Ruth Thompson's Farm..Chester County, Pa.

This is the incredibly beautiful Thompson farm in Chester Co. Pa. This wonderful place belongs to my artist friend, Ruth who turned 88 last week. I made this artwork by combining parts of two of my paintings, parts of three photos and lots of digital work. It is my first attempt at this type of art. It was a lot of fun to do and I gave it to Ruth as a birthday present..Happy birthday Ruthie...


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Geoff Cooper 16 Oct 2011

This is lovely Jerie...

Sigridur Bachmann 06 Jul 2011

Great combination of colors and great reflection !

Rupasov Konstantin 16 Apr 2011


Ginger Lovellette 16 May 2010


Helmut Licht 27 Feb 2010

This is close to home. I live in Baltimore. Reminds me when I went hot air ballooning in Lancaster. Very, very nice!

Calvin McFarlane 23 Feb 2010

a grand first attempt that foretells of wonders to come. we hold our breath.

Fátima Stamato 01 Feb 2010

Beautifully painted.I just loved it!

Jerry Lee Cline 03 Dec 2009

Jerie this is awesome have a beautiful gallery

BILL NAGY 15 Sep 2009

A beautiful creation, Jerie. Well done.

Betty Schwartz 23 Aug 2009

I love the livlimess of this painting. The upper left hand quadrant would make a great painting all by itself - and is probably what I would have done, come to think og it! ;-)

Robert Cobb 22 Jun 2009

What an outstanding portfolio of works you have Jerie, very talented artisan!!

Anonymous Guest 30 Jan 2009

this is absolutely gorgeous!

nikos kanellos 23 Jan 2009

Very nice artwork...

Annette Labedzki 08 Jan 2009


Teresa Dominici 09 Dec 2008

Awesome painting, great style.

Loren Carson 19 Sep 2008

Exceptional diversity. Very nicely done.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 30 Aug 2008

Love this Impressionist style painting. The water is fabulous!

margaret mckeehan 12 Aug 2008


Jessica Rose 07 Aug 2008

Very delightful indeed!

Julie Mayser 07 Jul 2008

Delightful fresh colors... lovely painting!

Anonymous Guest 22 Jun 2008

Beautiful painting!

Anonymous Guest 17 Jun 2008

Excellent, Jerie

ron sargent 06 Jun 2008


Barry Huyett 29 May 2008


Sandra McClure 17 May 2008

Very nice work.

Mary Lou Cupp 23 Apr 2008

Beautiful Work...Awesome stuff here....

Cynthia DeMaio 18 Mar 2008

Wow...simply beautiful!

Marcus Carr 12 Mar 2008

I love the reflection! I am striving to learn to get believable reflections in my paintings. What you have here is a goal for me to work toward.

gregg dutcher 08 Feb 2008

I do the same only with drawings,...only those I draw using my computer,...if I was to get into the habit of doing the same with my felt pen drawings,...well I'd see it as being lazy for me. But in photography it's a blast!!! ,...this looks great!!!

paul ferguson 29 Jan 2008


rb chakravartty 23 Jan 2008


Federica Bentivoglio 15 Jan 2008

Beautiful and peaceful image!!!!

Ben Kiger 07 Jan 2008

this is so beautiful,good job.

Carrie Ann Watson 13 Dec 2007

Wow, that is stunning Jerie! Absolutely beautiful work! :)

joe valcourt 25 Oct 2007

stunning artwork

Tracy L Nicholson 09 Oct 2007

Simply lovely!! I love the medium....or should I say mixture of mediums? Regardless, the outcome is beautiful!! :)

Izabella Pavlushko 02 Oct 2007

just beautiful scene, Jerie... I agree with Annette, reflections of the sky into the water is wonderful ! ~Izabella

annette steens 02 Oct 2007

fantastic painting, special the reflections of the sky into the water.

Bev Chudey 20 Sep 2007

Beautiful painting jerie!

bianca 09 Sep 2007

very nice work...always admire your scenes...beautiful

Kathie Nichols 09 Sep 2007

A wonderful image, so clever, it looks fantastic!

mahesh konsam 06 Sep 2007

great art Jerie,ur art is just amazing!!

ivet sosyal 05 Sep 2007

i have to show it to my mother butifull

Janette Ihnatova-Dengo 02 Sep 2007

wonderful image.... very serene and peaceful....looks like you had fun creating this one....well done!

Jeanie Chadwick 30 Aug 2007

Great job all the way around Jerie. I like everything about it.

Peter Rivron 28 Aug 2007

Very beautiful scene, what a lovely Birthday Present.

Maria Murphy 24 Aug 2007

great job Jerie

Janet Gioffre Harrington 24 Aug 2007

wow, I'm honored that you looked, and SO FLATTERED that you commented on MY work. This is great ART!!!

thea walstra 24 Aug 2007

Very beautiful and technical excellent work Jerie

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 24 Aug 2007

what a happy making and marvellous work!!!!

Brenda Loveless 17 Aug 2007

fantastic art work....beautiful!!

Ana Tirolese 11 Aug 2007

absolutely gorgeous work!!!

Andrew Hunter 01 Aug 2007

beautiful and impressive work Jerie

Lucia Stewart 23 Jul 2007

Fantastic work Jerie!

Ginny Lloyd 13 Jul 2007

Nicely done!

Delia Pacheco 11 Jul 2007

oh wow great colors! great painting and I bet your friend was very happy

Mark Saxton 10 Jul 2007

Absolutly fantastic. Great representation of reflection on the water.

Jean M. Laffitau 10 Jul 2007

Very nice painting Jerie!

Joanna Jungjohann 09 Jul 2007

beautiful work, gorgeous scenery

Nira Dabush 08 Jul 2007

sUPERB AND SO VERY BEAUTIFUL WORK, relaxing..magnificent!!..

v blair 01 Jul 2007

Outstanding work,this is gorgeous!

Charlotte Ottilo 27 Jun 2007

What a beautiful peaceful place Ruth lives! This is just wonderful Jerie..Your work has come sooo very far in the last year!

Patty Day 21 Jun 2007

So very lovely!!! Outstanding work of art my good friend!!!!

Tia Antoniades 20 Jun 2007

Beautiful and tranquil

Steve Farr 18 Jun 2007

Wow, this is such an amazing painting, Jerie!!!

Anonymous Guest 18 Jun 2007

esome and very beautiful work Jerie. Greetings Thea

Olga van Dijk 18 Jun 2007

MORE than beautiful dear Jer, and of course this is my Pic of the Day!_ Well done. I love the reflection in the water. You're a great artist!~-- Love this digital work! WHAT A GREAT GIFT FOR RUTHIE!--Happy birthday dear Ruth!--

Reba McDonald 17 Jun 2007

Beautiful work Jerie.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 17 Jun 2007

Excellent painting, Jerie! Wonderful work!

William Boyer 17 Jun 2007

very good

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 16 Jun 2007

Wow!!!GORGEOUS Work of ART!!!Brilliant!!!Stunning!!!Fantastic artistry!!!Spectacular Birthday Gift for your Dear Friend Ruth!!!:)

Emily Reed 16 Jun 2007