Music Within

A small round collage fine art, which I sold at an exhibit at the University of Delaware.

I think it's a fun little piece.

How I did it:

When we were building my studio, the contractor built in some lights in the ceiling.
I asked him to save the remnants.
I draped canvas around the circle (see picture 2 as I did with the the Cellist which made this awesome small round art object!

Media used:
Copper- and gold leaf, music sheet, Chinese newspaper, acrylic paint on canvas.

with some of my earlier work:

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2010©
This is another OLGartsProduction©2010


Anonymous Guest

Anne Whiteway 13 Jan 2015

Olga, this is beautiful and memorable. Also thank you for sharing the wonderful video with us. Blessings to YOU.

Rob Keller 28 Feb 2013

This is so wonderful!! Wat mooi lieve Olga!!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 15 May 2012

wonderful, creative work,Olga!

Chris Roukema 05 May 2012

What a Great, Idea? Don't Get to fat! Happy Full Moon! Truth & Justice, Reigns, Supreme! Is, there anybody out there? 38, Special!

Adrian Bayreuther 10 Mar 2012

Phantastic creative power. My POD.

Artist Reply: THANK YOU Bernie!


BRILLIANT Signature Style you have my Friend!!!GORGEOUS Brilliant Abstract of fine ART!!!OUTSTANDING!!!,Dee :)

Lynn De Serres 09 Mar 2012

How very creative !!!

Carol Sawyer 01 Mar 2012

Outstanding work!!

Peter McPartlin 26 Feb 2012

This is wonderful Olga.Well done

José Fortunato 30 Jan 2012

I missed this !!!! Great. And the video is also unique !

Artist Reply: THANKS JOSE!!

Ben Kiger 26 Jan 2012

great work

Basant Soni 22 Jan 2012

Magical presentation ..

Sigridur Bachmann 19 Jan 2012

Exceptionally beautiful painting ! I love the textures in your brush strokes ! Great work !

LouAnn Knight 18 Jan 2012

Your work is amazing and I very much enjoyed it along with the beautiful music!!!

Brenda Loveless 17 Jan 2012

marvelous painting and fine music!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Jan 2012

Once again a "Brilliant" unique work of art.....Your "AMAZING" Olga ! ! !

Rebecca Mullan 16 Jan 2012

Wonderfully creative and expressive work Olga ! xxx

Mary Janosik 16 Jan 2012

A truly delightful piece and I enjoyed visiting your work thru the video...The music goes so well with your art!!!

surekha rao 16 Jan 2012

Simply beautiful, Olga! Love all your works!

Calvin McFarlane 16 Jan 2012

it looks like a fun piece

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Jan 2012

Great work Olga...Phil C.

Caballero Salguero 16 Jan 2012

Gorgeous concert...great paintings and lovely music my dear friend Olga,all is beauty and deep concept.Wonderful.Happy New Year for you and your family.Best regards. Pepe!

ruth sears 15 Jan 2012

how very beautiful this is,very unique!

Beatrix Jahn 15 Jan 2012

How neat and creative!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the music in it!

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 15 Jan 2012

super creation!!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 15 Jan 2012

It's splendid Olga...and so glad you've sold it

Stanley Layman 15 Jan 2012

Wonderful work!

Sharon Gonzalez 15 Jan 2012


Aqua1955 15 Jan 2012

I enjoy your art full of feelings. Thanks for sharing them :)

Angelina Whittaker Cook 15 Jan 2012

Fantastic work Olga- really enjoyed i especially the video!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Jan 2012

i like youre work alot olga. artwanted has me logged out. so im anomous.. keep up the good work/// eva rogers

Anneke Hut 15 Jan 2012

Olga, how lovely! You are such a great inspiration!!

Nira Dabush 15 Jan 2012

Hello Olga.. As I first saw this.. It reminds me of special buttons, i have somewhere. Then I relized it is bigger.. and i wonder what is it's size. Splendid added video...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 15 Jan 2012

lovely and beautiful work! both!

Stefani Wehner 15 Jan 2012

I adoooooore both: painting and video! Hugs from far away!

ria damen 15 Jan 2012

Bijzonder mooi werk Olga

Ingrid Kolster 15 Jan 2012

Congratulation to your wonderful work. The music is very special.

marie-claire gallet 15 Jan 2012

Stunning work enhanced by this wonderful piece of piano !!! A pure delight ! Thank you for sharing Olga !!!

Helmut Licht 15 Jan 2012

So you are a fellow musician! How nice!

Artist Reply: Yes, Helmut, I am.... Played the cello, flute and still the piano. I used to be an art and music teacher at the Frankfurt International School in Oberursel Germany! Thanks for your nice comment! Love, Light and Peace, OLGA