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painting as a hobby....... give's me moments of solitude when there are no nonstressful moments and I find that pace of mind to do so, when the music takes me on a journey to the place where I enter a zone of peacefulness as I begin to throw paint on a blank canvas and look into the abyss of colors and find the beginnings of a new master piece ready for me to bring it to life.... where truth in meaning finds imagination an adventure of a passion leading me into a journey of what could be a beautiful moment, the mind with some unknown wisdom..... as the creator leads my hand and grants me his will, the power of creation to bring to life ....a beautiful work of art.... a master piece of a place in a time that never was, A moment of intent. The beautiful reasons of selfish moments of being an artist from a canvas of darkness.... the fantasy's full of reasons. with passion to create...the next painting.....staving for comments of self worth......personal value with just a little dignity with a reason to continue as the unknown artist painter ....... paints.

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