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A streetscene in Amersfoort.


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marie-claire gallet 09 Jun 2015

Charming painting with fabulous colors, Anneke!! A well-deserved POD!!!!

Angel Estevez 09 Jun 2015

Certainly a beautiful painting! Excellente artistic concept. Congratulations Anneke. Hugs my friend!

LAURIER Marie josé 09 Jun 2015


Pamela Rivera 06 Apr 2014

what a gorgeous picturesque street scene!

Artist Reply: Many thanks! :)

yves colas 07 Mar 2014

i am speechless,amazing work,so beautifully done,you have a great talent.all my compliments my friend.

Artist Reply: Your sweet words brighten my day, dear friend!

John Cappello 25 Aug 2012

This is Really Wonderful and Delightful composition with Sublime colors and symmetry !

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for the beautiful compliments, John. It's great to read your words.

Patricia Griffin Brett 09 Feb 2012

Beautiful piece of work! :)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Patricia!

Ginger Lovellette 14 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Ginger!

jimmy guan 18 Mar 2010

Another Beauty!

Artist Reply: There are many of these old streets in our city, I should make a series on it.:) Thank you, Jimmy!

Olga Naletova 03 Feb 2010

Very, very beautiful artwork with nice colors! I sooo like it!

Artist Reply: It's a beautiful place in our small city, so I was inspired to paint this. Thank you for the wonderful comment, Olga!

Martina Zuidema 11 Jan 2010

What a charming lane you have painted here with happy colors! :)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Martina! In real it's much more beautiful than my painting. :)

josef balek 01 Jan 2010

Hi! Super atmosphere! jpb

Artist Reply: Hi Pepíno, thank you very much! :)

Susan Vandivier 28 Dec 2009

Thank you for you kind comment . I have really enjoyed looking at your gallery. Your colors are amazingly beautiful...I feel like I could just walk right into this one. LOVELY. Your work is amazing!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Susan! I'm really happy with your comment! Happy New Year to you!:)

Jerry Lee Cline 14 Nov 2009

Absoutely fantastic, eye captivating work

Artist Reply: What a wonderful comment to my painting, thank you so much, Jerry!

Natalia Elerdashvili 29 Oct 2009

Wonderful! This work attracts by its richness of colors. Wish I could suddenly appear in this causy corner.

Artist Reply: It's sure a nice place to make a walk! Thank you very much for the kind comment, Natalia!

George Banks 26 Aug 2009

Amazing art

Artist Reply: Thank you for the visit and the kind words, George!

athala bruckner 25 Aug 2009

beautiful picture.would love to visit this place.

Artist Reply: Athala, I think you would like it! :) Thank you very much for the kind words!

Rebecca Robinson 19 Aug 2009

Where is this? I must add this to my must see places! Love the feel I get with this piece:)

Artist Reply: It's in Amersfoort, there are many of these alleys. It's indeed worth the journey, Rebecca! Thank you very much for stopping by and your nice comment!

Maya Trimner 11 Aug 2009

This is absolutely stunning. The textures truly make it a very real scene that pulls the viewer in. Makes me want to go travel and see what you saw....beautiful...

Artist Reply: Then you would see dozens of these places in the city I'm living, it's worth the trip! :) Dear Maya, thank you so much for your wonderful comment to my work!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Jul 2009

Thank you, Anneke:Alagador commentary and very encouraging. Your landscape, have one great composition and rich tones. Is intrepid.Excellent. Happy stree. Very belle. Powerful. Hugs, For always, José

Artist Reply: Hi José, how are you? Thank you for your wonderful comment to my work! I appreciate your words greatly! Have a blessed Sunday!

Mark Barnett 10 Jul 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Mark!

Shawna Clymer 04 Jun 2009

SIGH...this one makes me wish I could hop right into the picture. What a beautiful place?!

Artist Reply: Oh Shawna what a great thought that we could jump into the world of the picture, haha I would be surfing all day! I'm glad you like my little corner on this planet, thank you very much!

John Graham Inkson 12 Apr 2009

Super technique in this piece.

Artist Reply: I have used the knife which is quite new to me, it was fun to do. I appreciate your comments greatly, thank you very much, John!

Vasily Zolottsev 13 Mar 2009

Such beautiful work, Anneke! Excellent painting!!! Marvelous!!!

Artist Reply: Hello Vasily, this is a small alley as we have many in our city. I'm glad you like it, thank you very much!

Sigridur Bachmann 13 Mar 2009

Exceptional beauty ! Brilliant strong colors and light % texture

Artist Reply: Thanks Siggi! Your comments are always greatly appreciated!

Miro Gabriele 10 Mar 2009

really beautiful!

Artist Reply: Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comment, Miro.

Egon Miklavcic 29 Jan 2009

Nice village

Artist Reply: Yes, it is, Egon. Really worth a visit. :) Thank you very much for your kind comment.

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

an amazing piece!

Artist Reply: I live in a very nice city, that I love very much. So I had to have a painting of it. Thank you for your enthusiastic review!

Daniela Rioux 19 Oct 2008

Love this one!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your kind comment, Daniela!

Biruta Freimane 06 Oct 2008

Beautiful! I really like the vibrant colors.

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, thank you, Biruta!

David Holcombe 01 Oct 2008

There is a lovely sense of intimacy to this work. We see a little lane and a few houses and bushes. Nothing spectacular, nothing earth shaking, just quiet and peaceful.

Artist Reply: Oh yeah, very quiet and peaceful, one of my favourite roads to ride with my bike. We have a lot of these old streets, it's a joy every time again. :) Thank you very much, David, for the visit and the kind words.

margaret mckeehan 14 Aug 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Margaret!

Laura Esthela Gonzalez 14 Aug 2008

oh, what a wonderful place it seems to be. I like that kind of traditional colorful towns, but I've only known a few here in México.

Artist Reply: Hi Laura, thank you for your wonderful comment. We have many of these city scenes over here. I like them too. I have never been to Mexico, but I bet it's beautiful too!!


Pretty composed work , Anette!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Dmitry! :)

lillianhibiscus 16 Jun 2008

Lovely painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Lilian!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Jun 2008

Strong imagery, vivid colours, nicely illustrates both scenery and emotion. Thanks for sharing

Artist Reply: I gladly share my pictures, I'm happy you like them! Thank you!

Sandra McClure 27 May 2008

Very nice work Anneke. You have so many wonderful towns with inspiration. Wonderful textures.

Artist Reply: I happen to live in a wonderful little town, I'm glad you like my painting, Sandra. Thank you for the nice words.

jeanette foresta 24 May 2008

Oh, awesome work! And thanks for the welcome!

Artist Reply: It's really great that wonderful artists like you are joining AW, you enrich the site, Jeanette! Thank you for visiting my humble place. :)

vivian sellers 21 May 2008

Love this...want to go there..explore..dream..

Artist Reply: You're welcome, Vivian. If you ever visit my country, send me a message and I will tell you where to find the most beautiful places. :)

Christy McGuire 08 May 2008

I like this painting alot. Love the colors.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your kind comment, Christy!

Richard Finnell 02 May 2008

Yes I feel I can walk down that street good job .

Artist Reply: And that would be a pleasant walk, Richard. It's one of the nicest alleys in my town. Thank you for stopping by and the kind words. :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Apr 2008

I Really like it. Lovely quiet street, very colorful!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the visit and the kind words, Anonymous.

tiffany christie 17 Apr 2008

Wow, I want to walk right into this picture!

Artist Reply: You're very welcome Tiffany! When you let me know the date of your visit, I will show you the whole city! :)) Thank you for the wonderful comment to my work!

Nicolina Barbiero 16 Apr 2008

absolutly beutiful!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Nicolina, thank you for your enthusiastic comment! :)

Julie Mayser 22 Mar 2008

Great colors and a beautiful painting!

Artist Reply: Hi Julie, thank you very much for viewing my work and commenting!

Sarita B 01 Feb 2008

Mooi gedaan, Anneke! Ik woon in Almere dat is er niet ver vandaan!! Mooi kleurgebruik!! (great job!!) Groetjes, Sarita :D

Artist Reply: Hallo Sarita, Amersfoort is de moeite waard om eens the bekijken, er zijn een heleboel van deze mooie straatjes. Hartelijk dank voor je comment! :)

julia kapp 30 Jan 2008

You have a very unique style Love It!

Artist Reply: Hi Julia, thank you for your nice comment!

Claire Wilson 24 Jan 2008

Brilliant Work :)

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Claire!

Heather Leigh Douglas 23 Jan 2008

I really like this ~ it's almost 3 dimensional, you've created such depth with the paint.

Artist Reply: Hi Heather, thank you. Frankly it came by accident, I'm not so good in perspective.

Delores Knowles 19 Jan 2008

This is so tremendously rich in color. Beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Delores!

Lisa Keyton 17 Jan 2008

Love this!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Lisa!

Terri Yu 05 Jan 2008

Stunningly beautiful - in my favorites!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Terri! :)

Lynn De Serres 04 Jan 2008

Truly fascinating and delightful artwork, excellent both in subject and technique.

Artist Reply: Thanks Lynn!! Great to see you here! :)

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 30 Dec 2007

Really beautifully painted Anneke.

Artist Reply: Thank you Ann, I do appreciate your opinion very much.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 14 Dec 2007

Hello Anneke! How are you? I do love this painting. It's full of charm and character and beautifully painted. Great attention to detail. Very charismatic! Love it!

Artist Reply: Hi Rusty, thank you for these wonderful words!

Arnel Sarmiento 14 Dec 2007

Wow, Beautiful work. A++

Artist Reply: Wooo never had an A++ before, my old teachers will faint! hahaha Thanks a lot, Arnel!! :)

kevin rollins 12 Dec 2007

beautiful work, the brush strokes are great!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Kevin!

Ruth Palmer 11 Dec 2007

This is a beautiful piece Anneke! Such color and interest and detail. Lovely!

Artist Reply: I regard that a great comment coming from you, Ruth. Your colours are so beautiful! Thanks a lot!

Inspire Art 08 Dec 2007

what a wonderful picture, you have captured it perfectly.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot!!

Bart van Oijen 01 Dec 2007

And Amersfoort rocks too! Looks good, Anneke! Where is it? Muurhuizen? Greetings from the far North, Bart.

Artist Reply: Ik geloof wel dat het Muurhuizen is, maar weet het niet zeker. Erg he, ik woon er vijf minuten vandaan! LOL Mooi is het er in elk geval! :)))

Stuart Land 27 Nov 2007

Wow! You completely captured me with this one, Anneke. I've alway loved lanes like this. I'm really taken with you treatment of vegetation. Thanks for visiting my page and your kind comments.

Artist Reply: Welcome in my gallery, Stuart. Thank you for the kind words to my painting. I did most of the greenery with a palette knife.

Jessica Courtley-Rose 22 Nov 2007

Wonderful vibrant art! Well done!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Jessica!

fei li 11 Nov 2007

love the texture and movement !!!

Artist Reply: Thanks for the visit to my gallery, Fei.

Nancy Griffin 10 Nov 2007

My favorite! Gorgeous work!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Nancy!

John Sweeney 10 Nov 2007

Great colors and texture.

Artist Reply: Thank you, John! :)

Julia Lesnichy 06 Nov 2007

very impressing oil painting with a lot of movement and expression, love every bit of it.. excellent!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Julia, your opinion is greatly appreciated! :)

Carliss Mora 05 Nov 2007

Magnificent scene full of beauty, Anneke! I love it!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful words, Carliss!

Thomas Akers 30 Oct 2007

I really like this one very much! Great use of paint textures and light. Rich & earthy.

Artist Reply: I used the palette knife for the leaves, it's always a surprise what comes out of it. Thank you for stopping by, Tom! Much appreciated! :)

Doris Joa 21 Oct 2007

oh what a beautiful scene. I love your colours.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Doris. :)

Sharon Henson 08 Oct 2007

This painting is wonderful. I like how the street flows and your bold rich colours. Well done!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful comment to my work, Sharon.

walt larsen 05 Oct 2007

what a joy to walk the streets of a village like this

Artist Reply: It really is! Every time again, although mostly on my bike. :)

Olga Dmytrenko 26 Sep 2007

Great work, Anneke! Bravo!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Olga!

Kathie Nichols 19 Sep 2007

Just love this artwork! Your style is so beautiful, this would look fabulous on the wall in my house!

Artist Reply: Thank you for these wonderful words, Kathie!

Tatyana Shurtz 05 Sep 2007

I just love it. It looks very together, solid. Wow.

Artist Reply: I think that are exactly the right words, solid and very old and beautiful, I can add. :) Thank you very much for the kind words, Tatyana.

Ted Truelove 02 Sep 2007

Love the color and texture.........

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Ted.

n grech 31 Aug 2007

YOu have so many different styles in your artwork. all beautiful!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like my gallery, thank you very much for the nice words.

Randy McCullough 29 Aug 2007

Beautifully captured!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Randy.

L. Diane Johnson PSA ISAP 21 Aug 2007

Really well painted scene! Lots of texture and life.

Artist Reply: Your opinion is greatly appreciated, Diane. Thank you very much!

Gabrielle Stahlie 20 Aug 2007

Het mooie Amersfoort...De muurhuizen... Een prachtig oud centrum en een fijne stad voor een dagje uit. Een schitterende impressie Anneke!

Artist Reply: En een hele fijne stad om te leven ook! Hartelijk bedankt voor je comment, Gabrielle.

Gwen Lewis 16 Aug 2007

This is what I call a picture with an invitation built in! I really want to walk down there and see what's round the corner, maybe someone will come out from the door and show mw the way? :) Gwen.

Artist Reply: Nice people over here too, Gwen. I'm sure everyone would like to show you around, visitors are always welcome! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

Olga Zverlina 16 Aug 2007

Amazing work! So poetic and peaceful...

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Olga.

tinsu kasai 15 Aug 2007

Wow...Wow...I love this piece..but then again I love all your fantastic!!!! ~~ Tinsu

Artist Reply: Hi Tinsu, thank you for the visit and your wonderful words!

Lene Daugaard 14 Aug 2007

Beautiful alley - lots of wonderful colors and nice mood in this painting

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Lene.

Visionary Imagist 04 Aug 2007

Anneke: Beautifully rendered!! Do you live near there? Great looking artwork!!

Artist Reply: Yes, I live very close to this wonderful spot and it's a pleasure to see it every time I'm there. We've got a lot of such nice alleys. Thank you for the kind comment, Joey.

Heidi Fischer 01 Aug 2007

So wonderful and romantic. I love it.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Heidi.

Steve Farr 29 Jul 2007

This is amazing, Anneke! Luv the composition as well as the technique!!

Artist Reply: Thank you for these wonderful words, Steve. I'm glad you like it. :)

Vincenzo Povia 29 Jul 2007

This is wonderful Anneke! So colourful and pleasant.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind words, Vincenzo.

Greg Vilton 27 Jul 2007

Wow That's really lovely, Anneke! I love the colours and the depth you have managed to render.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Greg. I can't wait to see the results of your vacation. I hope it will bring up great art. :)

Michelle Phelps 24 Jul 2007

Beautiful soft work. Very easy to look at and admire.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Michelle! :)

Nira Dabush 19 Jul 2007

Another so splendid scene,Anneke..MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Nira, I can recommend our old city to you, there are many beautiful places. :)

dominique landau 17 Jul 2007


Artist Reply: Thank you, Dominique.

Mark Saxton 16 Jul 2007

Really nice. Good strong technique. Bewautiful scene.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Mark! :)

bianca 13 Jul 2007

this work reminds me of back home.......brings back lots of memories...FANTASTIC WORK.....u do...

Artist Reply: Hi Bianca, good to see you! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words, they are very much appreciated.

Rob Keller 13 Jul 2007

Hello Anneke, I like this painting very much!!! And because I have worked on a advertising agency in Amersfoort for years!! So I have good memories about that town, Love Rob

Artist Reply: Yes, Amersfoort is really a beautiful town, I can recomend everyone to visit it once. Thanks for the visit, Rob!

Olga van Dijk 13 Jul 2007

He meis wat mooi! Waar in Amersfoort? Mijn schoonzusje heeft daar jarenlang gewoond! Na een break heb ik OOK weer eens een painting gedownloaded. Had die break gewoon even nodig, je kent het wel! Liefs, OLGA

Artist Reply: Hi Olga, great to see you again. :)

Akber Moeen 12 Jul 2007

Wow! great feel well rendered

Artist Reply: Thank you, Akber! :)

marcel reynaert 11 Jul 2007

Prachtig werk Anneke. Hou van je techniek. Kleuren zijn ook uitermate mooi. Marcel

Artist Reply: Hi Marcel, ik hou ook heel erg van jouw techniek! Bedankt voor het comment.

Sandy Dewar 11 Jul 2007

Wow, this is the nicest painting I've seen in a long time, absolutely gorgeous Anneke

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Sandy!

Tabitha Borges 11 Jul 2007

stunning painting so real..:0)

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind words, Tabitha.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 11 Jul 2007

Splendid painting, Anneke!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Alberto!

Denny Gholson 10 Jul 2007

Great Colors Anneke ! They really make the picture talk, Super !

Artist Reply: That's very nice to hear, Denny. Many thanks!

Larry Fridel 10 Jul 2007

Beautiful work.

Artist Reply: Thanks Larry!

Elf Evans 09 Jul 2007

I like the composition and quaintness of this scene...very well conceived...keep 'em commin, my friend!

Artist Reply: I keep on trying, Elf. Thank you for stopping by and leaving these kind words. :)

Ingrid Kolster 09 Jul 2007

This is a wonderful painting Anneke. I like the colors.

Artist Reply: Gi Infrid, I'm glad you like it, thank you.

annette steens 09 Jul 2007

Hoi Anneke, wat doe jij dit toch geweldig mooi, vol overgave dat voel je wanneer je naar dit prachtige schilderij kijkt. Heel veel prachtige kleuren! Chapeau!

Artist Reply: Hi Annette, dank je voor deze mooie woorden.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 09 Jul 2007

GORGEOUS Artwork!!!Fantastic brushwork and gorgeous colors in your Palette!!!:)

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful words!

Bev Chudey 08 Jul 2007

This is so beautiful Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Bev, nice to see you! Thank you!

Tahnja Wolter 08 Jul 2007

Hi Anneke! Wow, this is amazing. Gorgeous texturing my friend. Wow, this is just so speical and beautiful!

Artist Reply: Your enthusiasm is very inspiring, thank you Tahnja!

Andrew Hunter 08 Jul 2007

wonderful painting Joan

Artist Reply: Thank you Andrew!

Nancy Woolweber 08 Jul 2007

This is an amazing painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Nancy.

Joanna Jungjohann 08 Jul 2007


Artist Reply: Hi Joanne, good to see you. Thank you for the comment, have an inspiring Sunday.

Jean M. Laffitau 08 Jul 2007

Beautiful painting with great details and colors! I like it!!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Jean. Thank you for your kind comment.

helen tyralik 08 Jul 2007

lovely work

Artist Reply: Thank you, Helen.

Cindy Lemoi 07 Jul 2007

You have an amazing talent. This is a wonderful painting !

Artist Reply: Thank you for the visit, Cindy.

Seth Weaver 07 Jul 2007

A rich and lush painting Anneke. With wonderous textures and great colors. Looks very impressionist to me. Great job Anneke.

Artist Reply: Hello Seth, thank you very much for the kind words. have a nice Sunday!

Reba McDonald 07 Jul 2007

Beautifully done Anneke.

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Reba. Thank you!

Phil Cashdollar 07 Jul 2007

a real masterpiece... anneke this is fantastic creation of art....

Artist Reply: Hi Phil, thank you for the visit to my gallery and the kind words! :)

Chris Roukema 07 Jul 2007

Magnificent Painting, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Chris.

jamie winter 07 Jul 2007


Artist Reply: Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

K Jacobs 07 Jul 2007

Rich, beautiful colors Anneke!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Sean! :)

Jan van Baarle 07 Jul 2007

Schitterend werk Anneke! Je bent een Kei!

Artist Reply: Ja, Amersfoort Keistad he? LOL Bedankt voor je comment, Jan.

Cathy Savels 07 Jul 2007

Lovely colours. Great painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Cathy!