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To participate in the Print-on-demand program, you must have an ArtWanted Premium Membership. This upgraded membership offeres additional features to our members, including this print-on-demand program feature.

You will be able to sell prints of your artwork for as long as you are a Premium Member. Once you downgrade your account to a free account, then the print options will be removed from your artwork.

Print pricing depends on the size, finish and who is selling the print. There are three prices that you need to be aware of:

The BASE PRICE is the lowest price that the print can be offered for. This is the price that the artist can order prints of their own artwork.

The DEFAULT PRICE is the price your prints will be sold for if you don't setup any custom pricing for your artwork. The default price is usually 2-3 higher than the base price, so that the artist can make commissions from the sale of their prints.

Artists can also offer their artwork for a CUSTOM PRICE that is specified by the artist. There is no maximum amount, so you can offer artwork for sale for any price.

Please see our product price chart for the base & default price of our products.

Each product in our system has a wholesale price and a retail price. The wholesale price is the cost to create the product each time it's ordered. The retail price is what the buyer will pay. You earn the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

EXAMPLE: The wholesale price on our puzzle product is $11.95 and the retail is $18.95. If you sell a custom puzzle for $18.95, you will earn $7.00 in commission.

You have the ability to purchase any prints of your own artwork at the wholesale rate. You can also change the retail price of any product to earn higher/lower commissions.

The portion goes to cover the server hardware, bandwidth, office staff, printing hardware, printing supplies, credit card fees, commission tracking, and all of the other expenses to run the program.

We offer a real-time order tracking system that you can access inside your ArtWanted control panel. This is found in your ArtWanted BANK ACCOUNT area.

This report tells you if you have earned a commission for any artwork sales. We also send you an email for any sales you have had as soon as the order has shipped to the buyer.

All sales that you have made are recorded in your ArtWanted Bank Account area. You can view this page from your ArtWanted Control Panel.

You can request a payment via check or PayPal at any time after you have had a sale. Simply send us a support ticket to request a payment.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to estimate how many print sales you will have.

Some artists will never sell anything on the Internet and others will sell artwork every month. It depends on many factors, the biggest being if people like your artwork enough to buy it.

Other factors include the price you sell your artwork for, the exposure you have, how much traffic you drive to your website, how well you describe your artwork and what sizes you have available.

Our best advise is to just try it out and see what happens. We can't guarantee anything, but we do have people selling artwork every day on our site and this could be you.