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24 January, 2017
  • Taylan Fidan
  • 10 Points

Create Stunnin' 3D Magnets from Prints!!

I've sent ArtWanted a Code/Computer Program, on How to Build 3D Prints..!! Now We Want The Magnets for That!!

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16 January, 2017
  • Al Budarin
  • 2 Replies
  • 90 Points


I'm amazed @ all the wonderful Art our members create,it's masterful, I really would like to see,possibly it's already being done,but put some of the artists work into categories & rank them weekly in that media & display...

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15 January, 2017
  • Thomas Curry
  • 3 Replies
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linking to youtube videos created by art wanted members

linking to youtube videos created by art wanted members create a linking platform where a member may post up 20 links directly to personally produced videos detailing the members art. when a link is posted all members who are linked to the posting member will be notified i posted a link on the present s...

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