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meaning Original Small Work of Art.
Original works of art include: All HAND DRAWN and/or HAND PAINTED 4" x 6" (EXACT!) works of art can be identified as OSWOA.
This includes works done in Pencil, Ink, Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic Pastel and Collage.
It's easy to become an OSWOA artist as early as TODAY!
Simply paint or create an original work of art (painting, collage, wax art, etc...) with the measurements of 4" x 6" (EXACT), sign or initial the front and identify the card as an OSWOA and yourself as the artist by adding your name and where you are from on the back. Sample of what to write on the back of an OSWOA: OSWOA Watercolor
by Olga van Dijk
Pennsylvania, USA

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