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Here are few accessories I used to make during the late 80's and 90's ...Women all ages loved it and used to buy, for themselves or as presents.These accessories were very popular at my studio-gallery "Spectrum",during that time.In these shots you can see only part of a wider collection,inspired by Lab these earings made of glass test tubes...Have the most wonderful creative day full of love...Copyrights(c)Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 19 Aug 2014

A Festive view,Elegant style and You express it so well in Great Colorful Moods.

Olga van Dijk 16 Jul 2007

These are really cool Nira! You've so many inventive and creative ideas! -Love and Light~OLGA

Steve Farr 11 Jul 2007

Wow! Those are so cool, Nira!!! ^_^

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Jul 2007

What a wonderfully creative idea Nira and such beautifully vibrant colours. Mary

geoff cooper 10 Jul 2007

very creative work,

Jean M. Laffitau 10 Jul 2007

Great idea and work Nira!

Tabitha Borges 09 Jul 2007

so pretty...

Denny Gholson 08 Jul 2007

Beautiful Creations Nira ! Creativity at its Best

Steven Torrisi 07 Jul 2007

I think that's cool Nira, shows real innovation, individuality, and recycling. I wonder what would be the reaction today if you put them out.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 07 Jul 2007

What pretty things!

Dav Cheong 06 Jul 2007


Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Jul 2007

I meant , of YOUR amazing creative mind :) With love, Ronit

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Jul 2007

Fantastic photographs of you amazing creative mind.Happiness to view and so pleasing joyful to use also ;). I own several items from this collection and others too and enjoy these for so many years. Love everything about it, Love your art and mind too . sabbath Shalom, Ronit :)

Alberto D'Assumpcao 06 Jul 2007

Splendid work and shots, Nira!!!

Les Jobes 06 Jul 2007

Oh! How very beauitful!! Delightful work Nira, what a great idea! you are so very creative my dear friend. And I enjoy the lovely silk material they're displayed with. Excellent work!! :o)

Thom Roslan 05 Jul 2007


Loredana 05 Jul 2007


Laurie Rawdon 05 Jul 2007

Such amazing colors you use...these are really beautiful Nira!!

thea walstra 05 Jul 2007

Thank you for sharing Nira. I love to get some insight in your colorful design world.

Caron Ryan 05 Jul 2007

A great novelty idea Nira. Lovely colours so bright and cheerful

Joanna Jungjohann 05 Jul 2007

very pretty nira, I love them, great job!!!

Mark Peterson 05 Jul 2007

Colorful and very artistic...nice stuff!

Reba McDonald 05 Jul 2007

A great collection Nira.

joan warburton 05 Jul 2007

Oh, what fun! Fantastic, creative idea!

jamie winter 05 Jul 2007


Charlotte Ottilo 05 Jul 2007

My gosh Nira Dabush you are one of the most creative people I know!... These are fantastic,,, Where can one buy these?

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 05 Jul 2007

FANTASTIC Gorgeous creative earrings and design!!!Just love the bottom ones!!!Gorgeous presentation and silk art,Nira!!!Hope you and your Family have a Beautiful Day!!!:)

Emily Reed 05 Jul 2007


Ingrid Kolster 05 Jul 2007

Amazing and so beautiful colors!

Brigitte Hintner 05 Jul 2007

Hey my dear friend you're so talented in many ways and always so creative ....your accessories are so nice and colourful like your inside and outerside !!! Bravo , big hugs !!!:-)

Izabella Pavlushko 05 Jul 2007

fascinating shot, Nira. Love your colorful and lovely accessories ... they give joy and freshness. ~Izabella

John Swift 05 Jul 2007

Beautiful and ingenious!

annette steens 05 Jul 2007

I love your summer jewelry! can I buy? The colous are so fresh and happy! Great Nira! Have a wonderful day and x from norway!

titta inkinen 05 Jul 2007

Great summer jewelry! Colourful and imaginative. Thanks for showing these photos of them - very delightful to explore them. great pieces!!!!