12 June, 2024
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Product Shopping Pages

One of ArtWanted’s big goals this year is to increase the number of art sales for our members. Throughout the year we will be adding new products to our lineup and making changes to the website to bring in more sales for our artists. Some of these new changes went live today with our new artwork shopping pages!

If your art is included in the Premium Print-On-Demand program, there is a new “Shop Now” button on your large artwork page, which leads to our updated product shopping page. Here is a brief overview of the changes.

1. NEW PAGE LAYOUT – We have completely redesigned this page to make it easier to shop for products of your art. The shopping experience can now all take place at the top of the page without any scrolling and is mobile friendly.

2. PRINT PREVIEW - Each of the print products we offer (fine art prints, photo prints, poster prints and canvas prints) now provide a real-time preview of how the artwork will look on the print the buyer receives. This print preview image continues through the checkout process.

3. CLICK REDUCTION - This new page reduces the clicks required to see different options and to buy prints/products. Each product category is at the bottom of the page, which reduces the previous back and forth clicks. Fewer clicks mean more sales.

4. RECOMMENDED PRINT SIZES – We now place a star icon next to the sizes that will fit the artwork the best and not have any cropping. In fact, we default the page to the first recommended print size. Buyers no longer need to guess which size will have the least amount of cropping.

5. FASTER & EASIER – We have made multiple optimizations to the code and database, so this page loads even faster than before. We have made it easier to buy art by removing the previous product builder, which was sometimes confusing to buyers to use.

Control Panel Product Info

We have also released several new changes to the backend control panel. From our PRINT PROGRAM page, you can see a list of every product we offer, the default price, your commission and minimum resolution to sell that product. Remember, the higher your file resolution, the more products and sizes you can offer to sell.

If you want to sell your prints/products at different prices than our defaults, you can also setup custom pricing to sell the products for any price you want. You can also choose products you may not want to offer for sale from this Custom Pricing page.

These are just a few of the many changes we have in store to bring more art buyers to ArtWanted. If you are not already a Premium Member of ArtWanted, check out the list of benefits, including the ability to sell prints/products of all your art.