The prince reached the top of the sub zero glazier and spotted the azurian blue flecks imbeded in the surface, tears fizzed up in his eyes as he thought of her, his face warm with her love, he was unworthy of her now and he knew it... his parents were wrong to dismiss his beloved, as each tear dropped the frozen blanket dissolved to reveal the most beautiful stones in the most beautiful colour of blue he had only ever seen in her eyes... he would reach her soon, he knew she was his princess... would she believe him worthy of her... he had been led here to find himself worthy he was sure of that now and to find ...THE SAPPHIRES OF THE LAST GLAZIER...Her eyes melting his heart.... ready 2 hang and signed verso all pieces finished at sides with protective coating applied ...100% irish from FASHION 4 WALLS a.k.a. LINDA DUFFY ....hope u enjoyed the story attached 4 ...SAPPHIRES FOUND ON THE LAST GLAZIER...tnx 4 viewing

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Sally Pulford 12 Aug 2007

I believe that this one would be even more incredibli up close & personal. It strikes a chord and resounds with soul. It is very oversimplified that I love the way you work with is so original, fluid and 3d.


you have great inspiration!

Sara Deutsch 25 May 2007

Such rich and evocative surfaces...

Gregory Edwards 13 Apr 2007


annette steens 04 Apr 2007

for me a masterpiece linda!