20 December, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Feature: ArtWanted Project Images!

We have just gone live with a new feature on our website for all members… ArtWanted Project Images!

Tell the story behind your artwork (or photographs) with additional related project images. These supporting images can be attached to any new or existing image in your portfolio and are displayed under your main image.

Project images can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are just a few ideas…

Project Image Ideas

    Artwork In Progress – As you create your artwork, take screen shots or photographs throughout the process. Upload these timeline images as project images to add additional depth to your artwork.

    Sketches – Most artists like to create a sketch or rough mockup before they start their final piece. These early ideas are great to share with your audience, so they can see the process you go through to complete your artwork.

    Related Photographs – As a photographer, you will normally take a series of images during a photo shoot. With the new Project feature, you can share some of the related photographs that were taken during your photo shoot to show different positions, poses or view points.

    3D Modeling – As a 3D artist, you may want to share your early wire frames or 3D models before the final render of your artwork. This helps people understand the process you go through when creating 3D art.

    Artwork Fine Details - If your artwork has a lot of details to it, show off those details with the new Project feature. Simply create cropped images of the detailed areas you want to showcase, and upload those files as supporting project images.

These are just a few ideas, we are sure you have your own ideas. Here are the steps to start using this new feature...

How to Upload Project Files:

Adding project files to new or existing artwork is very easy.

    Step 1) Simply upload your main image like any other image in your portfolio (if your image is not already in your portfolio)

    Step 2) Next, go to your MANAGE PORTFOLIO page in your MEMBERS AREA and click the pencil icon to EDIT the IMAGE you want to enhance with project images.

    Step 3) Locate the new PROJECT IMAGES section at the bottom of the edit image page.

    Step 4) Upload your project images by clicking the “Select Image Files” button, or simply dragging your images in the “or drop files here” box.

    Step 5) After all your images are uploaded, view your artwork and you will see the supporting project files under your main image.

We look forwarding to seeing what you do with the new ArtWanted Project feature. In fact, after you have uploaded your project files, share the link on this message board post for all to see. Enjoy!



ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Dec 2016

Here is our first example of a member using this new feature. Great job Dallas Nyberg and thanks for being so quick to try out the new Project Images feature...


David Noble Whitecrow 21 Dec 2016

...now your talking! Posted Images: I love the new option for all members. Your additional Artwanted features are awesome...and I plan to upgrade my membership starting first of January 2017- to a premium level membership.

Question; Is it possible to design a 'How To' lesson/instruction course, for (posted images) subscription fees, using this proposal as an added ArtWanted feature...where potential art student may receive a detailed study course?

ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Dec 2016

Thanks for your comments David, we are glad to hear you like the new features we have been working on.

Thanks for your suggestions on the lesson/instruction course. We are planning many more tutorials and help files in early 2017 that should get you what you are looking for.

ArtWanted.com Staff 24 Dec 2016

It's great to see our members already starting to use this new feature. Here are a few more examples of how our members are already using project images in their portfolio...

Blue Winged Kookaburra by Dallas Nyberg
Dallas posted his original sketch and multiple stages of his artwork in progress.

Beach Sky Friends by Bruce Haizlett
Bruce posted multiple images he used throughout the process.

Blind To Possibility II by Charles Jones
Charles posted his original sketch for his final piece.

Bouquet of poppies by OLHA Darchuk
Olha posted several ways to view the final artwork.

Elinborg Jonsdottir 24 Jun 2017

Yesss.....I will give it a try for sure !

Jill Smith 12 Aug 2019

A great feature, I plan to give it a try!

Alice Shapiro 18 Sep 2019

New member and finding artwanted is a blessing. This feature is promising for various possibilities and am wondering if a series of images uploaded can all be printed as a set. Also can you print two-sided? Thank you!

Cruz 12 Oct 2019

How do I add to art project images of the same project? In other word I aha ego upload all photos of the project at the same time?