21 November, 2018

What is art?

I joined this site only recently and have been delighted to meet new friends and overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of those who look at my art. I was so proud to tell my grand daughters that I was now on the internet and let them see that I am not as old mentally as I am physically. Here is my problem. Today someone has posted what I consider to be pornographic images. I am terrified my little GDs will see these and think that their Papa considers it OK to look at such photos. Maybe I'm just old. Yes?



marie-claire gallet 22 Nov 2018

I also saw the picture you are meaning, Papa Head and I think it should be deleted immediately. The reason why it should be deleted is quite evident. I think the AW staff should have a daily look at the pictures that are uploaded. Nudity can be very artistic, but here this is not the case at all !!

Anneke Hut 22 Nov 2018

Yes, I noticed them too, I have reported the gallery to the Staff. I'm sure they will soon be gone, You can always report inappropriate pictures, Headpuddinhead.

Marie, I have no problem with artistic nudity, but I'm with you, that what totally not the case here!

Ron Bedsole 22 Nov 2018

if it's the one I'm thinking of I totally agree, why would anyone think someone would want to see that , it is disgusting, please AW, delete it!

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Nov 2018

These images in question and the entire account has been removed from ArtWanted.

Ivo Depauw 23 Nov 2018

Fine to have a nice person between us, but at your age, I think you know that civilazation did'nt touch everyone of us. It's a pitty children have to confrontated with it.

Ron Bedsole 28 Nov 2018

ain't that the truth Ivo

Patrick Davis 02 Feb 2019

There is a fuzzy line between what is artistic and what is considered pornographic. That fuzzy line may appear fuzzier to some folks rather than others, however, I believe we ALL know what is okay and what is not. Hope that didn't come across as vague or biased, I'm told artists can be that way sometimes. =)