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Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos & Halloween art of all media welcome here. Photos of shrines/altars would be a nice addition. Dia de los Muertos is celebrated by latino cultures and aficionados in rembrance of departed loved ones and to celebrate life itself. Altars or Ofrendas as they are called are laden with marigolds (said to help lead the spirits to the home), photos of loved ones, candy, beer, clothing, and anything the departed spirit might have favored. Dia de los Muertos is traditionally celebrated yearly on November 1st & 2nd right after Halloween. Any art related to Day of the Dead or Halloween is welcome here. This will be a year round gallery so feel free to submit your art anytime of the year. All media invited ---from paintings, drawings, photos, mixed media, costumes, masks, dolls, digital, 3-D etc. Would love to see folks in their Halloween costumes!

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