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Procreation of a Bulb©


A Georgia O'Keeffe's
(the lady-flower-painter)
inspired painting of a flower bulb.

I love O'Keeffe's sensual view and aesthetic philosophy of leaves, bones, flowers,etc.
Her work is timeless and momentary.
Her paintings are overwhelmingly sensual and seductive in their smooth unfolding crevices and folds, don't you agree?
You gaze at the hollowed centers of opened petals and feel as if you could fall inside.
There is a strong sense that we are entering into her flowers, but we also get a feeling that inside is a whole new universe open to us.


oil on canvas


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2007


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Caballero Salguero 21 Aug 2010

Sensational forms and great contrast of composition Olga,very different, magical piece,all full of elegance and belle coloring, terrific, hugs, José

Artist Reply: Thanks you my friend!

angela marie barnett 23 Jun 2009

Georgia Okeefe is my favourite arist, this is beautiful

Artist Reply: Oh thank you Angela!!

Maureen Bloesch 03 May 2009

excellent concept!

Marika Antal 21 Apr 2009

this is my stile work!! love this!!

Isabel Alfarrobinha 03 Jan 2009

very inspiring

pamela jones 01 Oct 2008

Beautiful strong image, beautifully painted Olga

carrie holst 30 Jun 2008

Exemplifies the O'keefe experssion. I saw it even in the Thumbnail, before I read your image description. Good Stuff!

Doris B. Lambling 10 Apr 2008

full of strong dark power! Ein wenig unbequem, das macht es so aufregend und spannend!

Analua 31 Mar 2008

I adore the powerful what you confere in the works with strong colors and great movement! Big hugs my dear Olga!

Marjorie Huwa 24 Mar 2008

I love this piece. The colors, the movement...a little Georgia O'Keeffe whom I always have loved.

Anneke cilon 14 Mar 2008

This one is beautiful!!!!

Slobodan Kalupcic 07 Mar 2008

When i think about real art i think about you ....... this is real masterpiece ........ Boban.

stephanie atlee 03 Feb 2008

What a lovely and sensual picture...well done

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Feb 2008

this is the most erotic painting I have seen here at Artwanted... O Keefe was a real revolutionary!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Jan 2008

very nice!transporting!

Dixie Fowler 01 Jan 2008

This brilliant, the essence of life!

Stewart Fowler 01 Jan 2008

This painting envokes a sensual emotion in me....A splended use of color..........beautiful!

Cathy Holford 01 Jan 2008

I love the design and colors!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 30 Dec 2007

Beautiful painting Olga. May 2008 be very creative for you.

Cher Peterson 30 Dec 2007

A great tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe's style, Olga. You used that inspiration to create a wonderful piece.

Jean M. Laffitau 30 Dec 2007

Full of passion and sensuality!! Sensational artwork, Olga!!

Natalie G 29 Dec 2007

What a seductive work of art. Beautifully done, Olga. Ha ve a Safe & Happy 2008!

Jeanie Chadwick 29 Dec 2007

Beautifully evocative Olga. Wonderful color combinations.

Bruce Black 28 Dec 2007

Keep up the great work!!!

Brigitte Hintner 28 Dec 2007

Amazing as always are a wonderful artist !!! Happy New Year 2008 !!!:-) Light and Peace !!!

Gabrielle Stahlie 28 Dec 2007

Prachtig Olga! Mijn complimenten...

Inspire Art 27 Dec 2007

adorable, lines and colors are great.

Maurizio Miele 26 Dec 2007


Jerie kunitsky 25 Dec 2007

Such creative work you have here...Wonderful...Merry Christmas...put you on pod...

julie Marks 25 Dec 2007

WOW!! Ogla, you are such an extraordinary artist and it is always a pleasure to see your amazing and exceptionally creative artwork. I love this piece for too many reasons to write and always admire your metaphors in your imagery and titles of your work. I am a big fan of yours. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year. You will have many procreations of a bulb given that your creative inspiration is infinite.

Robin Brown 25 Dec 2007

Way to go Olga, love & light. Merry Christmas XX

annette steens 25 Dec 2007

the eternal proces of wonderful Life as it Is! Super work!!!!

William Boyer 24 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year. Thanks for all the nice comments all year long. William Boyer Backporchgallery

Kathie Nichols 23 Dec 2007

Your art is superb Olga, I just love this one, outstanding work, so beautiful!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

marissa deforest 23 Dec 2007

wow that's incrediblE great colors.

Visionary Imagist 23 Dec 2007

Olga; I love this oil. Well done. a beautiful example of your artwork. remarkable.

Darren Tovey 23 Dec 2007

loving the colors... Merry Christmas Olga!

Joanna Jungjohann 23 Dec 2007

beautiful flowing rhythm of color!~Merry Christmas Olga!~

Federica Bentivoglio 23 Dec 2007

Another great composition and wonderful color choose.. Beautiful!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Ruth Palmer 23 Dec 2007

Yes, beautifully sensual work Olga!

joan warburton 22 Dec 2007

Very sensual. Outstanding work!

Renata Cavanaugh 22 Dec 2007

Beautiful work

Siti NURIATI 22 Dec 2007

This a fantastic paiinting. I love the colors!

kevin rollins 22 Dec 2007

this so wonderfuly done, great work!

Jan van Baarle 22 Dec 2007

Fantastic abstract!

Hui Zhu 21 Dec 2007

beautiful and elegant ^^

Mayme Crouse 21 Dec 2007

this is an awesome too have captured the spirit of Georgia O'Keefe

Nira Dabush 21 Dec 2007

Indeed your work is sensual, olga...I agree with your words about Georgia O'Keeffe ALSO...Just fantastic!

John Enright 21 Dec 2007

I love the subject matter and the symbolism reflected in O'Keefs work also. The genesis of life itself and the sanctuary for all that is humanity.

jamie winter 21 Dec 2007

just so beautiful . wowowow great!!!!

merle cruser 21 Dec 2007

Great job!!! I live in O'keefe country and love her work too!!

Elf Evans 21 Dec 2007

Nicely done...

Penny Myers 21 Dec 2007

Very pretty. Awesome colors

Ruth Kauffman 21 Dec 2007

I LOVE this, Olga!!! Beautiful colors and blending of the colors!!

Barry Huyett 21 Dec 2007

tis beautiful.......very creative!!!

debbie braswell 20 Dec 2007


Shakeh Sarookhanian 20 Dec 2007

Great colors ,forms and nice painting!

Tahnja Wolter 20 Dec 2007

wow, that is awesome! Such beauty and gorgeous flow. Well done

KC CHANG 20 Dec 2007


Robin Foss 20 Dec 2007

Very well done.

Gerald Dextraze 20 Dec 2007

Very sensual! Bravo!

Bev Chudey 20 Dec 2007

Beautiful Olga!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Dec 2007

YES O'KEEFE, my first your work!!

Joke Schotting 20 Dec 2007

Amazing work my friend mijn foto van vandaag!!!!

Francis Rivera 20 Dec 2007

This painting makes me remember about things that happened...very nice! ^_^

joe black 20 Dec 2007

super. sexy.

Michael Easter 20 Dec 2007

Olga, this is truely amazing work!

Roberta Ponte 20 Dec 2007

awesome work, I love these brilliant colors

Loren Carson 20 Dec 2007

This is magnificent

Chris Roukema 20 Dec 2007

Brilliant Work, Olga!

Gerard van den Berge 20 Dec 2007

Dag Olga, we all need protection ( Neil Young), dat symboliseert je schilderij op een hele mooie manier. Prachtig. Groet Gerard