05 November, 2019

Comments on New Art Posted

When I look at new art being posted, I can't just say one, two or three words. I try to make a meaningful statement in a sentence or two. I kind of resent and refuse to take part in the race to rack up the most points as being one of the 25 most active members. It seems like a game devised by the owners of this website, but for what purpose?



Mark Peterson 08 Nov 2019

I hear what you are saying, but I often give just a few words because I am not always sure what to or how to say what I am thinking... I feel a few words is enough to let the artist know I like it. Top 25 means little to me. I am here to share my art work and to enjoy others art work. Many artist are also very sensitive about opinion towards the work they post, and since art is so subjective who am I to be a critic?

Uwe Schwenk 12 Nov 2019

I absolutely agree with you.

Kevin Smith 12 Nov 2019

Agree there is certainly an incentive to provide feedback. That said, I think that incentive is a lead in to view the artist work and in doing so, giving meaningful feedback and encouragement to our fellow participants.

Nira Dabush 16 Nov 2019

Linda hello. Each gives or not give as feel or as can. Comments are time as well. Being an active artist in this site since 2004.. I must say I got to know many artists.. Some I enjoy their comments and enjoyed giving back. I like the mutual connections. I see the feedback as the only kind of encouragement or friendships in this site, which I must add it's quite rare nowadays. I found out that actually the comments to me, here is like saying.. "I visited your art, and saw it ".. I think each of us has his or her own belife and appreciation of his her work.. So what's the difference.. really.. If someone never paints, comment in one way or another... at the end, you know who is really your friend, who you like.. and you yourself can value your work. It's mostly a friendly site. That changed so much and sorry for that change. Being one of the 25 most active members does mean nothing actually since I think your time should go to working in your real-world ( it's must more important and safely without spy )...not to commenting all day long or posting too many images. The quality for me is much more important. And as for real friendships here, i see as the good past of this site, the moment some "team of people" allowede spy into my private life, and those i saw as very good friends, said none... then... are they really friends? even if virtually... Be safe and don't forget to allow your friends from this site know ALL What one must and should know.. remember your responsibilty.. That is much more important then every single feedback i ever got... I recived much.. much.

Joanie Holliday 19 Nov 2019

I agree with most of the answers below. Working on my phone most of the time I find few words much easier. Still I want the artist to know I visited and really enjoy their work. Have many friends on AW and we rather understand each other. Sometimes I find time to visit the different art areas and can commit on many I've missed. As for the top artist site, I don't think it helps anyone as AW thinks. Wish that would be taken down.

Charles Jones 27 Feb 2020

Not everyone has the gift for words that I do. In fact, for a lot of artists on this site, English is not a first language and they are unsure of their English skills. So it is understandable that they leave abbreviated comments they are comfortable with. I have blogged on this subject on more than one occasion in the past. I can add to what others have said in the only way that seems logical as well as honest to me. If I am moved to make a comment, it is because I was engaged enough by the work to do so. No one will ever be able to accuse me of 'drive-by' comments of a very few syllables---and I much too verbose for that. ;)

Since I have been a member and I began my association with this site in 2007, I have seen a degradation in both the quantity and the quality of comments. I used to get more 'anonymous' comments than I do now also. Those by guests to the site. We are in competition with a universe of other art-related sites, some domestic, many foreign. My suggestion for all is to fine-tune their tags and the content of the descriptions of their work. Those descriptions can contain key words that show up in a person's on-line search for a particular type or quality of work. You want folks from off-site viewing your work more than you want other on-site artists viewing and commenting, I am sure. Artists do not, by and large, buy art. If they are like me, they have little room for it.

Mark Peterson 28 Feb 2020

You are right Charles... not everyone has the gift of words, and as the original post might suggest it is a race to gather points... for some it might be, and for others it might just be like me... a lack for words. Perhaps a few words is often enough to express and make a persons day. Expression in adoration need not be long explained or winded. I love you is three simple words, but if your partner needs to hear why every single time... there could be an ego issue. Same with art.