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J'ai fait un rêve©

J'ai fait un rêve© (I had a dream) is written in 6 different languages (Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French) -each in a separate ray.

This surrealistic painting is luxuriously painted in thick acrylics with glorious metallic colors to evoke the spookiness of a surrealistic dream.
I love the surrealistic style in which fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible.

If you want to see this painting, it's hanging at my daughter Fleur's apartment in New York City Manhattan!
I framed it in a bordeaux red wooden frame.
Really smashing! ___________________________________

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2006


Anonymous Guest

David R Wallace 07 Sep 2010

I love it. Right on Olga.

Artist Reply: Thank you David! The good old days that we still received 197 comments on a download!!

Maksim Mezhuritsky 18 Jan 2010


cindy sink 27 Oct 2009

I Love the colors in this :) thanks for the sweet comment ...XOXO

Bernhard Mueller 13 Jul 2009

Phantastic, overwhelming. It almost knocked me off my feet. The title matches perfectly to the picture. Elements of constructivism are embedded to. Bravo!

charles fraser 22 Mar 2009

i love your work and your is of colour. Great stuff

Caballero Salguero 06 Jun 2008

Olga : Leave me puzzled! Painting daring and complicated World. Ilesa winner. Magnifica piece of art!!! For always. Jose

Cristina Andrisan 19 May 2008

Great artwork.I like very much surrealistic art,because there are interesting and profound philosophical works.This is well done and have a message adressed to the soul,mind&heart.


WOW!!!!! A most interesting piece.

Ruth Kauffman 22 Jan 2008

How did I ever miss this beauty, Olga??? Superb work!!!

angel Ortiz 01 Jan 2008

very very good! congratulation Im enjoy a lot

Julia Scorupsky 13 Dec 2007

Wow! Very surrealistic and scary indeed! Very well done!

sandra carmo 13 Dec 2007

that's beautiful!! love it! ^^

Lior Goldenberg 13 Dec 2007

Wonderful surreal art! Congrats for being featured, Olga!

Jean M. Laffitau 01 Nov 2007

Stunning and spectacular artwork, my friend!! The more I look, the more I see...FANTASTIC done!

Steve Kreuscher 31 Oct 2007

Great work ! Very surrealistic indeed !

Leon aarts 26 Oct 2007

You can step inside this painting. Very clever use of colours to produce dimensions. Love it. Leon

James Duncan 18 Oct 2007

Most excellent art, has life and spiritual strength, awesome light!

Greg Dubois 07 Sep 2007

Your painting is an fantastic tour de force of surrealism, beautiful colors , but its the feeling I get when I look at this painting that I like.

Ruth Palmer 13 Aug 2007

Outstanding Olga! Love your description too!

Akber Moeen 18 May 2007

Very nice colors and theme, good work.

Randy Kroll 20 Feb 2007

Very fine work Olga! Great sense of depth, beautiful colors and expression.

arnold quentin 09 Feb 2007

Very nicely done

Maria Botar 17 Jan 2007

Yes, it seems that we both have something with the eyes... :) And your painting is showing more than an eye can see! Good work! :)

Terry Bassett 21 Dec 2006

Love this one Olga.. a great composition filled with shape and glorious colour.. Nice one!..:-)

Jerrie Glasper 15 Dec 2006

Wheeew!!! what a wonderfully bent, yet, philosophical human being, you are. Chills... from looking into your deep eyes through your art. I felt naked when I percieved this abstract.

Andrea Wasson 12 Dec 2006

VERY cool piece!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Nov 2006

you are a wonderful painter with vivid imagery of colours,,but why eyes is your work are not HAPPY............................? bharti

Natalie G 14 Nov 2006


cynthia berridge 12 Nov 2006

gorgeous art work the colours are wonderful

Mike Stead 10 Nov 2006


Gerardo Rios 06 Nov 2006

i like your abstract paintings

tania tanev 02 Nov 2006

it is soo tuching, this eyes use of colours great acrylic work! weel done Olga and thak you for your comments

sandra macdougall 30 Oct 2006

since I cant paint like this , I really love it. It evokes many thoughts and I like your use of colours. Great job.

Ines Froehlich 28 Oct 2006

It looks great!!

Collette Renee Fergus 16 Oct 2006

Wow Olga, amazing stuff. I love eyes like you obviously do too! Surrealism is not an easy art-form, but you seem to understand it well! The name 'J'ai fait un rêve' and the use of it throughout the painting is a fabulous touch! Bravo! Collette

Chadwick Yates 13 Oct 2006

Wow, Olga! This is some great surreal work. I love the rich bold colors and the geometrics. Great piece, thanks for sharing with us!

Dave Layne 11 Oct 2006

I love your style!

Kathy Albright 10 Oct 2006

The eye really shows vivid expression. Very surreal and lovely.

John Sandora 07 Oct 2006

Though I don't understand all aspects of it, this is truely multi-demensional masterpiece. Vivid imagery. To me it's a futurist world depicting the watchful eye of government. Great cities in a vast galaxy on the super highway of space. Truely great work!

Julia Robson 03 Oct 2006

Truly amazing!

Artist Reply: Thanks Julia, for your lovely comment!!! It's hanging at my youngest wall in NY!~!

Chris Hoffman 28 Sep 2006

Takes awhile to take this one all in...excellent

Natasha Bonham 25 Sep 2006

Wow! The feelings and moods this image inspires...what a wonderful imagination!

Caleb Morgan 20 Sep 2006

A truely groundbreaking phenominal piece. I just can't say enough!!

Ora Moon 19 Sep 2006

Very lovely work, I really like the spike through the eye, it reminds me of being pricked into visual action& Color intensity and layout works really well here too and I always love the texture created by working on canvas, something Ive never tried& Brightest Blessings&. :)

Stu Smith 19 Sep 2006

Nice colours and composition again although I worry about your sanity there Olga. Hope you're okay? ;-)

Artist Reply: --Thanks for your concern Stu, and YES I'm OK, ha ha ha!!--

Mister E. 19 Sep 2006


Raquel Lovelace 17 Sep 2006

Lovely. Very nice detail. It must have been hard to get all the patels not to smudge.

Eva Rogers 17 Sep 2006

really wild great work

Patricia Kambitsch 16 Sep 2006

Just yesterday I titled one of my paintings "bubble eye" Oh the synchrony of it all! Yours is much more realistic than mine, though! I love the depth of your piece.

Amanda Tucker 13 Sep 2006

This one is really neat! The colors and shapes are really cool

Penny Myers 13 Sep 2006

I love the colors you use. This is a wonderful piece of work. Love the eye.

Bruce Black 11 Sep 2006

Excellent use of forms and shapes in this work!

Lilly Antoneavic 10 Sep 2006

Yes, I agree GREAT WORK, LOVE the Composition adn colours used here... Hugs from, Lilly and cats...

baljeet singh 09 Sep 2006

great work..keep workin..see ya take care

Jerie kunitsky 07 Sep 2006

Super artistic vision you have.....very exciting work

Simone Reijenga 05 Sep 2006

very creative work, nice collors, original.

anirban bora 05 Sep 2006

nice work

Lárus Gudmundsson 04 Sep 2006

good stuff

Karen Vath 04 Sep 2006

What color, this is a great abstract, I feel as though I am being watched !

Frank Maguire 03 Sep 2006

That a really eye-catching image Olga, I wonder is a person safe to go into your house? Could end up as eyeless in Olga's. Great Work. Frank.

Kasey Cole 02 Sep 2006


Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Sep 2006

Very lovely work! You are the best! Aline Pottier

michelle meijs 01 Sep 2006

wow that is truly amazing [eyes are great:]

Maurizio Miele 24 Aug 2006


Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Aug 2006

A feel of Bosch with Dali colour and with structure of Miro`...nice

billi kortz 08 Aug 2006

great work:)

Leo Da 08 Aug 2006

your dream. Great work!

Mildred Ann Utroska 07 Aug 2006

Beautyful colors , awezome.

Kwabena Poku 06 Aug 2006

Really fantastic work. excellent 3D effects

Thom Roslan 05 Aug 2006

Totally kOOl Surrealistic Abstract......Love the eYes.......always Love eYes!!!

Ben Kiger 04 Aug 2006

like this very much.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Aug 2006

like the colors and comp.

Gail Caduff-Nash 03 Aug 2006

somewhat painful, it sems.

henry oswaldsson 02 Aug 2006

Striking indeed; surrealistic, too; rêve ou cauchmar...? Best, HenryO.

barbara rapp 02 Aug 2006

i feel up to be observed ... really direful and moony at the same time. very nice!

Brigitte Hintner 02 Aug 2006

Wow, stunning work , rich in colour and imagination ! For me ,it's a great scene of a surrealistic dream ! Beautifully done Olga !

bianca thomas 01 Aug 2006

absolutely beautiful. eye catching for sure olga

Christine brand 26 Jul 2006


Pamela Miller 25 Jul 2006

detailed and unique. Interesting depth and feel!

jethro Nisson 25 Jul 2006

strong imagery!

Patty Day 25 Jul 2006

Interesting and unique work of art Olga!!! Marvellous job!!!!

Nadeem Alim 24 Jul 2006

This is like being in another world. I enjoyed it, nice one!

Kathleen Marshman 24 Jul 2006

that is OUTSTANDING work!!!!

sakinah omar 21 Jul 2006

my gosh! this is truly amazing!

Kathy Kelly 20 Jul 2006

Olga, thank you for commenting on my work. In response I looked up yours and was blown away by what I found. I put another image up today. Check it out. I think you will be surprised!

Gary Glass 18 Jul 2006

Interesting design with the elements incorported into it Olga..

Leroy Drumm 18 Jul 2006

This is another very good painting Olga. great use of design and color! I love the way images seem to come out from this painting the more you look at it!

chris brunelle 16 Jul 2006

awesome. i love the color blending in this


Totally awesome work...........this is MY kinda stuff Olga,truly Superb!, Well done Olga..........

Andrew Marx 16 Jul 2006

especially spacial...I can relate!!!

David Holcombe 16 Jul 2006

This is a visually complex piece. The intersecting straight lines and the floating balls, mixed with the two mysterious eyes makes for a lots of movement. It has the busy feeling of a dream, accentuated by the deliberate absence of any negative space. The title is, of course, a complimentary element and in six languages no less. (Ah, les reves sont vraiment une langage universelle.)

Ruud Janssen 15 Jul 2006

yes, this one i LIKE A LOT. Nice structures en such a dept. Thanks for showing us.

John A Birch 13 Jul 2006

Love the use of the eye'e in this painting

Siska Ris 12 Jul 2006

ouspoken eye !

chris 11 Jul 2006

excellent painting

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Jul 2006

Tu as beaucoup de talent, surtout continue dans cette voie. J'adore ce tableau bien que j'ai un petit penchant pour celui des fleurs...D.A.

Charles Thomas 10 Jul 2006

this is a good one , too :)

Jessica judy 10 Jul 2006

awsome movement

Bob Berthelotte 10 Jul 2006

Like a dream: cluttered and uneasy. The space is real--------or is it??

Nira Dabush 09 Jul 2006

superb piece of art ..powerful!

Steph Salt 09 Jul 2006

It's beautiful Olga, this really caught my eye. LOL! the pun was not intended :D It strikes me that this painting is about pain as well, am I right? I love the colours and the contrasts.

Blonde Blythe 09 Jul 2006

This is really cool! I love the colors & shapes, especially the eyes!

Natasha Dixon 09 Jul 2006

Great surrealism. Your daughter is lucky to have an awesome painting like this in her apartment!

Timothy Hughes 08 Jul 2006

great abstract, excellent piece

David Bodo 07 Jul 2006

I really love this!

jennifer blenkinsopp 07 Jul 2006

Superb painting, very creative image.

John Graham Inkson 07 Jul 2006

Has a great sense of depth in this painting

Hollie Leffel 07 Jul 2006

Wow, I love this. The shapes and colors are done beautifully, it's very appealing. Great work.

Kristen Chastain 06 Jul 2006

This is very cool...

george martinez 06 Jul 2006

Olga your imagination it doesn't have limit, this piece is an example of creation without borders, very rich in colors, also your biography is very impressive, well done olga

George Wallis 06 Jul 2006

fantastic work and vision, very cool

Marcia Wilson 06 Jul 2006

Really nice design piece, Olga, I like its depth of field, too.

carlos martins 05 Jul 2006

very nice work, i love this

Tracey Loftis 04 Jul 2006

Beautiful piece Olga.. very Salvador Dali feeling. Nice work.. Tell your daughter I'll be dropping by next time I'm in Mahattan ;)

Ivana Ciric 04 Jul 2006

It is very strange it seems like it is a personal struggle

Keerati Sarakun 02 Jul 2006

Great joB!!

Doris B. Lambling 01 Jul 2006

sehr geheimnisvoll - die heiteren blautöne nehmen den schrecken - so ein grandioser Blickfang, in den man sich stundenlang vertiefen kann :))

Ilunia Felczer 29 Jun 2006

Your work is interesting, great job on this one...

jennifer pickering 29 Jun 2006

you have a great "eye" for it????? lol !!!!!!!!!!!! I luv it!!! you are very creative 10 0ut of 10!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jun 2006

This must have been a very nice and special dream, Olga, and it has been expressed in a beautiful way! Dad

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Jun 2006

Wat een verrassing. Ik wist niet dat jij zo kunstzinnig was. En wat een bijzondere kijk op dingen en dan nog zo mooi in goede kleuren te vatten. Ga zo door je kunt het. Prachtig. Jacques van Dijk

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jun 2006

My Congratulations. ------

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jun 2006

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jun 2006

Very interesting. I really like the eye details. You are definitely tallented. John G.

Philip Muolo 19 Jun 2006

This is amazing....I love your color scheme...

Jacqueline Bishop 19 Jun 2006

i love this painting, keeps my attention for awhile. great job.ZAZ

Anne Vis 19 Jun 2006

Very intense work, Olga, great composition!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Jun 2006

Great work with chilling effects, Olga. The eye seem to facinate you!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Jun 2006

Thank you and God Bless you.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Jun 2006

Thank you and God Bless you.

luci reader 14 Jun 2006

wonderful painting, Olga!!!...mesmerizing.

Tabitha Borges 09 Jun 2006

love al the eye and the feel that surround the great great art.

Carl Huffman 09 Jun 2006

Oustanding and very intriguing. Love it.

Loredana 08 Jun 2006

Awesome wowowwwwwwwwwwww

Ginger Lovellette 08 Jun 2006

Love the depth, love your imagination!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 07 Jun 2006

Fantastic painting OLga. Full of symbolism and mysticism. Love the surreal La vie com ca!

Analua 06 Jun 2006

Intense especial work Olga!!!!

naveed hussain 06 Jun 2006

i loved the colors and eyes , one of the best work ... really liked the levels ...

Peter Cooper 05 Jun 2006

a metropolis of synapses... great..

thea walstra 05 Jun 2006

Gorgeous and splendid work

Sara Deutsch 05 Jun 2006

Intriguing and masterful work!

C DeMaio 05 Jun 2006

very creative work, bold design

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 05 Jun 2006

marvellous work!! love your dreams!!!

Emily Reed 05 Jun 2006

Votre reve est tres beau. Stupendo....fantastico!!!