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Saucy Cowbird


June 16, 2003 - 8" x 10" - Coloured Pencil on 90lb Stonehenge Acid Free Art Paper

Thank you to Pat Abbott for allowing me to use her photo as reference of this little beauty. When I saw her, I had to draw her.


Anonymous Guest

Sandra S. Corona 14 Sep 2013


Julie Mayser 21 Feb 2011

A gorgeous image of this little birdie!

Art By Jacy 04 Feb 2010

so cute and realistic!!

jimmy guan 12 Feb 2009

A Perfect Painting, wondeful work Ana!

Martha Cable 22 Dec 2007

Beautiful your birds!!!!!

Claire Wilson 09 Nov 2007

This is Beautiful!

Minnie Shuler 30 Oct 2007

I think this little guy is my favorite. You have a very unique talent. Beautiful work.

Valentina Gatewood 10 Jul 2007

i love all your birds

annette steens 12 Jun 2007

perfect drawing and great colours Ana!

Charles Jones 28 Mar 2007

Exquisite work, Ana. It is as soft and delicate as its subject.

Jean M. Laffitau 18 Mar 2007

Soooo beautiful!!

debbie collier 31 Jul 2006


kay susan 26 Jun 2006

Nice work!

Renata Cavanaugh 23 Jun 2006

He is beautiful....I hope you entered him in the contest

Kay Steele 22 Jun 2006

Very nice work!

mat lloyd 22 Jun 2006

excellent work!!

ERIKA SONEGO 21 Jun 2006

Excelent, excelent works!!!!

José Fortunato 21 Jun 2006

What a wonderful pencil work !

C DeMaio 20 Jun 2006

amazing work, so life like!!!!

v blair 20 Jun 2006

Beautiful work Ana!

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 19 Jun 2006

Simply wonderful.

thea walstra 19 Jun 2006

Awesome work Ana

Olga van Dijk 19 Jun 2006

What a great pencil work this is, Ana!

Cristina Marsi 19 Jun 2006

Fantastic work!

Sherrie Kostura 18 Jun 2006

Ana...another truly beautiful image you have captured here. Thanks so much for sharing.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 18 Jun 2006

beautiful work!!! I love this very much!!!!

Kathryn Arruda 18 Jun 2006

Lovely! Also, the background is very complimentary--so interesting, it has a soft, almost linen-like texture . Excellent work as always, Ana!

RQ Trietsch 18 Jun 2006

Well thank you Pat also. Great job Ana, and the way you did the background really works.

Barbara Beck-Azar 18 Jun 2006

incredible work ana! it sings....

Anne Vis 18 Jun 2006

Awesome work, Ana!

Pat Abbott 18 Jun 2006

Wow! You did a great job, Ana. Beautiful work!

Anonymous Guest 18 Jun 2006

caawww :)

bianca thomas 17 Jun 2006

this is amzing work....

Anne Kelty 17 Jun 2006

Wow, Ana! This is so photorealistic. Love your background.

Katerina Koukiotis 17 Jun 2006

amazing pencilwork!!! he looks so real!!! love the smoothness :)

Luke Lauch 17 Jun 2006

Your CP is so good there's nothing more to say! Keep up the great work

Armando Salas 17 Jun 2006

Another excellent work, garota.

Jerie kunitsky 17 Jun 2006

Wonderful work..

Martha Miller 17 Jun 2006

I'm Anonymous Guest. sorry about that. just love this drawing

Anonymous Guest 17 Jun 2006

This is An excellent drawing. This little bird looks so real. You did a marvelous job on this.

Cathie Brock 17 Jun 2006

You are soooooo good Ana, This is so special, well done...ESCELLENT...Cath xxx

Crystal Basta 17 Jun 2006

aaaw what a cutie. I love how you did the doesnt steal the attention away from your feathered beauty.

Reba McDonald 17 Jun 2006

So very well done Ana.

Lynnda Rakos 17 Jun 2006

Ana, you do the most amazing bird paintings. I love the colour on this.

adrian pickett 17 Jun 2006

very natural and realistic..excellent picture

Emily Reed 17 Jun 2006

Magical and utterly charming!

Penny Myers 17 Jun 2006

I look at Pats photo and you did a WONDERFUL job. Love the background as well.

Anonymous Guest 17 Jun 2006

wow! this is a great have real favourite

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Kind Stranger. I really appreciate your comment. :)

Loredana 17 Jun 2006

This is Fantastic Ana its like a photograph you are very talented indeed :)

Analua 17 Jun 2006

Fabulous beuatiful work Ana!!!!! Magnific beauty and details!!!!

martha b 17 Jun 2006

Another great one Ana! Martha

Lucia Stewart 17 Jun 2006

Oh, Ana, this is masterfully done!!!Excellent job!!

Regina Calton 17 Jun 2006

Ohhh - I love this! Great work on the bird, and the background is wonderful!

Laura Smith 17 Jun 2006

Wow that is amazing CP work!!! Very very beautiful!!

Anonymous Guest 17 Jun 2006

fantastic Ana you have the CP process down professionally way to go my friend :))))

Artist Reply: Thank you kind stranger! Much appreciated. :)