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Featured Image: bf-hand of the creater

bf-hand of the creater

Thomas Clover

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when at night to paint as a hobby it give's me moments of solitude when there are no unstress full moments and i have a pace of mind to do so....... when i find the music taking me t0 the place where i enter a zone of pacefull ness....... where i begin to throw paint on a blank canvas and look into the abyss of colors and find the beginings of a new master piece........ ready for me to bring it to life.... where i find truth in meaning with reason in the dancing of colors ..... an adventure of a passion leading into .....a journey....of what a beautiful moment and mind of some unknown wisdom..... as the unknown creator leads my hand to bring to life and grants me his will the power of creation ....... bring to life on a blank canvas....a beautiful work of art.... a master piece .. of .a place in a time that never was............a moment of intent.


being a self taught artist,with no schooling to speak of but always wanted to learn something from A school but could not afford to go for reasons i cannot speak of .....I started out drawing stick people as a kid, my mom was a self taug... Read More

Recent Feedback

22 Jun 2022
Well,Thomas,I'm commenting on your artistry again,as I sure thought the #1 I viewed was interesting,this one too,well done,nicely Created& very unique style - Al
21 Jun 2022
Well done,nice technique,your Artistry is very Skillfully Created - Al
14 Jun 2022
Great immagination,very unique,so skillfully done - Al
13 Feb 2022
26 Dec 2021
i really like this icarnt be so free in my art - david