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Color, Shape & Composition©

I am teaching art at the Academy for Lifelong Learning (University of Delaware) in Wilmington, DE.
This semester our focus will be exploring new materials (mixed media) in an abstract form.

COLOR, SHAPE AND COMPOSITION will be the first subject I will cover in a 13 week structured lesson plan.
Every other week we will cover a new subject.

I painted this just to show my students what colors, shapes and lines will do in/with a painting.
Left side for instance, I purposely did not use a black contour to emphasize the shapes in the red circle and in the grey triangle.

I like it quite a bit! It definitely is a happy painting! ______________________________ Abstract oil

Dimensions: 18"x24" (46X61 cm) on a Studio stretched canvas.
Painted staple free sides.
Painting doesn't need a frame. ______________________________

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
All rights reserved.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2006 ______________________________


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Craig Cantrell 26 Jun 2010

Awesome Abstract!!

Erminio Souza 22 Aug 2008

Olá Olga: Tanks your comentary about my work. Beautiful compositio of color. bybybby

Louis Vuittonet 08 Feb 2008


nikos kanellos 25 Oct 2007

Balanced and strong!

radfax radfax 29 Aug 2007

very nice spacing of shapes in this piece along with effective shadowing creating a good sense of depth

Irena Dukule 20 Mar 2007

Interesting abstract,Olga.Very good to demonstrate and teach.

Vera Harned 15 Mar 2007

Beautiful abstract!

heliopo Heliopo 05 Mar 2007

*ups - again :D..."Anonymous Guest very nice geometrical abstract !"" ;o)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Mar 2007

very nice geometrical abstract !

stuart bassinder 03 Mar 2007

Amazing, super abstract work

Mary Lou Hodgson 15 Feb 2007

This is fantastic! I love the colors!

Renata Cavanaugh 15 Feb 2007

Beautifully done!

Antonio Diaz 12 Feb 2007

Great color, composition & shapes combination.

Steve Richardson 11 Feb 2007

Very nice clean cut lines....nice colors

Rita de Falussy 10 Feb 2007

Good abstract to demonstrate composition, colors and shapes, and y ou are right, it is a very happy piece!

Lee Wilde 08 Feb 2007

Olga, this is wonderful. You have reminded me that I love green so much and don't use it often enough. This would look great as an enormous mural on the wall of a civic center or library I think.

Imagemax 07 Feb 2007

Fantastic abstract super colors and shapes

Karim Bouchnak 07 Feb 2007

Very beautiful artwork- great job

Matt Arpen 07 Feb 2007

love the shapes and colors in this one... great work.

Terry Bassett 06 Feb 2007

Very nice Olga.. great shapes and and excellent pallette..:-)

gregg dutcher 05 Feb 2007

This is taking the basics to the ultimate!!!

Cathie Brock 04 Feb 2007

Very well done Olga...Cath xxx

Peter Rivron 04 Feb 2007

I agree with you Olga, this is a happy painting.

Greg Joens 04 Feb 2007

wonderful geometric design

joanne elliott 04 Feb 2007

I really like this ! well done

George Wallis 03 Feb 2007

awesome use of space, cool color shape and texture

Atamjeet Singh Bawa 03 Feb 2007

awesome work buddy :-))) keep it up

Vincenzo Povia 03 Feb 2007

Hi Olga, this is a great abstract painting! I love your work and thanks for enjoying mine.

Fernando Rivera 03 Feb 2007

.You are a master painter

Kwabena Poku 01 Feb 2007

Excellent work really ice colours

Jerrie Glasper 31 Jan 2007

Congratulations on your top ten. I think this is a wonderful geometric abstract and well deserved of the honor.

José Fortunato 31 Jan 2007

Yes we can see your happiness ! Thanks for the explanation on this wonderful abstract

Katerina Koukiotis 30 Jan 2007

awesome shapes and colors!!

Steve Farr 30 Jan 2007

Very cool, Olga!!!

Lucia Stewart 30 Jan 2007

Wonderful and creative work Olga, the shapes and colours are just perfect!!!

Hilton Harris 29 Jan 2007

Very nice piece. Love the color and shape interaction.

Nira Dabush 29 Jan 2007

Great composition,Olga...wonderfully done...excellent geometrical abstract

epsylon lyrae 29 Jan 2007

Very remindes me of the four seasons...but don't ask me why cause I can't tell!

Tabitha Borges 29 Jan 2007

like all the vivid colors and shapes very nice...

Anne Vis 29 Jan 2007

Fantastic abstract, Olga!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Jan 2007

Indeed, very colorful.

Sara Deutsch 27 Jan 2007

Dynamic abstract!

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 27 Jan 2007

Excellent composition, I like it.

Vanessa Rhodes 27 Jan 2007

This is a great example Olga. I think your students will be blessed having you as their teacher.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 27 Jan 2007

Splendid composition, Olga! Wonderful colours and forms!

Tia Antoniades 27 Jan 2007

It's a cool painting. Very well done.

Aline Pottier 27 Jan 2007

Olga, Wonderful work, Olga! Very well done! Aline

Ginger Lovellette 27 Jan 2007

Fabulous, Olga!

Joanna Jungjohann 27 Jan 2007

well done, my friend, but lol these arts get me dizzy!

bianca 27 Jan 2007

beautiful art Olga..i like this how u did put nice colours together

Doris B. Lambling 27 Jan 2007

dear Olga, you're so surprising and great! gorgeous composition!!!

benita Röll 27 Jan 2007

The anonymous guest was me!! Sorry!

Jerry 27 Jan 2007

Lovely colors and abstract!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Jan 2007

What a wonderful abstract painting Olga!! also that background going from blue/green to yellow/green! Great composition! Ich denke, deine schüler haben eine menge daraus gelernt! Grüsse von der Nordsee

Ruth Kauffman 26 Jan 2007

Excellent work as usual Olga!!

Hassan Pasha 26 Jan 2007

cheerful delightful playful ... mama van Dijk that is really cool, the study of geometry and colors, awesome awesome AWESOME ... happy teaching

BySilent 26 Jan 2007

An outstanding geometric abstract.... beautiful work

Bev Chudey 26 Jan 2007

Wonderful abstract Olga!

Loredana 26 Jan 2007


Dennis Malcolm 26 Jan 2007

Beautiful abstracts! very creative! (^_^)

Seth Weaver 26 Jan 2007

Very nice Olga! Are you going to use any of us AW artists as examples in your class? Good luck...I taught arts & crafts for a While.

William Boyer 26 Jan 2007

great job.

Cynthia DeMaio 26 Jan 2007

Excellent placment and abstract work Olga, I love your color choices 2.

Francis Rivera 26 Jan 2007

Very beautifullly done! ^_^

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 26 Jan 2007

Beautiful colors and geometric shapes!!!Great abstract art,my Friend!!!I can see you as a Great Sucess with your Art Class!!!:)

Stanley Layman 26 Jan 2007

As an illustrator and graphic designer you master the use of abstract form, lighting and gradients. A freind of mine taught art in junior high. She and her husband now have a studio downtown. Nice work!

Tom and Susan Repasky 26 Jan 2007

I was waiting to see your newest work Olga!! This is a stunning abstract work!! Excellent job on the color coordination and form!! I love what I am seeing!! ~S

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jan 2007

Color, Shape &Composition Wat een mooi schilderij, great job!!! Jij ook een heel fijn weekend Olga Greetings from the Netherlands Rob

Mildred Ann Utroska 26 Jan 2007

Interesting composotion.

terry waites 26 Jan 2007

Wonderful work Olga, your art classes must be a delight

Joke Schotting 26 Jan 2007


Emily Reed 26 Jan 2007


Brenda Loveless 26 Jan 2007


Anneke Hut 26 Jan 2007

Olga this is beautiful! Why don't you write a tutorial for us, we could learn a lot!

Brigitte Hintner 26 Jan 2007

Great graphic oil painting dear all the circles , triangles and other shapes you created here! Bravo !!! I'm sure you are a very good teacher :):):)

Sarah Rees 26 Jan 2007

Looks wonderful Olga love the colors

Carrie Ann Watson 26 Jan 2007

Oh, I love this Olga! Wonderful abstract work, I love the definition in it and the bright colors! :)

joan warburton 26 Jan 2007

Wonderful abstract!

cynthia berridge 26 Jan 2007

such beautiful colours and shapes

bert cortes 26 Jan 2007

Very nice oil painting, Olga.

Lynn De Serres 26 Jan 2007

Fascinating artwork.

linda duffy 26 Jan 2007

olga im so glad u critqued my work otherwise i wud not have been able 2 view dis wonderful piece truly inspiring

Reba McDonald 26 Jan 2007

Interesting work Olga.

Fortune McLemore 26 Jan 2007

Very Picaso-like--the colors, the geometric shapes, etc.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jan 2007

The art was great. It's discouraging for an amateur like me ! I wish I could be a quarter as good. But will keep on keeping on! Keep warm, Marily

Trine Meyer Vogsland 26 Jan 2007

This one is exactly what I needed to see at the start of the weekend. So cherful and vital colours and shapes

Michael Forbus 26 Jan 2007

Great composition and it will be a wonderful class for your students to be enlightened to. Miguel

thea walstra 26 Jan 2007

A very good composition, good and interesting colors and awesome work

Frank Maguire 26 Jan 2007

You certainly cover all the angles Olga and it's a cheery piece. Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jan 2007

love it! OPT

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 Jan 2007

beautiful work!! great composition of colours, lines and shapes!! love it very much!!!

Lawrence Hickman 26 Jan 2007

impressive and incredible in composition intresting