12 July, 2020


Why do some people not want the comments they receive to be seen or even want comments at all?



Rick Corbett 12 Jul 2020

That’s a great questions...personally, I love giving as many comments as possible. I think it’s a great way to not only give praise to someone but also to be neighborly and get to know someone - that’s how friendships are formed in my humble opinion. I love this community and I hope to participate as much as I can and get to know others and have others get to know me. I fortunately, I understand that some people may not like that and that’s OK too - this is our community and I believe we get out of it what be give into it. :-)

James Mann 16 Jul 2020

In my observations, most comments on AW are not developmentally useful to the growth of an artist. Platitudes do not stimulate growth. They may keep a person coming back for more... but, if someones says... geeze Jim... your perspective drawing looks messed up somewhere... or, well Jim... the composition looks a bit out of balance... your water looks like cement... that's quite probably an honest critique, that I can thoughtfully, utilize in future work, and/or at least try to improve upon. Most (but not all) comments posted, are polite. Of course... critiques are the providence of schooling and AW is not an art school and the community is diverse in every imaginable and unimaginable way. In the past, some of my more pointed comments have been misinterpreted (in my opinion) and have since served to temper my own comments into the realm of hopefully, harmless. Throw in the myriad styles and interpretations that appear here, outside my genre and everything becomes visually subjective. But honestly... does a comment like "wonderful" do anything more than stroke an ego? My apologies for rambling... having said that, I have met folks here, through the comments and I do find some stimulation, just analyzing other's technique. Why some folks comment functions are turned off ??? That's between them and their maker... Jim

Dale Newman 17 Jul 2020

Well I see both of your points of view, however, i agree this is an art community and yes although straight and accurate criticism would be very beneficial to the artist, I feel that when a person is given the simplest compliment about their work , it is encouraging and your right, it may just be stroking the ego, but from the ego comes confidence and a sense of self worth and accomplishment. This does have a positive affect on the artist. Thanks for letting me talk.. Dale Newman

Ray Steele 20 Jul 2020

I somewhat shy person find it hard to express myself to other people

Joanie Holliday 24 Jul 2020

I agree with Dale. Also I've given help if asked for but also have been blocked when someone didn't want to hear it even after I could see they did what I said.. So I only give any advice when I'm asked.

Fred Rousseau 19 Aug 2020

I have read all the comments on "comments".Commenting on someone's work of arts,photography,whatever is to me a two way conversation.Talking about ego? Why in the first instance would any artist show off his or her work if they do not want comment on it? Did they do the work for themselves? To me it is a big NO.I do art for various reasons but I am open to comments,good or bad,positive or negative.I find that it becomes a parameter of my art that has "been noticed".When I relax in an art gallery some art does not appeal to me or speak to me.In other words,I do not even notice it.This is the point I want to make here.Appreciate comments,it at least confirms that someone took notice of your art........and by the way,no one can grow without comments or critics.No fruit tree or vineyard bears fruit without pruning.As an artist one should have I teachable spirit as you could learn something you did not know from others.