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This collage/painting is printed on the cover of the Spring folder 2007 of the
CCArts (Center for Creative Arts)Yorklyn
that is mailed to a huge distribution list announcing the classes for the Spring sessions.

For accompanying music please click on the arrow of
the "beautiful mind theme":


Yesterday I finished this collage/painting.
There are four "minds" visible on this collage, but in the evening -under the chin of the "Left lower Mind" an other one is popping up.

A couple of themes are always returning in my collages:
(sheet) music, post stamps, wood, keys, clocks and eyes.

With this collage/painting I want to show my students how to work with the CENTER of INTEREST , (the heart of a painting, the focal point.)

An implied triangle connection indicates where the activity takes place and will fascinate the viewer like a bulls-eye!
It will show what inspired the artist -(Moi!)- to create a scene on canvas with brushes, paints and other mixed media.

Artists use a variety of techniques to enhance and emphasize the center of interest.
I used the tone and temperature of the color palette, values, details and abstraction, hard and soft edges, directional lines and patterns, living things, and shapes.

The Upper left "mind" had a too strong of a shift in value contrast (the darkest darks and lightest lights). So I glued a transparent piece of paper over the eye part. It pushed back that object immediately, there where I wanted it to be.
Also my eye was traveling too much from left under to the upper right (diagonal.)
By placing two vertical lines (the black and white finger print line next to the ear upper left and down left) it calmed down my traveling eye.

I hope you enjoy this blue toned collage (and its title) as much as I do.

Abstract Collage/Painting on canvas. Measurements: 24" X 36"
61.0x91.4 cm)

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.

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Anonymous Guest

Mark Peterson 29 Aug 2011

Nice work...Great title.

Artist Reply: Thank you Mark! It's one of my favorites too. Love and Light, Olga

Charalampos Laskaris 30 Dec 2010

Dear Olga you are very talented and the comments verify it.This abstract is amazing as a concept and execution.Have a happy New Year

Artist Reply: Ohhh, that's so mice of you to say! I love this one too... I can see it hanging in a psychiatrist office! Wishing you a Happy 1.1.11! Love Light and Peace, OLGA

sue haddox 12 Aug 2008

This piece is definitely a "piece of WORK"!! Love the "apple-peel" effect right to the mouth formation! Masterful accomplishment!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 May 2008

This is great!

Chas Sinklier 03 May 2008

You masterful collagist you - bewdy ~:0)