Heya all this beautiful piece of art is not mine belong's 2 my friend carol shhhush she dosnt now im doin dis and she will kill me but i really want her 2 join art wanted and i luv her work ....she paints on small canvas and iv been driving her insane 2 paint on bigger canvas ...her excuse has been "i cant do big linda il leave dat 2 u "nono" i said 2 her "yes u can"so out of her need 2 shut me up this is wat she did ......she rang me last nite and told me she had finished a huge canvas and was very happy wit herself me been me cudn wait and i drove down 2 her house 2 have a look brought my camera as i thought this is my time 2 get her on art wanted we turned on her computer so she cud join but wen it came 2 the crunch she wudn do it so i got really mad an told her she was a crazy woman ...she said 2 me erase my picture from ur camera i told her i will not and i left her standing in her hallway i wanted 2 shake her because she has been an inspiration 2 me for many years and always pushin me out of my comfort zone 2 paint and yet she has not got the confidence 2 show her work on art wanted ....its not like she dosnt sell her work ....her work sells over here and she is a member of a wonderful art group here and has exhibited with the group on many occasions and her pieces sell quickly so i cany understand dis .....anyway iv uploaded this piece so if u dont hear from me in the next few days ull know where i am .....going tru the golden gates of heaven ....well i hope it will b heaven ...i am decieving my friend hahaha i tink decieving comes in the catergory of been a sin eeeeeeekkkkkkkkeeee .....will u give me some feed back 4 carol ....ull all b saving me from ....u know wat not ready 2 go just yet iv so much 2 achieve and so much 2 give 2 this world me ...hahaha tnxs all for havin a gander and remember ....ITS NOT MINE ITS CAROL'S MY GUD FRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Guest

Weshon Hornsby 02 Jan 2008

stunning superb work of art....

Mimoza Oronova 04 Nov 2007

WOW !!!!!!!

Paul Traudt 27 Sep 2007


Evan Barrett 31 Jul 2007

great colors and foreground

Zara Gasparyan 04 Jul 2007


ArtyRene 07 Jun 2007

xoxoxox awsome like you

annette steens 05 Jun 2007

I love this work Linda!

Cindy Luke 04 Jun 2007

Really nice colors great landscape

Renata Cavanaugh 04 Jun 2007

Beautiful painting Linda

Barry Huyett 04 Jun 2007

Good to have friends that are so talented. Well done.

Sally Pulford 03 Jun 2007

Hi, missed this one b4. wish that we were notified when our artwatch people post. Tell your friend that I love this work! The mood, colours and perspective are excellent!

Anonymous Guest 03 Jun 2007

Very beautiful colors and landscape art!! Thea

Maurizio Miele 02 Jun 2007


Jan van Baarle 27 May 2007

Very good landscape! Great colors!

arnold quentin 24 May 2007

Very nicely done.

steve running 24 May 2007

Abolutely perfect!!

Marcus Pinter 23 May 2007

Wow, awsome work Linda!!!

Ruth Kauffman 22 May 2007

Well, your friend did a fabulous job on this painting, Linda!! Please tell her I said so...:)

Nikolay Semyonov 22 May 2007

cograts to Carol then. firstly,love the compo and prespective....

Robin Brown 19 May 2007

Oh Carol; OK that's enough Seddaka!. Linda, its another superb painting. Is there something in the water over there. Or is everyone just so talented by chance.

Mary Janosik 18 May 2007

Wonderful depth and composition in this awesome piece!! She should be proud of her work and you are a good friend to push her out of her comfort zone.....I know how she feels!!! Take a chance, I say!!!!

Jennifer Hewitt 17 May 2007

wow!! your friend is talented

Carrie Ann Watson 17 May 2007

Carol is a wonderful artist! I hope she will join ArtWanted and show us some more of her artwork! This is a beautiful painting! Those flowers are so lovely! I'm glad you showed all of us her work Linda! Hope she dealt with her art on here in a positive way!!! :)

Steve Farr 17 May 2007

Great imagery, Linda!!

Joe Sweeney 17 May 2007

lovely painting

Katerina Koukiotis 17 May 2007

beautiful colors and painting!!

Karim Bouchnak 17 May 2007

This is elegant and ethereal and also very powerful. Beautiful work.

Hassan Pasha 16 May 2007

regardless of who owns it .. it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL .. Carol you got my vote .. please join artwanted and share your fabulous work with us .. people!give a big round of applause to Carol .. we want ya here ... well Linda she got my vote ... now bring her here

Phil Cashdollar 16 May 2007

your friend is a wonderfully good artist I really like this painting and would like to see more, tell her for me Linda

Cindy Lemoi 16 May 2007

Linda - Send Carol my compliments, This is lovely. :)

Sara Deutsch 16 May 2007

Stunning and original...

Anonymous Guest 16 May 2007

this piece is a beauty! Don't ever do this to a friend! ---------or--------- i will call you Picasso!

Lucia Stewart 16 May 2007

This is so brilliant and vibrant, a super wow from me!!! I really love it!!!Great composition and strong passionate colours!!

Patty Day 16 May 2007

Beautifully done!!! Great work of art!!

Brenda Loveless 16 May 2007

you're so right, Linda...tell Carol this it!!

Joke Schotting 16 May 2007

Awesome work and colors Linda!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest 16 May 2007

Excellent work.

bianca 16 May 2007

awsome piece my friend...

Elke Clarke 16 May 2007

terrific work show us more, please

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 16 May 2007

Beautiful painting with great perspective and brushwork!!!Your friend Carol is Very Talented!!!:)

jamie winter 16 May 2007

Linda yah sneak. Carol this is fantastic. the colors and compostion blow me away. your very, very talented and im so glad you have Linda as a friend and that she put this up for us all to see!!!!it is great!!!!

Denny Gholson 16 May 2007

Great Colors Carol & Linda !

Olga van Dijk 16 May 2007

AWESOME COLORS dear Linda. I just painted the Dutch flower fields in red tones!--

Laurie Rawdon 16 May 2007

This is awesome!! Such cool perspective and texture. I love it!

Emily Reed 16 May 2007


cynthia berridge 16 May 2007

wonderful and make her join she will love it here

Joanna Jungjohann 16 May 2007


Titia van Beugen 16 May 2007

Carol made a wonderful work!

Cathy Savels 16 May 2007

Lovely colours.