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trans-dimensional doorways

11X14 somewhere in the outter reaches of the known galaxy in a place very far away by several hundred light years is a place where you can use this door way to go to any period or place in time, but be warned and choose wiseley for you can never return,


Anonymous Guest

Irmina Santaika 01 May 2008

Very good done

Arnel Sarmiento 02 Jan 2008

Beautiful work

Seth Weaver 17 Jul 2007

Marvelous artwork Lawerence. So imaginative and funny! Bravo!

john goodyear 24 May 2007

i could stare at that for hours , very cool detail !!!!

Pamela Tweton 18 Mar 2007

I love to get lost in your work. It is so captivating.

Trish Laffrenere 14 Mar 2007

You do a wonderful job with pen and ink. I have to resist the urge to want to color them!! I love the uniqueness.

Christine brand 28 Feb 2007


Elke Clarke 27 Feb 2007

i love how it looks perfect but the looking closely the spheres and lines are not. good luck in saudi

linda duffy 26 Feb 2007

fab pen and ink work love it

Ingrid Kolster 26 Feb 2007

Outstanding art. I love your portfolio because your work is very interesting.

Lucia Stewart 26 Feb 2007

Excellent work Lawrence!

Faith Bengtson 22 Feb 2007

Lovely detailing. I think that you definately take advantage of the medium, using it to it's fullest extent.

william maldonado 22 Feb 2007

so intrigueing...

Cher Peterson 22 Feb 2007

Oh, the choices. Kind of like all the possibilities of life. Marvelous image, Lawrence.

Lisa Prentiss 21 Feb 2007

I just love the texture in all of your work! And that tree that keeps showing itself, my favorite! I love how you can see each and every leaf on it!

Gabriele Swanson 21 Feb 2007

Outstanding piece Lawrence..great details

cramer 20 Feb 2007

thnaks for your comment...your work is delightful and fun...very your idea of teh trans dimentional door imaginative!....i live in pa too!

juan pablo caro 20 Feb 2007

Thank you very much Lawrence for your words!!! And your work is shockin! Great details! Cool! Regards Juan Pablo

Carliss Mora 19 Feb 2007

Lawrence, you amaze me! This takes patience, and creativity, I'm sure I don't posess! Clean, and skillful as always!

Kerra Lindsey 19 Feb 2007

Your details are just wonderful. Love seeing the different textures you've created with pen and ink of all things! I love original works and ideas---great job in your composition! :) Hope your day goes GREAT! -Kerra

Roz Eve 18 Feb 2007

Wonderfull! As you know I love magic doorways.

Chas Sinklier 17 Feb 2007

You know Larry I went through that doorway about 4700 years ago and have been unable to find me way back too it - nice illy of it -:0)

henry oswaldsson 17 Feb 2007

Lawrence, soon you'll have enough of these fantasy creations to turn into a full length movie! Best, HenryO

michael rockwell 16 Feb 2007

you have a great flexable mind.this work looks great,and i see the supersubconsciousness behind the the doors.

Tabitha Borges 16 Feb 2007

nice very doctor the layout

Gregory Edwards 16 Feb 2007

Wow, this reminds me of a friend who said he was on the other side of the picture looking this way!!~~!

Vanessa Rhodes 15 Feb 2007

There is always so much to see in your work. You can look around for quite some time and still see something new. Great job. Love the detail.

Patrick Boyle 14 Feb 2007

very cool!!

Tom and Susan Repasky 12 Feb 2007

This is absolutely spectacular Lawrence!! I love your work and your amazing attention to detail! This would be a very interesting place to visit!! Excellent job!! ~S

Neil lecy 11 Feb 2007

Another Origional Master Peice Indeed!

jamie winter 11 Feb 2007

Very good. jamie

K L Marsala 11 Feb 2007

the time you put into each piece is incredible. your mastery of detail is flawless

Steve Newport 11 Feb 2007

Excellent work Lawrence, the detail is amazing.

Aqua1955 11 Feb 2007

what a way of expresion

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 11 Feb 2007

Wow,amazing imaginative artistry!!!Brilliant detailed Art!!!

Ilunia Felczer 11 Feb 2007

Very nice work, great imagination......

William Burton Jr 10 Feb 2007

What's up Lawrence. I've visited your world on several occasions. I'm from St.Louis,Mo., born and raised. Your illustrations are the coolest, it's a world of refuge.

Tracy L Nicholson 10 Feb 2007

Your imagination seems boundless. How wonderful of you to let it roam free, unrestrained. It is a privilege to be invited to share in these journeys. :)

Hanna Stawska 10 Feb 2007

Great idea, very well done!

Frederick Short 10 Feb 2007

Very beautiful Lawrence! Looks like some of my dreams... You know what might be wild? What if you silkscreened these images on glass and back painted color behind them? In any kind of sunlight, your art would inspire!

Nina Citrine 10 Feb 2007

Wow, I love the detail! Beautiful =]

jennifer blenkinsopp 10 Feb 2007


Jerry Mc Garrigle 10 Feb 2007

Great work indeed...I love your style...wish I could do something like this.

Rebecca halley 10 Feb 2007

wow...I love your style:)

Jacqueline Bishop 10 Feb 2007

such detail ,love your work.....ZAZ

gregg dutcher 09 Feb 2007

this is bold and very interesting in details and what it makes ya think,.....great composition too.

Karim Bouchnak 08 Feb 2007

your artwork is intricate and beautiful as always- something special

Karim Bouchnak 08 Feb 2007

your artwork is intricate and beautiful as always- something special

Karim Bouchnak 08 Feb 2007

your artwork is intricate and beautiful as always- something special

Penny Myers 08 Feb 2007

Wow, such amazing detail. You can tell that you put a lot of time in your works.

Mollie Moroz 08 Feb 2007

this is so cool, i love it!

v blair 08 Feb 2007

Your work is amazing!

DAVID OLSEN 08 Feb 2007

Interesting fusion of man-made electronics and the planets. Great work Lawrence!

Jerry 07 Feb 2007

Fantastic ink artwork!

Cindy Luke 06 Feb 2007

Amazing work. what details

Sara Deutsch 06 Feb 2007

Intriguing concept uniquely expressed! I'm almost ready to go through the doorway....

Artist Reply: when your ready do not fear the unknown.

Brigitte Hintner 06 Feb 2007

Another wonderful pen & ink drawing indeed !!!:) I'm really a big admirer of your work and your patience for drawing all those fine details .......I gues, we all of us will go through such a door one day ! :)

Artist Reply: wow i never had fans tickled to death.

julie Marks 06 Feb 2007

This is exceptional work. Your ability to create alternate realities is so refreshing and multi-dimensional. i love the metaphor of the door. That has always been a great icon to explore the mysteries of the many dimensions within ourselves. When one door closes,another opens and having the courage to follow our journey is what makes life so fascinating. It takes a special talent like yours to facilitate our wish to enter our "trans-dimensional doorways." I would love to walk through that door.

Artist Reply: thank you for your brilliant and explosive comment im almost speechless, stay tuned for new world explore with me each month as we go on adventures together

Joanna Jungjohann 06 Feb 2007

wow, lawrence fine art, I am not gonna open No doors however, ha ha

Denny Gholson 05 Feb 2007

I`d like to go through some of those doorways Lawrence, but I`d like to come back, Super Work !

Booker T. Williams, Jr. 04 Feb 2007

Remarkably eye catching ! ! !

Steve Farr 04 Feb 2007

Excellent imagery, Lawrence! So visually stimulating!!

Nira Dabush 04 Feb 2007

Another totally unique and different drawing...excellent use of textures...SUPERB IMAGINATION..AWESOME!!

Les Remmington-Allum 04 Feb 2007

The detail is fantastic. Thanks for your comments on my work.

William Boyer 04 Feb 2007

great job on all your pen and ink drawings

Kathryn Arruda 03 Feb 2007

Great composition, Lawrence, lots of very interesting images here within this piece! Looks like a kind of stargate :-)

Artist Reply: id like to think all those science fiction series and movies have been like training videos for my imagination

Atamjeet Singh Bawa 03 Feb 2007

awesome work buddy :-))) keep it up

Greg Joens 03 Feb 2007

very cool!

BySilent 02 Feb 2007

Surreal fantasy that is well done

Ruth Kauffman 01 Feb 2007

This is superb, Lawrence!! Wonderful detail!!

thea walstra 01 Feb 2007

Again interesting, creative and awesome work Lawrence

Stanley Layman 01 Feb 2007

Neat concept!

Joke Schotting 01 Feb 2007


cynthia berridge 01 Feb 2007

awesome so much detail in your work

sharon hendrickson 01 Feb 2007

I think this is one of my favorites !! I love the images here :) !!~***BEAUTIFUL***~!!

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Feb 2007


Janet Gioffre Harrington 01 Feb 2007

I could get lost in this artwork, and never return. Very deep. Wonderful amount of thought and detail. masterful pen work!

Artist Reply: thanks for your comment always a inspiration to hear your thoughts, half of the time i dont know how a drawing will turn out it comes to me as i go...sometimes it turns out ok and other times i kind of surprise my self....