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I make digital paintings on paper In series to explore the dynamics of space/time seen as one reality, and life as beyond the dream state, using elements of pop culture and technology in a post - MTV aesthetic. Also I am constantly discovering the intricacies of people, places and things (patterns, symbols, landscape, fashion, interiors and human emotion). These new series’ of artworks in a sense can disrupt the idea of conflict by amassing objects and colors seen in unfamiliar settings leading to the dispelling of judgments, however small, and a potential for opening hearts of those willing. These collages were created on Canva, a digital online platform used for making marketing materials. I like the ease and simplicity of the program and the incredible imagery that jumps out from manipulating photographs, clip art and filters in a way probably unintended by the developers. ALBUMS: NABM (NOT Art Basel MIAMI); NABHK (NOT Art Basel HONG KONG); TENNESSEE

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