05 November, 2019

Comments on New Art Posted

When I look at new art being posted, I can't just say one, two or three words. I try to make a meaningful statement in a sentence or two. I kind of resent and refuse to take part in the race to rack up the most points as being one of the 25 most active members. It seems like a game devised by the owners of this website, but for what purpose?



Mark Peterson 5 days ago

I hear what you are saying, but I often give just a few words because I am not always sure what to or how to say what I am thinking... I feel a few words is enough to let the artist know I like it. Top 25 means little to me. I am here to share my art work and to enjoy others art work. Many artist are also very sensitive about opinion towards the work they post, and since art is so subjective who am I to be a critic?

Uwe Schwenk Yesterday

I absolutely agree with you.

Kevin Smith 19 hours ago

Agree there is certainly an incentive to provide feedback. That said, I think that incentive is a lead in to view the artist work and in doing so, giving meaningful feedback and encouragement to our fellow participants.