Portfolio Blog

05 May, 2024

Good morning. I havent had too much time to get my last painting posted. I am working on trying to get more paintings accomplished soon,


04 Mar, 2024

Be honest of what you think of my latest posts of work. Some are experiments such as the the Jackson Pollack style meets my style of texture.


27 Feb, 2022

Hi friends. I am planning and preparing for a small show. Been busy with this lately. Decided to stop by here and journal a quick sentence or two. Check out my new small series out. Abstract Angels.


06 May, 2021

Hello friends! Sharing a little of what is going on with my art. I have been painting in both acrylic and oils on canvas with subjects and word art. I have three of these so far.


22 Sep, 2014

Working on various paintings. Goal is to paint twenty paintings this year. Then update my portfolio.


michiko hedden 02 Dec 2014

Thanks for noticing my paintings. I`m impressed with the variety of your work. I do mostly pets. I`ve been experimenting with cartoons. Michiko


13 Jul, 2008

Do not have a spot set up yet. I did find a corner in the house free of traffic to leave my easel though. There sits a painting, unfinished until it has some time to cure. I will then add my next layer. So, I have taken some advice and made some time for my painting again. Do not be surprised when you see the color. I have a very limited palette these days.


06 Jul, 2008

Hello friends, I have been a very busy lady. I will be focusing on new work soon, slowly trying to get a spot in the house free to set up a little space for myself. As soon as this happens I can get lost in my work again.


29 Apr, 2008

Hi! I have had a couple of comments lately, thanks for the nice feedback and pep talk. I am presently pursuing another creative route these days. No, I have not forgotten my roots, painting. I am planning to post my latest work even unfinished. I am at a point of what to do next with it. I am going through a few minor struggles these days too. Once I have a decent day to photograph my work I will reveal it. :)


05 Mar, 2008

Feeling much better now. Planning on getting my newest work finished up hopefully by next week. Or I may just post what I have and get some feedback. Not sure what I should do. I am very excited about it. My first work in a long time, using pastels and pencils and incorporating paint. Unless, I decide otherwise.


05 Feb, 2008

I have had a small touch of Bronchitis. Bad thing is the doctor only gave me a nasal spray. Really gets to me at night. Slowly getting better. This has been one bad bug. This year's season has been bad. I get some chances in the day or night to work on my project, I am almost finished, thankfully. Not giving a date when it will be uploaded, fear of not making that deadline too, LOL.