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Alexandra Maksymec 28 Oct 2018

Here is my entry. I hope you like it. Alexandra

Erik van der Schee 25 Oct 2018

I like to join the contest!

Benjamin Klemencic 09 Oct 2018

My contest entry image for "NIGHTMARES" shows my painting “Alien's Facepalm”, acrylic on canvas, 39.4 x 27.6 in

In this painting I’ve captured a scene: an Alien’s hand is stroking comfortingly a human’s face: “Sorry. You didn’t make it” which would be a nightmare to all of us. Please visit to find out more.

Best regards from Germany, Benjamin Klemencic

cervantes wu 12 Oct 2018

this lady was created with a piece of rock in water of a photo i had taken

Francie Simonson 26 Oct 2018

The Tubbs Fire was the most destructive wildfire in California history, burning parts of Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties in Northern California during October 2017, and affecting the city of Santa Rosa the most. The fire broke out in the early morning of October 8, 2017. Many homes and businesses burnt to the ground, including my stepson's house and his car. "Tribute to Tubbs," is my 24x36 acrylic painting copyright 2018.

L.A. Spilsbury 22 Oct 2018

Madame Cottonmouth

Priscilla Lopez 25 Oct 2018

Here is my nightmare drawing. She is a mental asylum patient who hides under beds.

Natalie Eckman 14 Oct 2018

Nancy Belle 09 Oct 2018

'the DEAD SEA'... 12 x 12" Acrylic Abstract 'Sea Escape' on Gallery Canvas. Varnished. 2018 Death is not the most frightening thing but being swept up by a sea monster (even if only in our dreams) could be a crunch - crunch - crunch. With so much pollution the Pacific Ocean has become more than a Halloween Nightmare.

Wendy Allen 19 Oct 2018