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Ivy in the Field

Textured Oil Painting. Not to be used without permission of artist.


Anonymous Guest

gabrielle lee 04 May 2008

wonderful painting, mix of colours and texture vivid......

Teresa Dominici 20 Apr 2008

Nice art work.

Irena Dukule 03 Mar 2008

Beautiful painting and texture.

Angie Swihart 08 Jan 2008

I really like the colors in this painting. Reminds me of that fairy painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw. Lovely

joe black 12 Dec 2007


Minnie Shuler 12 Dec 2007

great textures. Beautiful piece.

Alexandra Dvinitninova 16 Jun 2007

Very effective colour composition, reminds me of the Irises by Van Gogh

Maurizio Miele 12 Sep 2006

Great work ! Maurizio Miele

Perica Ordic 12 Jun 2006

This is real beautiful...I like the colours at your picture!!!

Alan Long 08 Jun 2006

marvelous! Simply like the wonderland!

Bailey Hopper 29 May 2006

I love the way these paintings glow!

geert-jan tielen 27 Feb 2006

very beautiful indeed

Samuel Nicolaus 14 Feb 2006

I love the brush strokes. This piece feels so strong and yet relaxed. I am Big fan of paintings like this. Beautiful!

Jerie kunitsky 04 Feb 2006


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 04 Dec 2005

beautiful work!! love it!

Matthew Kukosky 20 Aug 2005

I like this painting it has a wounderful mood

heliopo Heliopo 03 Aug 2005

I wish I could be a butterfly and enjoy that green truly. Nice texture and light . :o)

Charlotte Ottilo 28 Jul 2005

I love the texture of this oil...the colors are all my favorites as well! Excellent job

Cid Sational 22 Jul 2005

This is amazing. I love the texture, and how the colors seem to almost blend into one another, yet you can tell them all apart. This is just so pretty.

corrie Ancone 21 Jul 2005

very impressionist!!.nice feel of texture!

Nira Dabush 20 Jul 2005

Lovely work,beautiful greens.

William Boyer 19 Jul 2005

great job, keep up the good work.

Lynn De Serres 13 Jul 2005

Splendid artwork of a splendid scene.

Richard Santos 12 Jul 2005

Another piece that's lovely to behold. Nice use of color. The terxture is stunning, as in your other works.

ethan ford 11 Jul 2005

Great use of colour, I only wish I could use colour. The texture and colour just leap out at you

J. Ratliff 09 Jul 2005

Wonderful...I'd love to see the real thing...I'm sure this "on screen" image lacks the luster and richness of the original oils. I can only imagine how inpressive it would be to see hanging on a wall...Wonderful work.

Artist Reply: Yes, it looks quite different. It hangs in my studio now.

John Wright 09 Jul 2005

Wonderful creation of textures and fabulous colours.

Paul Traudt 09 Jul 2005

you have such a command of color and composition

Keren Gorzhaltsan 29 Jun 2005

Awesome! Wonderful piece, Nancy! Thank you for your comment about my work:)

Cara St. Marie 28 Jun 2005

Nice texture and color

stephanie atlee 28 Jun 2005

What a beautifully textured piece...nicely done.

Nick Alexejev 27 Jun 2005

Um-m-m-m My favourite colors.

Sybille Sterk 24 Jun 2005

Beautiful colours and textures. Love this. Would look perfect in my living room :-)

Giovanni Manzo 22 Jun 2005

great work and very materic art

Anneke Hut 21 Jun 2005

You have a wonderful style. I love the colours you used!

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 21 Jun 2005

I don't know why but I like your style, colorful presentation, I have no word to write here. With best wishes.

Peter Leahy 21 Jun 2005

awesome texture, fantastic colors, excellent work

Louise French 20 Jun 2005

Beautiful, the colour choices are fabulous

Julia Lesnichy 20 Jun 2005

excellent loose style and colors

Tabitha Borges 16 Jun 2005

Love the colors and the brush strokes...

Ramaz Razmadze 15 Jun 2005

Great work Nancy. Thank you for your cooment.

Kelly Smith 15 Jun 2005

This is lush and beautiful! Great texture!

marc doutherd 15 Jun 2005

This is the moment! You are an amazingly talented vibrant painter. It is an honor to see your work!

rodica miller 14 Jun 2005

Beautiful palette and composition, Nancy... Love it....Thanks for your nice comment on my work...:)

sharon Blue 11 Jun 2005

awesome i love the texture

georgia brown 10 Jun 2005

I love these colors!!!! great job!!!!

jason flowers 10 Jun 2005

Amazing!!! the style reminds me a little of Van Gogh... :)

ashok nayak 09 Jun 2005

beautiful work!

thea walstra 08 Jun 2005

Very beautiful and well executed work

Katarzyna Sejud 08 Jun 2005

great textures, nice painting

Tamara Hess 07 Jun 2005

Excellent color and I love the brush work. Very at peace feeling......Great job!

Mariam El-Mofty 05 Jun 2005

feels like a depiction of a dream! nice one=)

¤*Melissa*¤ 02 Jun 2005

Beautiful painting Nancy, I love the blending of the colours!

Rob Jones 02 Jun 2005

love the textures and thickness, great colors also add to the layering

Katerina Koukiotis 01 Jun 2005

beautiful work Nancy!! :):)

Bandshe sheband 31 May 2005

Excellent work :)

Renata Cavanaugh 31 May 2005

Beautiful painting.....

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 May 2005

Love the feel of this painting! Very colorfull! Very impressionistic! Monet like! Best one I think. Ta, Les

Mercilla Camacho 28 May 2005

I like the feel of this fun painting

Marion Bubak 24 May 2005

nice texture on this piece

Michael Kennedy 24 May 2005

this is very insperational art

kaleon modero 21 May 2005

very very nice to gaze at, very lively colors, can see them butterflies and birds

Marcel LorAnge 20 May 2005

Wonderful work, it must be very interesting to watch light changes on it's surface through the day, Nancy

Anne Kelty 20 May 2005

I really love your textured approach and use of color in this!

Tree Pruitt 19 May 2005

Great color contrast here! Very pretty and inviting.

Manuela Facchin Varalda 19 May 2005

Love texture, colors and composition, Nancy! A good choice of subject

Donna PierceClark 19 May 2005

Whew! Gorgeous impasto work! And love your colors! Donna Clark

Sara Deutsch 19 May 2005

Rich texture and lovely irridescent color! Thanks for your comments. Hope to see more from you..

Eva Britt 18 May 2005

I like this painting Nancy. Very nice texture and combination of colors is gorgeous.

sharon hendrickson 18 May 2005

Very well textured. I like the leaves :D Nice work !!!

Melanie Koira 18 May 2005

Good handling and colour. The detail in the thick growth is rendered very well.

eileen martin 18 May 2005

i like the bold texture in this piece:)

Emily Reed 18 May 2005

I love the texture, and admire anyone who can paint in oil with texture. The "smooth" look seems to be in. Great job.

Bluemoonshadow 18 May 2005

Wow, great textures... almost 3D.. lv the Ivy amongst the other flowers and grass..:-)

Kwabena Poku 18 May 2005

Very nice image and colours

Matthew Steffen 18 May 2005

Great work on the Texture and color

Mieke vd Heijkant vd Velde 17 May 2005

I like what you did with the materiaal. You see you don't niet cotton and this to make a good painting? Mieke

Loredana 17 May 2005

This lovely i see you like texture and it works very well for you too Nice work Nancy :)

Maria Tornbak 16 May 2005

Beautiful oil landscape :)

Renee Nemerov 15 May 2005

Nice colors, good shapes