03 January, 2005

Moroccan Sky.. comments please!

My latest image. A gift to my son Ethem who is turning 2 on the 16th. He loves horses, and I thought this is cheerful. Comments here or in my portfolio appreciated. Thanks.




Mike Sankey 03 Jan 2005

Very nice, my only criticism would be that the yellow lines in the sky are a bit too jagged.

I just smoothed over a few lines and added a light subject - apologies if you dont like it!

Hinsel Scott 03 Jan 2005

nice work jenny!

i like the contrast of color and shadow. good motion in the horse too! he will really like it now but its also something when he is older he can look at and appreciate.

Trish Gename 03 Jan 2005

Oooooh! I like! With all of those colors it will look nice no matter what colors he uses in his room as he grows older. What a great gift!

Steph Salt 03 Jan 2005

It's a really bright picture and I love the colours Jenny, but what dpi have you used? I ask this because it looks as if it is rather small, and I don't just mean this thumbnail version or the larger picture. I'm going by the pixelation in the strokes. :) And how big is your image, because if you print it out you might get a shock. I have printed out pictures that are 1100x700 and 200 dpi and they don't cover an A4 sheet of paper.

To get some of the pictures that are printed out for Epilogue, they use 500 dpi and pictures measuring 4000 in one direction at least.

Ask Sean he will be more precise and in the than me. He will advise you on a decent size for your sons wall.

Jenny Gulseren 03 Jan 2005

Hi Mike, thanks for your critique. This is the style I wanted for this particular image and I'm quite happy with the original. I tried to do it thinking what what kind of lines a child would do. Your's turned out good too!

Jenny Gulseren 03 Jan 2005

Thank you Hinsel and Trish!

Jenny Gulseren 03 Jan 2005

Hi Steph, your points are very good. I'm not planning to decorate his room with it, but your suggestions are totally valid. My intention was to create something for him with love, and if he wants it print out later on, I can take it to my dad who knows about the printing business. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it!

John Enright 24 Oct 2018

I like this and think you have terrific potential! I hope you do more soon....

maki fujitani 21 Nov 2018

Hi Mike! I love your Art!! Wonderful! Your son will so happy that he has Wonderful father!