Latest Image: '.... And excluded are all queers, feminists and other sissy artists !!'

'.... And excluded are all queers, feminists and other sissy artists !!'


Arie Peintures AP Art

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Sissy artist.

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15 Sep 2019
Well, he's certainly got charisma, Erik. And he's seems happy in a bug-eyed sort of way. This would look great over my nice couch, if I had a nice couch. Love it! Hope the Deutsch folk haven't been bugging you too much lately. :) - Charles
25 Aug 2019
Like the way you broke the face up geometrically between light and dark, Erik. That poofy hair really works too. I'm not going to say a thing about those 'out of it' eyes. Oh! I just did. :) - Charles
25 Aug 2019
K OO L...g00d... - Barry
09 Aug 2019
Well, if the penetrating stare and long tresses are any indication, it could just happen, Erik. The Elfin ears are a nice touch---and I know some gals who'd kill to have those lips. Hope you are doing great, BTW. Great piece! :) - Charles
11 Apr 2019
I'm beginning to think you are entering your 'blue period,' Erik. You see,, even though our work is quite a bit different, I consider us both 'expressionists' and by that I mean whatever we paint or draw is actually expressing our emotions, our feelings. Sometimes these feelings aren't easily translated by the viewer, but they are the underlying push-pull that makes us create as we do. Hey, I'm feeling 'expressive' today so got verbose. :) - Charles

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Trump: Illustre Dutch illustratives
Empress of Water Comic Art
Daily C. art comic