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Fred Rosseau - leopard

Fred Rousseau

Republic of South Africa
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As an artist I believe in quality.Quality always comes at a price.There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell cheaper,and the people who consider price only are this Man's Lawful Prey. Every artist leaves a signature,I add investment art. I futhermore do art for three reasons:1.To honour my Creator.2.To generate finances for my community work and music ministry.3.To enjoy being creative in my studio with all its brushes,paints,smell artists terpentine and to experience the actual creation of art unfold from me.

Recent Feedback

22 days ago
Beautiful piece of artwork, well done. - Wes
08 Oct 2018
Why is the spelling of Rousseau incorrectly shown as Rosseau instead of Rousseau? - Anonymous
07 Oct 2018
Such a beautiful seascape with perfect combination of beach, sea, and sky. Like the sea gulls in the corner, waves and clouds. - Linda
07 Oct 2018
Beautifully done antelope with amazing scenery. Striations in tree and grasses complement these animals. - Linda
22 Sep 2018
Outstanding artwork Fred!!!!! - Vernonette

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The Lair Wild Animal Art