunning and Delightful.

Joanna Jungjohann 23 Apr 2008

oh my, zura, this is just so all consuming. I could just gaze upon it's deep beauty for ages. outstanding profound beauty!~

Artist Reply: Hi Joanna! Thank you for your kind comment! Best regards, Zura.

annette steens 23 Apr 2008

Your work is perfect and most BEAUTIFUL Zura!

Artist Reply: Thank you Annette so much! Zura.

Lili Segal 23 Apr 2008

Excellent work, Zura! Very creative! Wonderful composition!

Khalilah Muhammad 22 Apr 2008

Wonderful work! thanks for the comments

Christine Laverty 22 Apr 2008

This has an amazing feel!! I love it!!!!

Christine brand 21 Apr 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Christine for your warm comment! Zura.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Apr 2008

waw i love this!

Andrew Dragh 20 Apr 2008

Beautiful painting!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 20 Apr 2008

Splendid composition, Zura!

Gerard van den Berge 20 Apr 2008

Very imagination ; creative ; symbolic ; good to show us !!

Teresa Dominici 20 Apr 2008

Great composition and colors. Keep it up.

jamie winter 20 Apr 2008

wow this is incredible work Zura. fantastic

Artist Reply: Hi.Jamie! Thank you for your comment! Best regards,Zura.