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90x90cm Acrylic painting on canvas of Lady. The large size is making this portrait more powerful.To accent the softness of her furcoat I added the colors in the foreground and in the background. The many whites were a big challenge for me to get structure and depth in the portrait. The zoom image is showing her above my Corbusier in the living. The real work has really more power and is less soft. Cannot show this on a photo.


Anonymous Guest

Delia Pacheco 2 hours ago

What a sweet painting of an adorable dog! Looks so soft…Nice work!

John Cappello 13 Jul 2012

Very Impressive Wonderful Artistic Capabilities

Charlotta Sverrisdóttir 04 Jan 2012

He is absolutly a beauty.

Karen Helsing 28 Jul 2011

Cute dog!

Sigridur Bachmann 06 Mar 2010

Wow ! Very striking and great color and combination ! Great work !

Ravinder Dutt 16 Jun 2009

such a cute puppy anyone cud take home

lillianhibiscus 01 Oct 2008

Such a fabulous painting Nelly!

margaret mckeehan 15 Jul 2008

Very good work.

Loredana 14 May 2008

What a gorgeous pup this is beautiful Nelly :)

Tracey Wood 12 May 2008

Fabulous composition, I love the large scale and the silky, soft fur. Beautiful painting.

Margaret Platt 22 Feb 2008

Nellie, how lovely! What an adorable face Beautiful!

Nikolay Semyonov 24 Jan 2008

wonderful painting. compliments to the model.

stephanie atlee 18 Jan 2008

An adorable painting...very lovely

Delia Pacheco 08 Dec 2007

what a gorgeous painting...

Natalie G 30 Nov 2007

Nelly, fantastic work. She's is gorgeous!

Ileen Kaplan 18 Nov 2007

Beautiful, powerful, and adorable!

Tabitha Borges 08 Nov 2007

oh she so pretty....

CowGirlZen Artworks 08 Nov 2007

too precious!

kath nepia 06 Nov 2007


joan warburton 06 Nov 2007

Oh, how adorable! Bold colors and strong composition!

RUBY REDWINE 06 Nov 2007

I love this site and I LOVE THIS PAINTING!!! RUBY

marisa reilly 05 Nov 2007

Nelly this is superb,, what a beauty of a dog and you have captured all the whites ! I haven't met her but she sure looks gentle!

Sara Deutsch 05 Nov 2007

You have captured her gentle soul...the colors are perfect..

Kathie Nichols 04 Nov 2007

Awwwww gosh, he's gorgeous! Just love it Nelly!

Jerry 04 Nov 2007

Lovely or charming soft artwork!

Julia Scorupsky 04 Nov 2007

Wonderful painting with the most profounf insight of HER soul! great colors, too!

Hassan Pasha 04 Nov 2007

awww ladyyyy you are just adorable .. look at those puppy eyes ... a nice pat for ya

gerry logan 04 Nov 2007

what a fantastic job you have done here she is a beauty great work

William Boyer 04 Nov 2007


Tahnja Wolter 04 Nov 2007

Nelly! Thank you so much for visiting my gallery. Gee, this is gorgeous my dear friend! What a beauty and such a great work. I've always loved your pieces and this is just as stunning as all your great stuff. I'm so glad you liked my cat painting, I thought it was average but everyone else else liked it, lol, guess maybe cause I'm more a doggy person, lol.

Timothy Hughes 03 Nov 2007

Beautifully painted!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 03 Nov 2007

The Charcoal Sketch of LADY is GORGEOUS and this Acrylic painting of LADY is VERY GORGEOUS !!!BRILLIANT Contemporary Fine Art,Nelly!!!:)

Mayme Crouse 03 Nov 2007

Wow this turned out just awesome...............

Renata Cavanaugh 03 Nov 2007


Fiona Hooper 02 Nov 2007

This is just TOO cute!!! So huggable!!! Great, Nelly!!!

Jeanie Chadwick 02 Nov 2007

you've really handled it very well. It looks great in this setting. Wonderful texture on the fur.

Jean M. Laffitau 02 Nov 2007

It makes me want to kiss the wet nose! Love it!

epsylon lyrae 02 Nov 2007

So very sweet and such expressive eyes too:D

Samina Islam 02 Nov 2007

Beautiful expressive portrait Nelly love it!!

Ben Kiger 02 Nov 2007

i love this so much.

annette steens 02 Nov 2007

This dog makes you "stressless!" he is looking at you while thinking..well you people, why are you so busy with chasing air bubbles? Wonderful work Nelly!

Roberta Ponte 02 Nov 2007

cute image, wonderful done!!

José Fortunato 02 Nov 2007

A wonderful acrylic Nelly ! I'll be waiting for more of your great dog paintings. Bravo

Karen Cash 01 Nov 2007

this is sooo darling Nelly!

Frank Maguire 01 Nov 2007

What a wonderful image Nelly. I can see you live in luxury and you deserve it.

Ron DeMore 01 Nov 2007

Nice Nelly. I like the center prospective. The light on dark. Wounderful tones and the fall colors on the bottom.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 01 Nov 2007

Perfect, Nelly!!! The colours are simply fascinatings and the expression.... adorable, my dear friend!

Katrina Papoutcharov 01 Nov 2007

It works and works well, always good to see how you don't fit any mold!

Steven Torrisi 01 Nov 2007

From thought to paper and pencil lines to pallet and paint strokes and now on the wall. Truly amazing is the mind of the artist, especially for the love of a pet.

Reba McDonald 01 Nov 2007

Great work Nellie.

Terry Bullard 01 Nov 2007

the size make it very impressive!

Ken Sherman 01 Nov 2007

Wonderful capture of expression...good job...very nice.

Carliss Mora 01 Nov 2007

Oh, My!!! Nelly how gorgeous! He's even more lovely in your acrylic painting!

Janet Gioffre Harrington 01 Nov 2007

wow! I loved the drawing, but the painting is wonderful, Nelly!

Michael Forbus 01 Nov 2007

Nelly, this is the photo you said you're going to paint and it is just stunning. A brilliant portraiture of this lovely animal. This shows your stunning talent and brilliance. Michael

Patty Day 01 Nov 2007

Too Cute!!! Awesome just awesome!!!

Nira Dabush 01 Nov 2007

NELLY..It is very beautiful and powerful work. Your presentation is very elegant...I LOVE the contrasts between lady and the background...FANTASTIC!!

Sharon Henson 01 Nov 2007

Some much emotion was put in this....wonderful work...I thought it was a photo at first.

jamie winter 01 Nov 2007

youpainted him , wow this is excellent. turned out so well. !!!!!!!!!

Chas Sinklier 01 Nov 2007

Just FAB Nelly - love the setting - also love your new personal pic for your portfolio site here at AW - very cool ~:0)

Joanna Jungjohann 01 Nov 2007

aw what a doll, nelly. beautiful work. peace, jo.

gregg dutcher 01 Nov 2007

Absolutely adorable Nelly!!!!!!

Brigitte Hintner 01 Nov 2007

Hey dear Nelly , I saw this one come up and just knew it had to be yours !!! beautifull as always ! Bravo :-)

Izabella Pavlushko 01 Nov 2007

what a lovely portrait, Nelly... love it !

Barry Huyett 01 Nov 2007

love the way uuuuu display this painting!

Emily Reed 01 Nov 2007


Joke Schotting 01 Nov 2007


thea walstra 01 Nov 2007

How very cute! Beautiful work Nelly

Olga van Dijk 01 Nov 2007

Ahhhh Nelly you did such a great job on LADY!! Love the color-combinations with green, red , black and beige tones.! I totally agree with you: the larger the painting the better brush strokes and the more powerful they'll look! Love it and it's my pic of the day! Liefs en een dikke zoen, OLGA