Portrait from college. Two 3 hour sittings.


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John Enright 30 Apr 2006

this is powerful. there is a strength in her visage that is completely undeniable. Proud, beautiful, courageous and not going to take it any more. love the hues of burnt sienna and golden washes over her skin. lovely job as usual Ms Tegan.

Jerry 03 Feb 2006

That's a very lovely portrait. Your colors are soft and nice. Great picture!

Andrew Diaz 06 Sep 2005

Wonderful image.

ray tsang 06 Mar 2005

nice piece like strokes.

Joke Schotting 05 Mar 2005

Great oil work Tegan!!

geri pratt 05 Mar 2005

Beautifully done. Excellent technique and perfect palette for the mood.

Karen Slade 05 Mar 2005

lovely work. alot of detail.

tim linville 05 Mar 2005

Excellent work,Tegan!Great to see you back!