Santa Muerte- a humble tribute to Frida Khalo

OOAK Collage portrait of Frida Kahlo as Santa Muerta. This inspiring artist is now the embodiment of Day of the Dead themes for many artists and devotees of the sacred time. Here is one of my offerings of Frida as Santa Muerte (The name literally translates to "Holy Death" or "Saint Death.") a sacred figure venerated primarily in Mexico and the United States, probably a syncretism between Mesoamerican and Catholic beliefs. Some call her Lady Death. being the "bride" or counter part to the masculine representation of Death. The collage is all original work. Nothing is altered. The coloured pencil drawing is a handmade original artwork portrait of Frida in traditional Day of the Dead motifs. It is on heavy cardboard and embellished with hand carved polymer clay flowers and leaves. The decorations are all handmade as well out of polymer clay and paper. All hand painted. The lettering is cut out from various magazines. She has a small 22 gauge wire handle with beads on it for easy hanging. The work is signed and dated by the artist. She has been dedicated and cleansed , ready to use in any spiritual work you desire..or simply just hang on the wall. Cost of shipping is added in for the US and a free gift included! Feel free to request commission work for this theme.

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marie-claire gallet 21 Oct 2012

I love Frida Kalo , her life has been so incredible !!! Great tribute to her!!!!!!!!! Bravo !!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you kindly, Marie -Claire... Yes..she was a dynamo and as fascinating as her life was, I am rather thankful I have not had to endure what she did.. She is an inspiration though and when I am feeling sorry for myself and have no muse to work, I remind myself what she endured yet kept plugging away with such beautiful work